Monday, July 25, 2011

you gotta spoil me baby

Good morning and happy monday for those reading this post in a timely fashion lol.

So im watching MTV TrueLife: Im A Sugar Baby and understandably shaking my head at these delusional "women". I just wanna shake them. I don't know if they are in LaLaLand or just naive or what. If you dub yourself a sugar baby, i honestly think that you need to embrace the fact that you are by default and definition a golddigger and/or prostitute. Or at the very least, accept the fact that thats how others (especially these "sugardaddies") are going to see you. That's like walking down the street wearing a cop uniform and then getting mad when someone tries to report a crime to you #DaveChapelleReference

One girl, i think her name was GG, was getting so mad that her daddy was trying to cut off her cash flow if she didn't sleep with him. I was looking at her like really chick?!? To be honest, i don't blame that man for trying to get a return on his investment. He's not stupid. He knows the only reason you are messing with him is because you want his money. And you're not fooling anybody with the "i would never do that, what kind of girl do you think I am, why would you wanna be with a girl like that? nonsense. If you wanna play a big girls game, then you need to stop fronting as if you don't know the rules.

The other girl, whose name i can't even guess at, is caught between this whole sugarbaby lifestyle and her actual relationship. First, i gotta commend the chick for even letting her bf know what was up (idk how he found out but either way she isn't hiding it) cuz im sure it'd be much worse if he just randomly found out. Anywho, the boyfriend told her during one of their "idk if we can get back together" talks that at least if she's going to do this, then she should milk the dude for everything he's willing to give her so that they (her and the bf) can start their life together in LA. LOL, she was pissed, said she felt like he was pimping her out lol. I mean, i agree but you were just pimping yourself out a second ago it really all that different?

The topper on the metaphorical cake was that there was a man on the show, looking for a sugar-mama. And as much as i despise double standards...even considering being a kept man is so unattractive! Like, really. But whatever. Anywho, the cougar he was romancing ended up losing her job and decided to relocate to California. On their last date, he tried to make her pay the bill and she politely reminded him that she didn't have a job and he had to pay. (#fail) I laughed my entire ass still gluing it back together!

At the show's conclusion, both women decided that this whole sugarbaby/sugardaddy life wasn't for them and are trying to be more independent.

What is you guy's take on this sugardaddy/sugarbaby situation? Is it all in good fun? Should a sugarbaby be offended if her sugardaddy asks for some boo-lovin in return for the thousands of dollars/millions of naira he dishes out? Would you ever play the sugarbaby/sugardaddy/sugarmommy role?


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  2. You got me laughing so hard I almost poured my tea all over the laptop.
    What a way to start a Monday *Thumbs up*
    LOL @...'I laughed my entire ass still gluing it back together!'

    I think these people are all big jokers. By definition any relationship based on 'sugar' this or that means that both parties are in the realtionship for fun ....basically not to deal with any bitter/ sour stuff.

    One provides sex, the other money. Anyone who hopes for something different is deluded.

    Would I have a sugar daddy?........Only if I could be cold-blooded enough to remember I am in it for the money.

    Could I be a sugar-mummy??? H*ll No!.....I'm old fashioned. A man should take care of me, not the other way round.

    Have a great week. You've surely made me laugh today

  3. So I'm about to google and watch this episode today at work. Thank you, lol.

    I feel like in that type of "relationship", you are a golddigger. If you just want his money - you're a gold digger. Any way ya spin it. And in a golddiggin' relationship, you "pay" for it by being something pretty they're around and rationing out doses of your goodies to keep the money flowin'. For those girls to be complaining about being treated EXACTLY like how they're acting, is ridiculous to me. Men will treat you the way you demand to be treated.

  4. Wait Wait...the sugargirl wasnt giving her Daddy some?? Oh mine that guy must be a mugu in Naija parlance. Didnt somebody tell her it was a sweet exchange going on?

    LOL@Cougar and her sugar boy. Trust a woman to be verry practical. A sugar daddy would have still paid that last bill..its a guy thing methinks.
    Anyway thanks for the laffs!

  5. Make the Suger baby dey deceive herself say she no know wetin suppose shele after burning Sugar daddy cash! Abeg dem suppose know wassup jare!

  6. Errr no no no i hate the sugarmommy/daddy thing. But really, the sugardaddy has to have that return on investment nau- he deserves to have the sex lol.

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  8. LOL Sugar baby and Sugar dady..Nawa oh, only in Obamaland that its embraced as a t.v show..

    As for all the sugar people, the sugar baby should know her name is her identity and she should better live up to the expectations. To whom much is given much is expected.

    I want to be my hubby's only sugar oh.I dont know where I will get the liver to sugar any dady..:)

  9. This sugar daddy,mummy,baby thingy is very funny and serious also.What i abhor is denial when they actually engage in it,mostly the sugar babies.

  10. Sugar babies are not prostitutes. Not unless all women are. I understand that even girlfriends get to be treated. Why not so for a sugar baby


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