Friday, August 12, 2011

Open or closed

I really wanna know wtf this nonsense is about open relationships and open marriages!?! Like, how does that even make sense? Will and Jada say the have an open marriage, Mo'nique and her man have an open marriage, and now Jill Scott is contemplating if that is the way to go. SMH

An open relationship is not a relationship at all. It is nothing more than a glorified friends-with-benefits. Why even enter into a relationship if you still wanna screw other people? Same goes double (triple even) for marriage! How can you be married but still expect to live the single life? On what planet is that a logical situation??? Certainly not here on earth. Definitely not in my life.

I take commitment very seriously. Im like Tony Montana...all i got in this life is my balls (abi, ovaries lol) and my word and i don't break either of em for nobody! When a man says he's committing to me, he is COMMITTING TO ME...not committing to me on the weekdays and Susie on the weekends. That is bullshit.

And i find it hard to believe that anyone is cool with this ish (except swingers i guess...but thats not really an open relationship). Mo'Nique claims that she is cool with having an open relationship and that while she'd never sleep with another man, she doesn't mind if her husband screws other chicks. So basically, she's cool with being cheated on as long as she knows its gonna happen ahead of time.

THAT BITCH IS A DAMN LIE! (pardon my french)

I know for some stupid people, cheating isn't a deal breaker but i doubt highly that people actually WANT to be cheated on. I love how society likes to paint men as the more possessive sex. Trust, if a man finds out his wife, girlfriend, jumpoff, sidepiece, or even a girl he's even see walk down the street is effin some other dude, its a wrap. But women...oh no, we just let dudes do whatever and we're cool with it. FALSE! Mo'Nique and every other chick out there is just as possessive as men supposedly are, if not more so. Thats why you see and hear the stories about penises being cut off, tires being slashed, cars being keyed and bricks through windows. Because that sharing stuff just does not fly no matter how cool a chick pretends to be with it. For the life of me i don't understand why anyone would want to share their girlfriend/boyfriend, talk less of sharing their wife/husband. GTFOHWTBS!

Deep down in my soul, i feel like chicks are just too damn desperate these days. Desperation mixed with a lack of self-esteem and the notion that if you let this dude get away, there won't be another one out there for you all conspire to create this open relationship nonsense.

I can't even begin to touch on how irresponsible it is to be smashing madd different people. Cuz i'll be damned if i catch an STD cuz YOU are out getting it in with the next broad. Thats crazy. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. I know i'm not supposed to care about what other people do in their relationships but ugh, i don't want this kinda mentality to spread. The institute of marriage is crumbling already, we don't need to add this crap to it.

What say you folks...have any of you ever entertained the idea of an open relationship or open marriage? How would you react if the love of your life wanted to have an open marriage?


  1. LoL--I say NO to open relationships becuz like u sed thats just friends with benefits or lemme give it a higher rank and say "close friends with benefits"---Like the idea even weakens me, im like "who thought of this????" LoL

  2. There is only one type of relationship... the relationship between two people. You can only have ONE at a time. This is so sick. You're right. Desperate women allow this to happen so that that can "have" a man and he can "have" EVERYBODY! It seems like a man cannot love and be faithful to one woman, but I am believing God that there are men out there that can and will.

    And you are so right. The institution of marriage is considered a joke in today's society, already, so having open relationships keeps the sham going.

    It is one thing for grown adults to live their lives this way, but to perpetrate this lifestyle in front of children is despicable! That is what is killing the black family!

    Okay, I'm done with my rant here. I don't want to take up your space with my craziness! LOL I guess I'll have to write a post on this if you don't mind!

  3. first time here.honestly, i think you've said it all.its a no-no for just shouldn't be

  4. WTH is an open relationship>???? you're either in or out!

  5. Sisi Yemmie....U have put it very succinctly!

  6. open relationships is jst an euphemism for friends with benefits. some ppl dnt like commitment so i guess it works fine for them lol

  7. An Open relationship is a relationship that reminds you that we really are in the End time :D

  8. You've just broken my heart about Will and Jada. They were my model hollywood couple.
    Open relationship is not an option. You are open to leave ..thank you very much

  9. I have never entertained the notion, and i never will. I won't tolerate it either. Worse- what if you catch and STD and give it to me? Madness. These people should stop fooling themselves. If you're not possessive about your partner then you should be with that person

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  10. WHEWWWWWWW! okay. I feel your energy full force on this one.


    Now with that being said, let me say I just do not understand the dynamics at which such a situation could work, for ME. I am selfish, and I don't play well with others. What is mine, is mine and if I know it is being utilized elsewhere, I am no longer interested. I cannot fathom here with me one moment, off with her the next - only to return to me later. How does that work?

    I find that an open relationship is basically a way to reserve your spot. It's a statement, "I want to be with you, but I am not done testing the waters." or it is a statement of "I'm just not that into you." or finally and overall, "I am just not satisfied." In any of those instances, your ass can get gone!

    Excellent post. :-)

  11. Glad we're all on the same page here lol. I didn't wanna have to disown anybody!

    Welcome to the party Stelzz


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