Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Love

This song is just the! I don't care how much people act like they don't like Wayne, you can't not like this song.

Personally i've been a Lil Wayne fan since 1998 when i caught my first glimpse of him in Juvenile's "Ha" video. I always knew he would blow up eventually (Lord knows he wasn't gettin any props back then). He just has too much lyrical talent for him not to make it big.

And i've always thought he was a cute lil midget. Judge me all you like lol.


  1. Guess its the autotune help, he sounded like he had a lilt or hot food in his mouth...ok..that was me being naughty.
    I liked; lyrics and tune! I think I'll be humming this for the rest of the day. Thanks4sharing!

  2. It's funny because I love Wayne's music but I don't like this song. Maybe if someone else was singing it... I would like it. I was all for the lyrics until he mentioned she was a stripper. Like damn, out of all the professions!

  3. I love this SONG! It doesn't even seem like it's Wayne's song and that's probably why I like it.

  4. Not a bad song, not a fun though! Find him too creepy lol.

    lmao @ cute lil midget

  5. mmmm...
    I am definitely not a fan of Lil Wayne so I found it hard to like the song

    I'm sorry but Lil W reminds me of EVERYTHING I wont like my sons to be like - baby mamas, grills, tattoos, demeanour etc.........Like Boma said....a tad 'creepy'

    'Cute little midget'???? mm..Ngo!
    Actually, he reminds me of GOLEM from Lord of the Rings!

    Sorry :)))

  6. I agree with you. I absolutely love this song! [: You should watch my vlog called " No Need For Apologies, I'm Not Broken. " It's the second post down on my blog. :D

  7. Haha at midget!! I like him too, but i confess that i prefer to listen to him than to watch him.

    The lyrics make sense

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    Muse Origins

  8. I am not a fan of his, I honestly do not think he is a lyrical genius like people praise him to be. He is not really deep(and I know not all music is meant to be deep) but content-wise, there are better people out there. He just has something that works for him(it is evident in the number of women that want to bed his nasty behind). This song makes me feel for him

  9. NIL!!! now I'll have the image of Gollum stuck in my head whenever I hear this


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