Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My weekend surrounded by Nigerians

As most of you know, I spent 4th of July weekend at the 15th Annual Nigerian Reunion hosted by NRC in Orlando, Fl. There were good times, bad times, and drama-filled times. If i were to give you all the gist, you would literally be reading this for days. I spent at least 6 full hours on the phone this weekend hashing out issues and just letting off steam. But i also had some fun too. So let me share:

The Good:

  • I got to see a lot of ppl i don't see very often since i've moved away from Tampa.
  • There was quite a bit of eye candy there (including this one fine boi Dipo from Amebor.com lol) which is always good.
  • The Fela performance was pretty good. I missed the beginning part because i honestly didn't know it had started. But what i did see was nice. Some of those guy dancers...yummy.
  • The Comedy show was hilarious. Seyi Brown is still the best host ever (even though i can kick myself for not snappin a pic with him this year)! Helen Paul and Wamilele had me rollin! Yvonne Orji did her thing as well. 
  • Got to meet Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. The woman is gorgeous and FULLY ENDOWED o! I had no idea it was like that lol.
  • I walked away with two bags of swag, including a reunion t-shirt that they claimed they weren't giving away this year...well i got one! Gbam!
  • Met some cool new people and people that i've just been fb friends with for forever.
  • Since the event was local (for me), a lot of my personal people hosted and performed- which was nice to see.

The Bad:

  • All the events were on serious African Time/CP Time. (it is my firm belief that if nothing else, all people of african descent are linked by our inability to be on time when we are attending and/or putting together events, smh)
  • Banky W, eLDee, MI, Wizkid, and Basketmouth were supposed to be there but they weren't. I don't know what happened to Banky W, Eldee or Basketmouth, But supposedly WizKid couldn't get into the country (LMAO) and MI had another commitment (and posted an apology vid on youtube) which i can understand but i still call bulls#it on because they didn't make the announcement until the day b4 the event. There were people there that didn't even know he wasn't coming.
  • The female to male ratio was ridiculous. I mean, i wasn't trying to catch anyone's eye but damn if there wasn't like 4 females for every male- not taking into account the people who "brought sand to the beach"
  • The party the first night was garbage! Which led to me not being interested in going to any of the other parties- only to find out the 2nd party was amazing :(
  • My hotel situation was so ridiculous. From trying to cram 8 people in a room that realistically only fits 2-4 people. A whole bunch of us not knowing each other. Being attacked by roaches. People leaving the room and trying to take off their portion of the payment. 5 good hours of run-around between myself and the hotel staff- with them literally checking us out and checking other ppl into our room, deactivating our keys, calling every 5 minutes while i was trying to take a nap...it got so bad that i said "eff this" and went to my parents house and commuted for the rest of the weekend.

The "SMDH" Moments

  • The first thing i did when i arrived on sunday for the Night of 1001 Laughs and Nigerian Image Awards was lock my freakin car keys in the car. So i had to call AAA. Thankfully they only took about 15 minutes to get to me and the man brought me a bottle of water (nice guy). When he opened my door, i couldn't find my keys but i found my spare. But for whatever reason, the spare only turns the car on, it can't open the door. As i was sitting there contemplating what i should do (since i didn't want to leave my door unlocked all night), I ended up finding my keys in my purse. Sigh. Wasted a good hour out in the heat AND  a call to AAA.
  • The weaves i saw this weekend were unbelievable. There were some good ones, but the bad ones were just....smdh! From those who clearly don't know how to blend, to those whose tracks were showing, and those with jet black silky smooth weave and dark brown nappy roots.
  • Some of the outfits! Some people were not dressed to impress at all. (some people were trying too hard to impress too but what can u say...for some the entire weekend is about toasting and being toasted.) The Big girls...seriously disappointed me. Is it by force? Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it! And do not, i repeat DO NOT try and keep up with your slim friends because more times than not they will allow you to go out looking like a fool to make themselves look better by comparison. The slim girls too...i think some people think because they don't weigh 200lbs that they can wear anything and look good. That is soooooo not the case.
  • The guys are not above criticism either. As always, there was quite a bit of toasting going on but some people were going overboard. One guy with his "will clean,cook, work, for sex" t-shirt. Others sneaking and taking pics of random ikebe that crossed their path. 

