Monday, August 1, 2011

Its 2011, you can't be serious!

The following has been happening to me a lot lately:
PersonA- Nice to meet you. Thats a unique name you have, where is it from?
Me- Nigeria
PersonA- Oh really that's cool. You know i just recently went to Johannesburg and I spent a little time in Pretoria
Me- *blank stare* oooookay. Thats nice.

Im trying to people really, in the year 2011, still think that Africa is a country? Like really? And this is not from regular everyday people (not that the average person shouldn't realize Africa is a continent) but from well-learned, intelligent people. The last person who I had this convo with was an Academic Dean at a prestigious university!

Im noticing that for a lot of people, Africa literally is Egypt, South Africa, and a bunch of places in between the two where they are killing each other or trying to share Sani Abacha's illegally acquired wealth with you via email. (-__-). I told someone that I was Nigerian and bless her heart, she asked me what part of South Africa, Nigeria was in (or if South Africa was in Nigeria- i can't completely recall at the moment). *Big Sigh* I had to give her a mini geography lesson because I could not continue to be associated with her if she didn't at least know that they were 2 completely different countries.

Just the other day, I heard someone say there were only 6 continents. I didn't know which continent the person was leaving out but damn...this was a grown ass man. There is no excuse for that!

Now i feel like i have to say that in the US school system, the only thing you learn about Africa is that its where slaves come from (which u learn about in very very brief detail if you get any formal education on the topic at all) and the history and wonders of Egypt. Nothing else. So i honestly can't blame people too much. You aren't going to take the time to learn about what you don't feel like learning about, especially if the powers that be didn't think it was worth learning in the 1st place.

Sidenote- is it really august? where is time going?? it seems like just yesterday i was saying damn is it july and a week ago i was saying damn is it june? 2011 is going to be a distant memory soon.


  1. LoL @ the lady hu asked if S.A is in Nigeria--hahah she go dey alright!

  2. hahahahaha Welcome to the Club Lady Ngo..My Oyibo brothers and sisters are still confused!!! i think an awareness movement has to be initiated..And erm Remember Esther?? She is HERE!!!!!!!!!!! YaaaY!!!!! :D

  3. Is there an excuse for such blatant ignorance? Yes..laziness and stupidity.

  4. This is a huge issue, and it really pisses me off as well. This is the internet age, I don't think their should be an excuse for ignorance.

  5. LOL @ Naija in SA..Those peeople I dont even continue talking, I just stare and nod...oh well I hope people go out of their way to seek information instead of relying totally on the school system..

    Me sef I wonder, 2011 is on the run.

  6. The year is sure flying fast. It is August already before you know it, it will be thanksgiving. As for the people who confuse Africa as a country I SMH. Just the other day I was trying to explain to someone I met at the salon that Nigeria is not a town in Africa cos she felt I should have answered that I am from Africa and not Nigeria.

  7. *sighs*

    Are you for real? I have heard that Americans are notoriously Ignorant when it comes to Africa/Africans, but this is just ridiculous.

    Europeans in generally are a lot more enlightened and aware about the African continent.

    SA in Nigeria, Indeed! LOL

  8. They are only ignorant because they want to remain so. By the time we start giving them reasons to research about us, then they will be forced to

  9. Hahahahahaha Yet they'll think they know more than us Africans.Don't mind me sounding like a racist jare,it's just very funny sha.

  10. It is really frustrating sometimes when supposedly intelligent folks make statements like that. Me I don't even bother.

  11. Do you know!! I just thought about this yesterday! J-Lo's new song has lyrics like- 'from new york to las vegas to Africa' I'm like, what???!!! :O

    It's so silly isnt it

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  12. I know right? Amazing is the word!I see them here everyday. Calling countries - America, china, Germany, Africa?! At this age and time?! Hiss!


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