Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Love (Part ii)

I hadn't planned on blogging for another couple of days but i felt compelled to share with you all that i just spent the last 5 minutes crying my little heart out at this video:

If i didn't already love Wayne before (and you know i did lol), i definitely do now.

OK, the original video got taken down but this one should work..for now. If all else fails, google is your friend. Im sure you'll find it lol. Its definitely worth watching!


  1. Ahhh of course I cried for this too. Of course. I really loved this song before this video but now I'm obsessed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OK, I'm surprised. I guess I stereotyped the guy cos of how he looks. That's a very deep video, and lyrics make a lot of sense.

  3. So now that it's my turn to watch the video had to be removed? That's just great!

  4. @Carrymel- glad it wasn't just me lol.
    @Myne- yeah, i think a lot of people have done that. At least you listened to it. There still so many ppl that refuse to even listen/watch because they have something against the dude
    @9ja-Great: aaawwww, sorry boo. Well i surfed youtube and this one still works:


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