Friday, July 15, 2011

its spreading

So i'm going to go out and buy myself a nice chastity belt because the preggers is my friendship circles. I now know 5 people that are pregnant...all of them due within a month of each other starting next month. And people are still insisting that i am next or somewhere in the near future... to which i reply:

HAYLE thank you. Not right now, not anytime soon. Please give me a moment to stop being a broke ass grad student who lives with her parents and is unwed before i get hit with the preggo sauce (that sounded kinda nasty).


  1. hahahahha preggo sauce really sounded nasty sha! heheh

  2. oh and btw, get ur cash ready for gifts for the 5 expecting mommas o! Lol

  3. @Giagerry- hahaha, i knew it sounded gross but i couldn't think of anything clever to say. im operating off of like 2 hours of sleep. And yeah, i did my first round of baby-shopping yesterday and already my wallet is hurting (-_-)

  4. GOOD ANSWER! look after pickin no be moi-moi o!....belly ni, belly ko!

  5. @Chizzy- 1 is married, 1 is engaged, 2 are in relationships, and i don't know about the last one.

    @Ibhade- i know that's right! I want life to be as good as humanly possible before i even think about bringing a child into this world.

  6. oh wow!!!!
    thats ish isnt even funny

  7. Is that a picture of an actual product or what? This was hilarious though...

    Surely in this day and age there are sufficient defences to deploy against getting splashed with preggo sauce?

  8. I chuckled @ "1 is married, 1 is engaged, 2 are in relationships, and i don't know about the last one"
    To think that there was once a time when no one would've thought to ask... Are we sure that pregnancy hasn't suddenly become contagious :oP

  9. @Laurenta- well, we are all at "that age" but the fact that its happening so rapidly is scary as hell. That and its a constant reminder that im getting older. I've known at least 20 ppl that have had babies in the past 2 years

    @TheRustGreek- lol, well chastity belts are real though i doubt any actually still look like the one pic

    @Didi- hush! lol

    @Gbemisoke- I'm convinced that its something in the water, which is why i don't eat/drink at peoples houses anymore lol j/k

  10. hahahahahahaa! I feel you, my cousin just had her baby 3 weeks ago. Both of my friends at work are 3 months apart. All my friends are talking about having kids & such & such. It's like a contagious pregnancy virus going around. Ha.
    This made me life , HARD.

    -Nequia x


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