Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My weekend in North Carolina

I spent this past weekend in North Carolina at the 1st Annual Dease-Jones Family reunion. Its (almost) always great to be around family, especially since we live in west bubblefuck and don't get to see everyone as often as when we lived in NY. The idea for the reunion came about last summer when my great-grandmother, matriarch of the Jones clan passed away. When we all gathered for her homegoing, there were so many of us that literally didn't know each other, hadn't seen each other in years, kids that some of us had never met, and so the fam decided to put together the family reunion.

Our weekend started out very late. I was told we would be leaving at about 9am...at 1:30pm we still had not hit the damn highway because my brother had football practice and then decided to go cut all his hair off instead of doing something to it the night before like he was supposed to. So we missed all of whatever happened on the first night of the reunion. We finally arrived at the hotel at about 9:30-10pm. Thank God for journey mercies because the weather was rough and i guess we just missed it. People drowning, city being evacuated...i have no idea how we didn't run into it but like i said, thank God. Coincidentally, since we missed dinner, I got to eat at the waffle house for the first time ever. I prefer IHOP, but im glad i got the experience lol.

My family moves slower than molasses in winter time. It was high noon the next day and folks were still in their beds. So a lot of people ended up doing their own thing on Saturday because nobody felt like waiting around. Me and my parents, my brother and one of my 1st cousins went to downtown Charlotte for the day. Walked around, checked out one of the African-American art galleries and caught the Carolina Panthers practice. It was hot as hell and i was not wearing tourist clothes. So needless to say i was a bit miserable walking all over downtown in my lil cute get-up.

My brother did find me "a man" while we were walking back to the car. But that fool let him get away. I didn't get a look at his face but the man looked amazing from the back. Big broad shoulders, chiseled muscles, skin the color of milk chocolate and dripping with sweat (he was jogging)...sigh.

Saturday dinner was the one time that everybody got to sit down together and mix and mingle. The kids were running all over the place. They are all so cute but there's entirely too many of them lol. Drinks were flowing- even though the haters didn't wanna let me get my sip on. I gotta say, the sucky thing about being one of the younger ones is that even when you get older, you're still younger than somebody lol. My cousin flat-out refused to give me the damn mojito and even asked my parents for permission because he said in his eyes i was still his "lil cuz". Im 24, i am not lil anymore lol.

All in all, it was a great weekend, even though there were some people M.I.A. And it was waaaaaaaaay overdue.


  1. As a proud North Carolinian, I say welcome and I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself.... come again! lol

  2. hahaha, i've been to NC a few times. I got family in Winston-Salem

  3. Sounds like a milder form of Madea's family reunion. Nothing like family though.


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