Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I don't wanna go to the movies!

Dinner and a movie is the stereotypical "perfect" first date. Why do people feel that way? To me, dinner and a movie is probably the worst (decent) first date you can go on.

Lets assume that since its you're first date you two don't know each other very well. Let us also assume that chivalry has not gone the way of old yeller and the man (whom i also assume arranged the date) is paying.

Now you pick up your lady friend and bring her to at least a halfway decent restaurant. Lets say Red Lobster- because lets face it, we all love those cheddar bay biscuits lol. Your meals run you about $60 (a lil more if you plan on getting your sip on). You make some light, getting to know you chit-chat while you eat, pay for your meal (and tip your server) then head to the movies.

You pay for 2 full price adult tickets, which i'll guesstimate ran you another $20. You don't wanna appear cheap so you buy some movie snacks...another $10. As you find your seat and the lights dim, you are kindly reminded that you are in a movie theater so shut the hell up & turn ur damn phone off.

2 hours later, the lights come back on, you take your date home, thank her for a lovely evening and go on about your merry little way.

What the hell did you accomplish other than spending a good $100 (not including gas money and the dough you might have spent making yourself and your car look presentable for the evening) to make idle chit chat over dinner and have a hot woman sit silently next to you in a dark crowded movie theater. She might not even like you. We're in a many people are gonna turn down a free meal?

The REAL perfect first date is one where you can maximize the amount of time you spend getting to know one another, not how much money you can waste.

And creativity is awesome. Dinner and a movie is soooooo played out :)


  1. LOL...

    I suggest a walk in a park, or on the beach. Pack a sandwich and fruit lunch if you must.

  2. You didn't offer alternatives her Ladyship...

    Eating is always in but I guess I wouldn't want a too fancy first date. Movies can be cool if you both love movies and ranting or raving after it can create an opportunity for learning more about yourselves..

  3. I agree...dinner AND a movie is played - but I'm always down to eat. I actually think drinks or coffee is the best first date because you can focus on talking to each other, dip if its not going well, it doesn't make you too available, and then if the date is going great, you can extend it.

  4. @Myne- hopeless romantic! lol. i love walks on the beach. they are awesome.

    @Ginger- my bad lol. But im not the man, i don't come up with the date ideas :P

    @MorayoJones-lol, im almost always down to eat too. This was really for the benefit of the dudes. i agree about getting coffee or drinks. Someplace relaxed where you can focus on each other and not stuffing your face (or trying not to look like you're stuffing your face)

  5. Will be following yours now :)
    Thanks for your comments on my blog


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