Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my weekend in Tampa

Seriously, i might as well change my name to The Weekend Warrior. I always seem to find myself on the move during the weekend.

Anyhow, i spent the past weekend in Tampa. I hadn't planned on it originally. One of my Soror's (my Dean specifically for those who are hip to Greek-lingo) had her baby shower on saturday afternoon. At first i was just going to ride out in the morning and then ride back out that same day. But its a 2+ hour drive, and people were talking about going out and blah blah blah so I decided to make a weekend of it.

Came out and chilled with my bestie until some ungodly hour. IDK what it is about us, but we can talk for hours and not get tired. I met up with her around like 4 or 5 and didn't drop her back off at her house until like 5am. Crazy!

Because i didn't get back to my hotel room until 6am, i woke up with literally just enough time to take a hoe bath, get dressed and rush to the baby shower. But of course, being a bunch of minorities, when i got there, the place wasn't even decorated yet. So instead of being 2pm-4pm, it ended up being like 4pm-7pm. But we had a lot of fun (as i always do when hanging out with my Sorors).
Me and my Sorors at the baby shower
Afterward, a bunch of us decided to go out...and what a night we had. First we did a little pre-partying. I've never truly understood the concept of prepartying. I mean, i understand getting a bottle instead of paying for (or hoping some man will pay for) drinks by the cup but really, i'd much rather not get in the car with someone who's even slightly intoxicated. At least let me have a fun night before you put my life at risk. But i digress. Sad thing is mofo's were even late to preparty. I swear, minorities and their damn CPT!

IDK how many of you are familiar with Tampa, but we went down to Channelside. Picked up some drinks in Wet Willy's and then headed to Splittsville and drank some more. The music was just awful and there wasn't even any eye candy so we tried to get on the trolley to go to Ybor but the trolley was about to stop running and had we caught it, we'd be stranded in Ybor which isn't cute at all. So after some drunken yelling and stumbling, we went back to Channelside and fumbled around for a lil while. Ran into some other Greeks we knew from our undergrad days. Then finally decided to just go home (which eventually turned into getting breakfast) since it was almost time for let-out anyway.

While we were all making our way back to our cars, me and my car-mates saw the craziest fight ever. Like idk what possess people to fight in the street, but we weren't about to pass up some free entertainment. It was 2 married couples, one on the verge of divorce by the looks of their altercation, and the 2nd one trying to get them to reconcile. I swear i wish i had recorded it. We were all sitting in our car, mouths agape, listening to these people argue. From what i could gather the fighting couple were basically just letting each other have it. He complained about her being a lazy ass drunk who hasn't accomplished anything in life. She accused him of being a cheating bastard who ain't worth shit. Then went on to complain about how their daughter Bella doesn't like him because he beats her (the wife) in front of the kid. At one point the lady slapped the $#!+ out of the dude and the other woman had to hold him back. It was insane. The 2nd husband was trying so desperately to get them to just go home separately and hash the $#!+ out in the morning when everyone was sober but they weren't listening to him lol. Then he started gettin mad and cursin everybody out.

Eventually they all got in their cars and went where ever and we took off too. We ended up at IHOP but by then everyone was so tired that we just ate and parted ways with minimal chit-chat lol.

I was supposed to check out of the hotel that morning. Which logically meant i probably shouldn't have spent saturday night gettin crunk & drunk lol. I set my alarm but uh, my screen froze during the night and it was by the grace of God that even though i had only been asleep a couple of hours i just happened to open my eyes at about 10:35am...check-out was at 11am. I don't think i've ever moved so fast trying to clean, pack, and get dressed. But by 10:57am i was walking out of the door of the hotel room to check-out.

Now the whole reason i booked this particular hotel in the first place was because i had been there before and they were going to give me a discount. So imagine my surprise when i go to check-out and the discount is not there. Please believe, i made that poor man figure out the issue. Thank goodness i saved my confirmation email that had the discount info in it. Got my $25 discount and went on my merry little way.

Spent the rest of the day hanging out with my bestie again and then hanging out with my fam (parents and brother came to visit my grandparents that live out that way so i stopped by too). Finally made it back home at around 3:30am. No one was on the road so i was free to drive as fast as i wanted which was a nice feeling lol.

Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as i did lol. And are having an even better week.


  1. Geez,weekend of fun! Weekends are actually for fun,so Weekend WOrrior,just do your thang!

  2. Sounds like you had a real good weekend. yay for good times.
    Mouth agape at quarreling couple. Alcohol, pendin divorce and resentment not a good combo at all.

  3. Lady Ngo U just Broke the World Record!! U clean, pack, and get dressed in 17mins..Whoop Whoop. I`m soo submitting your name to Guinness..lol..Spent My weekend was on the Low Low.. :)

  4. @9ja-Great: lol, im trying o! Classes start again on monday so im trying to squeeze as much fun in these last few days of freedom as i can

    @Ginger- yup, had a ball! That couple, they were just crazy. I wonder what sparked all of that in the first place.

    @DIDI- you gotta do what you gotta do man. I wasn't about to let them charge me for overstaying lol.


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