Friday, July 29, 2011

News outta my hometown

Basically, some drunk idiot plowed into a bus after running a red light. For heaven's sake, i truly want to know what its going to take for people to stop driving like effing idiots. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

I know that intersection very well. Its huge and very busy no matter what time of day or night it is. Hofstra University and Nassau Coliseum are right there. I've seen many accidents in this little section of road. Including seeing a girl walking across the street and getting hit by an suv and go flying into the air. Im pretty positive she died (may her soul rest in peace if she did).

I also know that McDonalds the bus hit very well. That was THE hangout spot for locals, college students, visitors who may have been leaving a show or event at the Coliseum...we used to be there every weekend after clubs let out, parties got shut down, or if we were just killing time into the wee hours of the morning.

It really is a miracle from God that NOBODY was hurt. I would've at least expected the drunk driver to have been seriously injured if not worse considering how hard and fast he crashed into the side of that bus.


  1. Thank God, no one was hurt. The car must have been coming at a really high speed to have sent the bus in another direction. The drunk driver needs to be jailed for life.

  2. People still get drunk and drive. Kai! But it's not even funny!

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  3. I drive by there sometimes to get to a Naija food store. Wow, I had no idea this happened. That particular road is so scary. I don't drive on LI at night. My belief is that half of the drivers are drunk at that time

  4. I dont know how America plans to solve its drinking problem...seems nothing can stop the problem

  5. Wow..thank God no one was hurt.

  6. O.M.G! That is truly scary. I don't like driving at night due to all the drunk drivers out there. I like your blog it's totally random and I love it!! I'm following. :o) Thanks, for the follow too.





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