Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Motivation + She Aint You

I actually had another blog in mind to publish today but since Kemi beat me to the punch lol, i decided to decode some song lyrics here today.

When she touches me, I'm wishing that they were your hands
And when I'm with her its only 'bout the sex
With you I had a bad romance
And if I could, just trade her in I would
Cause nobody compares to ya

^^^that is really REALLY effed up! Like, really effed up. I can understand that sometimes people jump into relationships because they either don't realize that they are not over the last bf/gf or because they think it'll help them get over the last bf/gf but damn. It's bad enough that you actually feel this way but to go and tell your ex "yeah im just screwin this chick, i really wanna be with you though". I'd be hott if i found out my alleged "boo" was on some nonsense like this. If you know you are only using this chick, be a decent human being and let her find someone who actually gives a eff about her. And if you know there is someone else out there that you wanna be with, grow a pair and go tell that person. There's no sense in dragging other innocent souls into your madness.

And when we're done, I don’t wanna feel my legs
-that is a very serious statement. Idk if people know how serious lol. Thats a lot of pressure. Not everyone is capable of the caliber of sex that would cause a woman to lose sensation in her legs. IJS

And when we're done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby
-If that man put in enough work to make you lose the feeling in your legs, you need to get your ass up and make that man a sandwich! Hands all over sure that man is hungry and exhausted and is done touching you for the night. Selfish girl.

but you can’t stop there, music still playin in the background
-The Sex Soundtrack will set you up for failure every time!!! Spare yourself the embarrassment of having the music playing longer than you are laying (pun completely intended). Men of the world, if you are going to set the mood with a "baby making music" playlist (don't act like i'm the only one who has one or two of those), then you need to know your stamina level. If you know you can only go for 20 minutes, then don't put an hour's worth of songs on there. Otherwise there better be at least 40 minutes of foreplay to make up for the rest of the playlist.

And you’re almost there
You can do it, I believe in you baby
So close from here

Baby imma be your motivation
-There's only so much that motivation can do lol.

Don't mind me jo, its a slow day in the mind of LadyNgo


  1. Hmmmmmmm,i like this Motivation song,it's lyrics is just cool.I know a thing or two about people not being able to feel their legs.#okbye

  2. OMG...LadyNgo, u are.....*insert any choice adjective here*..
    The sound track part of it makes sense though..Just respect yourself and make sure the duration of song and ur duration are in sync


  3. LOL LMAO!! This post is so effing funny!! Haha As in!! THat dude has to have stamina

    And the guy in the first song is so darn selfish it's unbelievable

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