Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i love chocolate

I have a serious sweet tooth for chocolate. Valentine's Day (regardless of whether or not i have a valentine) is my favorite holiday because i have an excuse to pig out on chocolate!

But today we are not talking about that kind of chocolate. We're talking about THIS kind of chocolate:
The very sexy Reggie Bush...though he's not as sexy since hes been with KimK :(
Tyrese can come and sing to me any day

Blair Underwood (my mom thinks he looks like a wife-beater lol)

Don Cheadle ( i think i like him because of the role he played in Hotel Rwanda)
Djimon Hounsou...he just keeps getting sexier and sexier no matter how old he gets

Larenz Tate 
Idris Elba has the sexiest accent ever
Dwyane Wade...Gabby Union can have him though

Tyson Beckford...i don't feel like i need to explain lol

Morris Chestnut...sigh.

Honorable Mention: White Chocolate (#NoRacist):
Jon B: The ORIGINAL White Chocolate. What ever happened to him?

IDK how many of ya'll are familiar with Remy Shand

Robin Thicke...its so had to believe that this is Alan Thicke's child lol

Yeah, im just bored lol


  1. you just had my mouth open wide.
    i dont find reggie sexy though
    he is just too thick
    Robin Thicke! wooosh!!!!!

  2. I'm gonna go ahead and agree with most of your list, except for maybe Cheadle. Great actor, but I'm not sure I wanna see him naked o_O

  3. Oh, and for Jon B.... He made an album like a year or so ago and it was. not. good. at. all.

    Still sexy, though... ;)

  4. i dont see shemar moore here lol

  5. LOL....oh..that chocolate? Yum yum!

  6. @Laurenta- come on, how can u not find Reggie Bush sexy?!? lol. i don't really like the football player build either though.

    @LakiSwirl- Yeah, i think wDon Cheadle its just a little hero worship lol. And I had heard Jon B had an album some time back...if it flopped, i guess that's why he hasn't shown face lately

    @My Life- Shemar moore is peanut butter at best, not chocolate lol. I might be so moved to do an edition of "Caramel Cuties" one day soon though

    @Myne- yes ma'am, yum with a capital Y! lol

  7. Oh yeah.., I like this kind of chocolate. Lol

  8. Girl! you could have searched out a better pick for Don Cheadle naa. See bias! The guys nose na wa shaa. check this (wink)

    Meanwhile, where is my Chinwetel?

  9. lol.. I was looking for the other chocolate 'Theobrama Cacao'.. But this was more interesting.. Equally yum.. lol..

  10. @Dayor- hahaha, i do what i can for the womenfolk

    @Ginger- i like his nose lol. But that is a cute pic. As for Chinwetel, he's not chocolate, he falls in to the caramel cutie category (even though he's not my cup of tea)

    @Myka- well my first sentence was about theobrama cacao lol

  11. Idris Elba and Robin Thicke can be my Chocolate sundae anytime.
    mm mm mmph!

  12. I agree with most of the guys on this list! But yeah, Shemar Moore should be here lol.

    Oh, and I guess Robin got the good looks from his mum :P:P:P


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