At the end of the day, i had an okay time. Can't let the foolishness ruin my good time. You can check out amebor.com (and a few other places though i don't have the sites on-hand right now) for pics from the weekend. So far i've only seen pics from the first night- but i did see my face several times in there lol. My own pics and videos are coming soon. I am still in the editing process but as soon as i get them together i'll post a link to the pics/vids

Sidenote: my Igbo post will be coming in the next 24 hours or so. I need to get up my courage lol.


  1. Thanks for the update. I completely forgot this weekend was the reunion. I have heard that it never fails to bring comedy to many people's lives. As our women, squeeze into the tackiest of outfits and have the most embarrassing weaves known to man. I have seen pics each year and I wonder why. That gathering is hardly the place to meet men, those guys know that they can get osho-free fun without too much stress as some of us are there on the serious prowl (after all, you still have 5 months till December and anything can happen).
    Sorry about the hotel drama eh Nne.

  2. Hahahah..sounds like an adventure, I have never been to the Nigerian Reunion, I might just go next year. LWKM@ girl to guy ratio.. hahahahha.

  3. im still rolling at the bring sand to the beach innuendo, hehehehehehe, no vex
    even with all the issues still sounds liek fun, maybe id make the next one

  4. Sounds like fun. I've never been to any of those things before sha but it's not different from other events on the African Time, lol...

  5. @Anon- i tend to keep it strictly friendly at these things because i know the guys are "looking for a good time". They can't find that one with me lol.

    @9jaFOODie- the ratio was serious o!

    @Laurenta- lol. I can't blame them though. Having seen what i've seen, if i knew my bf was going to this event i'd be sure to tag along too. These girls are too anxious sometimes to get next to the fine boys

    @Myne- Its a lot of fun if you know who to go with how to have your own good time.

  6. lmaooo.. with any nigerina social event, u expect a good chunk of hits and misses.

  7. Buahahahaha! OMG you're cracking me up. So will you be at next year's reunion? lol

    The accomodation thingy sounds like a total nightmare. Thank goodness you were able to commute. Can't wait to read your Igbo post.

  8. nice summary, i would go just to ppl watch.

  9. Hahaha! I only went to the church service during last year's Reunion in New York and saw Basketmouth and co waiting in the lobby for the service to be over. And Jedi and Seyi Brown were as hilarious as ever.

  10. Wow, I just missed this, and I was literally 2 hours away! I'm actually studying Igbo this summer, and think this would have been if not anything a little humorous to attend. Thanks for the review!

  11. Brought 'sand to the beaches' -does that mean what i think it means? hehehe.
    Ah well, Nigerians are united by their lack of attention to time and the finer details e.g your hotel bookings. And dont get me started about Artistes that don't show up for their shows.

    Anyways, glad you had a good time.

  12. I seriously liked this gist lol. At least you had fun so COOL!

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  13. @kitkat- its true, never a dull moment lol

    @mykey- show face next year then!

    @Mimi- lol, idk. depends on where it is. But i know who i will and won't be traveling with, thats for sure lol.

    @ChizzyD- yes, thats half the fun. i wish i had unlimited camera battery so i could just record all the stuff i saw lol

    @os- i saw pics from the church service this year, there was only like 15 ppl there lol. #heathens

    @Chinye- well there's always next year

    @Ginger- hahaha, bringing sand to the beach = bringing a babe (or guy) when you know there are already going to be plenty of babes (or guys) there already. And yes i turned off the captcha, i didn't even know it was on before.

    @Adiya- i paid, so i had to make sure i had a good time hehehe.


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