Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chase Bank Has Man Jailed Over Check They Issued Him

Last June, 28-year-old Ikenna Njoku of Auburn, Washington was reportedly imprisoned for four days after trying to cash a Chase check the bank itself had issued to him.
Mr. Njoku, who at the time claims he had become a new homeowner, qualified for the first-time home buyer rebate on his tax return, for a total of $8,463.21 after overdraft fees, reports King 5 Seattle.
When Chase mailed him the check, he says that he sought to cash it as quickly as possible. But when he arrived at the Chase bank, the banker allegedly thought the check, and his claim that he owned a home, were fraudulent.
"I was embarrassed," Njoku told King 5. "She asked me what I did for a living. Asked me where I got the check from, looked me up and down -- like 'you just bought a house in Auburn, really?' She didn't believe that."
According to Mr. Njoku, he left the bank and was told by customer service that he should come back the next morning. When he did, the bank had phoned the police, who subsequently arrested him for forgery.
Njoku remained in jail for four days. When the bank realized it had made a mistake, they left a voicemail message with the detective handling the case, but unfortunately for Mr. Njoku, it was the detective's day off. No further attempts were made by the bank to correct the error, the local police department confirmed to King 5.
The check that had landed him in prison was reportedly seized as evidence and he lost his job for failing to show up while in prison.
"They [Chase] haven't even sent me a letter or apologized," he said. "It's been a year we've been trying to contact these guys." He has since hired an attorney.
Mr. Njoku is not the first individual who has been imprisoned for what has arguably been a bank's mistake. In June of this year, KCAL 9 reported that Laguna Beach resident Stephen McDow had been arrested for spending $60,000 of a $110,000 tax refund that Citibank had mistakenly deposited in his account.

**Chase has since issued a half-assed apology to Mr. Njoku and "assured" the public that they are working to change their policies and procedures so a fuck up mix-up like this doesn't happen again. Whatever!


  1. *covers head in shame* I bank with Chase! LoL, this is just terrible, the guy lost his job, na apology im go chop? ha! They have to do more abeg.

  2. WOW! This is all too crazy. They have been working on contact with them for a year? and a half-ass apology? smh. It couldn't have been me in this scenario!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. WTH
    he should sue their ass
    they must pay damages
    what kind of nonsense is that

    its racist sef
    ahn ahn

  4. Been following this story the past few days. Lucky dude, he's going to be rich when this is over!! lol. Hopefully they learn their lesson.

  5. @Giagerry- lol, me too. Only because they took over Washington Mutual.

    @much2inspired- ikr, the whole time i was reading i kept thinking "let that have been would've been ON!"

    @Laurenta- very racist.

    @Boma- chile listen! I'd be suing everybody over this lol. The bank teller, the bank, the police, my boss for firing me, The NAACP/Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson for not gettin me out...the whole world would be mine by the time all this stuff was through lol.

    There will be no lesson learned here i assure you. You can change a racist's mentality with a law suit. Hell, they only reason they even apologized is because this made the news...and it took over a year for that to even happen


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