Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Things i Learned From Bridezillas

If you follow me on twitter, you will have noticed i spent a significant amount of time watching Bridezillas yesterday night. So here are some of the things i've learned:

5) That i'm glad i frequent nail salons where the workers speak a different language because this white lady went IN about how effed up the brides feet were (they didn't look that bad to me lol). Its one thing to assume that the person is talking about you but its another thing to understand every word and know for a fact that they dissed the hell outta you!

4) If you plan on being on the show, u better slim down a little bit first. The people over at WeTV/Bridezillas got "fat jokes" for days!

3) It's never a good idea to have the bachelor/bachelorette party the night before the wedding. (I already knew that though)*

2) Not everyone needs to be in your wedding party. If you know Susie is unreliable, its probably not a good idea to make her your maid of honor. Similarly, if your cousin/sister/bestie is always trying to show you up, then she needs to have her ass in the audience (or you need to pick her dress specifically).

1) That even the most evil, ghetto, psycho, raggedy woman can find a man that is willing to marry her. (Keep Hope Alive)

*while we're on the topic of bachelor/bachelorette parties, I don't understand this notion of it being your last night of freedom. As far as im concerned, your last night of freedom was the day before you decided to enter into a committed relationship. Truth be told, you gotta have some serious trust to not have a problem with your soon-to-be having a b-party. I've heard the stories of people catching STDs and pregnancies from these "last night of freedom" get-togethers.


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  2. Great point on the last night tag, I guess it depends on the type of person.
    lol@ #1, you know what they say, Love is blind.

  3. I kinda envy you guys that are able to stick to the TV... well, maybe after this phase of study for me...

    "As far as im concerned, your last night of freedom was the day before you decided to enter into a committed relationship." Very true... I take the same stance :)

    Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate you.

    - LDP

  4. as far as i am concerned
    me and my groom should have a COMBINED bachelor/bachelorette party!! YES KE!!!!!!! :P

    itd just be a glorified excuse to party our ass away before the wedding
    any strippers will be dancing for BOTH of us
    the only girl he will be taking home will be ME
    the only person that might get pregnant will be ME

  5. Number 1 is what is always in my head when I catch up with that show. I mean, some of these women are truly nightmares walking and they have some of the most loving and dedicated men I have ever seen. It is truly unbelievable..

    As far as the B Party. I don't understand the concept of your last night of freedom either. Actually, if you have lived separately up to this point, I can understand that concept. You are now sharing a home with the person, so all walls are down. But other than that, your last night was as you said, the day before you entered the relationship.

    Good post!

  6. hahah Bridezillas is a guilty pleasure of mine too! it makes you wonder how those women ever found love.

  7. Ha! I LOVE Bridezillas! Your 5 points reminded me of that chick "Porsha" on last week's episode!

  8. @LDP- thanks alike for stopping by. I've been a lurker on ur blog for a while but never realized i hadn't hit the follow button

    @Laurenta- idk about a joint party in case i decide to do some questionable things too lol. #TeamHypocrite

    @kellz- lol, thats the chick i was watching when i got inspired to write this

  9. I need to watch that show, sounds interesting lol


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