Thursday, August 18, 2011

Part 2: Dating your ex's friend

So if you missed part 1, feel free to check it out here. Today we will tackle dating your ex's friend.

My opinion on dating your ex's friend: That ain't none of my damn business. That's your friend, not mine!

But that doesn't mean you are free and in the clear either. Let me share my story with you:

Me and Ex were dating for a brief period of time. It was one of those, whirlwind romances where the whole thing happened way too fast so the breakup was epic. Not that many people knew we had been together- most people found out shortly after we called it quits- which only made the healing process longer and harder (no pun intended). 6 months or so later, i met another guy and we started a relationship. A month or so in, i found out very unceremoniously that this dude was friends with Ex and a bunch of mutual friends that me and my ex shared. How did i find this of the mutual friends came over while New Boo was cooking me dinner and snitched to Ex about seeing me at New Boo's house. The next morning i awoke to a very nasty text message from Ex asking why i was f*#^ing his friend. (o_O). I replied that first and foremost i was not f*#^ing anyone, i was in a new relationship. 2nd, i had no idea until the mutual friend showed up the night before that they even knew each other let alone were friends. Not only that but i even gave Ex the option to speak now or forever hold his piece if he objected since that was his friend and all (which i didn't have to do)! He said he was cool. And for the next 6 months or so i got the stank-eye and the silent treatment. Funny thing about all of this, Ex was busy cursing my name when it was HIS FRIEND that not only knew that me and Ex had a history together, but didn't give an eff one way or the other. I believe we call that a man law violation!
Anywho, eventually New Boo became old news. Gradually me and Ex started talking again. But not before i let him know how big of a douche he had been about the whole thing.

So when dating a ex's friend i have two sets of warnings:
For the womenfolk- be sure of the friends intentions. I have seen far too many chicks be passed around dude's friendship circles under the guise of being in a relationship. Trust, there are some men that will throw you completely under the bus to save face in front of their homeboys.

For the gentlemen- know your ex! If that chick is a psycho, maybe you wanna stay away from her friends. The last thing you want is for her to go all femme fatale a la Lynn Whittfield from a Thin Line on your ass!


  1. Hahahahahaha @ For the gentlemen- know your ex! If that chick is a psycho, maybe you wanna stay away from her friends.Well,the ex thing is really complicated sha,but i won't wanna spoil the friendship i have with my ex by dating her friend,but if we're at logger heads,who cares?

  2. Truth is, i'ld not do it! I think there'll be too much drama and awkward moments!
    The only way i'll be in a relationship with an ex's friend is if I didnt know and even at that it'll still be awkward once i find out!

    Guys like to score points with everything and i dont think I like being a trophies shared by a circle of friends

  3. Been there, done that...VERY, VERY BAD IDEA!!!

  4. I have never done that but, I can imagine that is a bad situation. I know how I would feel if someone I dated did that to me so, I wouldn't do it to someone. If it was done unintentionally then you can't help that. Seems like it would be major WEIRD!





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