Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sugabelly's Language Challenge *deep sigh*

LadyNgo speaking Igbo by LadyNgo

Aaaaaaaaawwwwww man, i feel like im gonna throw up lol. I had to overcome two major humps to bring this clip to you guys. The first was my embarrassment at my inability to speak Igbo (especially after hearing all the other clips from everyone else doing the language challenge) and the second was getting over the fact that i really don't like the sound of my voice. Truth be told, i've somewhat given up on learning to speak Igbo and rather focus on trying to understand it. But since i've already announced that i would take part in this challenge, i've decided to be a team player so here goes:

Spanish Translation:
I wish Spanish was a Nigerian language because Spanish is the only language, other than English, that i have the ability to speak well. Learning to speak Igbo is more difficult than learning to speak Spanish was.

Igbo Translation:
*kwuo ya ntakiri ntakiri na kwuo ya ozo = speak slowly and say it again

Whats up! My name is Lady Ngo. My dad is Delta Igbo but I am American. So, I don't understand Igbo and I speak very little Igbo. 

Please, be nice in the comments lol. I tried. I'm still a work in progress!


  1. ur dad is delta igbo?? Whoop whoop! Ur Spanish was quite interesting at least u r way better me, u know a language other than English--LoL I dont, well except u count pidgin.
    Somehow u also sounded Ghanian too.

  2. im planning on perfecting my Spanish. I fully understand igbo(i mean that supa village Igbo) but i have a problem speaking. I have to think about almost every word word before i say it.
    I dey rep imo state.

  3. Haha, I understood your entry don't worry. I also understood your spanish.

    Maybe I can teach you Igbo if you want, but you have to accept the disclaimer that I speak Anambra Igbo and so that's what you'll learn.

    @Chizzy D and Giagerry: You people! Where are your Language Challenge entries???? Eh??? Giagerry, where is your entry in Pidgin and Chizzy D where is your entry in Igbo???

    It doesn't matter how well or how badly you speak, just speak either way.

    If I don't see your entries by tonight both of you are going to kneel down and hands up.

  4. Your entry put a big smile on my face Lady Ngo.
    I'm no Cowell, you have my A for effort :D

  5. Extremely proud of you for even trying most of us wouldnt even try since our parents forgot to do their first duty, teach us their language. Way to go girl!

  6. You tried, and your spanish made me jealous, lol.

  7. LMAO... I just love the way that sounded!!!!!

  8. @Gee- yup, straight out of Ibusa! Oddly enough, ur not the 1st person to say i sound Ghanaian.

    @ChizzyD- I know too many ppl that can understand but have trouble speaking. I never understood it until i started trying to learn lol.

    @Sugabelly- I'm glad that it was intelligible lol. please get on these ppl! If i can suck it up and post they have no excuse lol.

    @Ginger- thanks lady :)

    @Breeze- thanks so much. i had really had to find the courage, i almost backed out like 5 times. but i figure u can't get better if you don't put yourself out there so i just did it.

    @Myne- i took spanish for several years in middle and high school and then for a semester in college I haven't spoken in a while though so im getting very rusty with it.

    @NIL- aaawww, thanks ma'am :)

    @HoneyDame- lol, thanks chica

  9. At least, you made an effort. That must count for something

  10. You made a great effort dear. You should be proud of yourself : )

  11. LOL! But seriously, you tried nau! At least you did it, which is more than i can say for yours truely lol

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  12. WOW!!!

    You sound like a foreigner speaking Igbo. But I have to commend you, you did GREAT!!! And for the fact that you can speak Spanish?? So jealous. I haven't done mine yet.

  13. @ilola, Mimi B, and Adiya- i really tried man lol.

    @Vera- well, i am a foreigner lol. As for the spanish, i am so rusty since i've not spoken it in some years. but thankfully some things u just never forget how to say

  14. LOL you did great tho..loving the spanish..I only know como stats.tre bien :P now i dunno if i am mixing french and spanish..ha

  15. I'd say, props for trying.
    Nice to hear some Spanish too.

  16. nice job and i'm so jealous of your spanish

  17. @unveilinggold- lol, como estas = spanish, tres bien = french.

    @La Reine- thanks :)

    @YSU- if you're jealous now you should have heard me some years ago when it was all still fresh in my mind lol.

  18. Bravo girl. You are really awesome for wanting to learn your native tongue!! I applaud you seriously.


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