Thursday, July 21, 2011

"It's not rape if a condom was used"

A teacher reported a rape to local authorities, only to be told that it was not truly rape since a condom was used.
The 26 year-old teacher Zhou Qin, told that she was pressured by the school's principal to go drinking during the afternoon of May 17, with a group of eight local government officials, wrote CNN.
After becoming heavily intoxicated, the young woman was to be driven home by the chief of the local Bureau of Land and Resources, Wang Zhonggui.
Instead of driving her home, he reportedly took her to his office and sexually assaulted her, wrote the Ministry of Tofu translating from Qianzhong Morning Post.

Shrugged off

The next day, Zhou went to the police station to report the assault. She spoke withZhong Xiancong, a deputy instructor at the Ashi Township Police Station in the city of Bijie.
Zhong reportedly told her that it is "not a rape if Wang wore a condom" and discouraged her from pursuing the allegation, according to CNN.
China Digital Times added that Zhong had also told Zhou: “This is all something you did to yourself, and you don’t want to make it public now. Think of your reputation. I will keep it secret for you”.
Zhou confirmed that he told her that condom use would make it difficult to prove the rape and also encouraged her to settle the matter privately. Coincidentally, Zhong was also one of the officials present at the drinking event on May 17.

The news spreads

The investigation uncovered items indicating sexual acts between the accused and Zhou, such as a used condom. However, authorities decided not to proceed further due to ”lack of evidence” proving rape, according to Global Times.
The case may have not been pursued at all, but Zhou was interviewed by Chongqing Evening News which then publicised her claims and this information went viral outraging readers, stated CNN.
According to CNN, the police finally responded due to the news spreading, within a couple days ”search terms related to the story had been blocked on Chinese sites” and the accused was in custody.
China Daily said that Zhong Xiancong has been suspended due to drinking on duty, according to a written statement issued Wednesday by authorities.


  1. Wow See story nah! What wont we hear in this world tho? Now someones out there believes that it is not rape if a condom is used? I hope this thinking doesnt spread tho.

  2. @Gee- it wouldn't surprise me if plenty of people already think like that. We live in a world that tends to try and find a way to blame the victim rather than the culprit (you shouldn't have worn that outfit, you shouldn't have drank, you shouldn't have gone out so late by yourself, you shouldn't have teased him, etc) in these cases

  3. What!! God save us from men who think with their balls. what nonsense? Good to know he has been suspended. and no! they cant say he made that irresponsible statement under influence. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh...what he said is most likely what he truly believes. smh

  4. What do they mean that it isnt rape because a condom was used? Was it the woman who wore the condom? I agree with you that we live in a society where people tend to blame the victim rather than the culprit

  5. First reaction is: thunder fire them. lol Ok to the main post. the presence of condom isnt the absence of rape. it could just be a survival tactic. if the victim cant fight off the attacker then he or she may as well ask for condoms to protect the transmission of STDs and HIV.

  6. Different Day,Same "ISH" style..i mean how??? GOD HELP US.


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