Friday, July 29, 2011

News outta my hometown

Basically, some drunk idiot plowed into a bus after running a red light. For heaven's sake, i truly want to know what its going to take for people to stop driving like effing idiots. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

I know that intersection very well. Its huge and very busy no matter what time of day or night it is. Hofstra University and Nassau Coliseum are right there. I've seen many accidents in this little section of road. Including seeing a girl walking across the street and getting hit by an suv and go flying into the air. Im pretty positive she died (may her soul rest in peace if she did).

I also know that McDonalds the bus hit very well. That was THE hangout spot for locals, college students, visitors who may have been leaving a show or event at the Coliseum...we used to be there every weekend after clubs let out, parties got shut down, or if we were just killing time into the wee hours of the morning.

It really is a miracle from God that NOBODY was hurt. I would've at least expected the drunk driver to have been seriously injured if not worse considering how hard and fast he crashed into the side of that bus.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Love

This song is just the! I don't care how much people act like they don't like Wayne, you can't not like this song.

Personally i've been a Lil Wayne fan since 1998 when i caught my first glimpse of him in Juvenile's "Ha" video. I always knew he would blow up eventually (Lord knows he wasn't gettin any props back then). He just has too much lyrical talent for him not to make it big.

And i've always thought he was a cute lil midget. Judge me all you like lol.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Student Can't Be Valedictorian

PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AR) - A high school southeast of Little Rock would not let a black student be valedictorian though she had the highest grade-point average, and wouldn't let her mom speak to the school board about it until graduation had passed, the graduate claims in Federal Court.
     Kymberly Wimberly, 18, got only a single B in her 4 years at McGehee Secondary School, and loaded up on Honors and Advanced Placement classes. She had the highest G.P.A. and says the school's refusal to let her be sole valedictorian was part of a pattern of discrimination against black students.
     Wimberly says that despite earning the highest G.P.A. of the Class of 2011, and being informed of it by a school counselor, "school administrators and personnel treated two other white students as heir[s] apparent to the valedictorian and salutatorian spots."
     Wimberly's mother is the school's "certified media specialist." She says in the federal discrimination complaint that after her daughter had been told she would be valedictorian, the mother heard "in the copy room that same day, other school personnel expressed concern that Wimberly's status as valedictorian might cause a 'big mess.'"
     McGehee Secondary School is predominantly white, and 46 percent African-American, according to the complaint. Bratton says that the day after she heard the "big mess" comment, McGehee Principal Darrell Thompson, a defendant, told her "that he decided to name a white student as co-valedictorian," although the white student had a lower G.P.A.
     Bratton says she tried to protest the decision to the school board, but defendant Superintendent Thomas Gathen would not let her speak, because she allegedly had "filled out the wrong form. Instead of 'public comments,' Gather [sic] said Bratton should have asked for 'public participation.'" The superintendent told her she could not appeal his decision until the June 28 school board meeting; graduation was May 13.
     (The superintendent's name is spelled Gathen in the heading of the complaint, but is spelled Gather throughout the body of it.)
     The last African-American valedictorian in McGehee School District was in 1989. Wimberly says the school discourages black students from taking honors and advanced placement classes, "by telling them, among other things, that the work was too hard."
     "Because of defendants' continuous disparate treatment of African-American students, defendants' actions toward the plaintiff can properly be classed as intentional," the complaint states.
     "Defendants did not support African-American students, and did not want to see Wimberly, an African-American young mother as valedictorian.
     "But for Wimberly's race, defendants would not have selected a student with a lower G.P.A. than Wimberly to also be a valedictorian."
     She seeks punitive damages for constitutional violations, and an injunction declaring her sole valedictorian of the school's Class of 2011. She is represented by John Walker of Little Rock.


*smh that the child's name is Kymberly Wymberly! But that's beside the point. A very interesting quote someone posted in response to this article was :
We no longer live in Jim Crow, but we live in James Crowe Esquire II; A little more polished, a little more subtle, but just as disgracefu­l and dangerous as its father. 
I say amen to that!


good looking gay men with nice asses
hot naked nigerian sluts
naked marlon brando
free naija love

The above are just some of the crazy terms people put into google that directs them lil old Lady Ngo's World.

If you've never checked yours stats, i invite you to do so. You might get a good laugh at some of the stuff people are searching for that leads them to your blog lol.

Monday, July 25, 2011

you gotta spoil me baby

Good morning and happy monday for those reading this post in a timely fashion lol.

So im watching MTV TrueLife: Im A Sugar Baby and understandably shaking my head at these delusional "women". I just wanna shake them. I don't know if they are in LaLaLand or just naive or what. If you dub yourself a sugar baby, i honestly think that you need to embrace the fact that you are by default and definition a golddigger and/or prostitute. Or at the very least, accept the fact that thats how others (especially these "sugardaddies") are going to see you. That's like walking down the street wearing a cop uniform and then getting mad when someone tries to report a crime to you #DaveChapelleReference

One girl, i think her name was GG, was getting so mad that her daddy was trying to cut off her cash flow if she didn't sleep with him. I was looking at her like really chick?!? To be honest, i don't blame that man for trying to get a return on his investment. He's not stupid. He knows the only reason you are messing with him is because you want his money. And you're not fooling anybody with the "i would never do that, what kind of girl do you think I am, why would you wanna be with a girl like that? nonsense. If you wanna play a big girls game, then you need to stop fronting as if you don't know the rules.

The other girl, whose name i can't even guess at, is caught between this whole sugarbaby lifestyle and her actual relationship. First, i gotta commend the chick for even letting her bf know what was up (idk how he found out but either way she isn't hiding it) cuz im sure it'd be much worse if he just randomly found out. Anywho, the boyfriend told her during one of their "idk if we can get back together" talks that at least if she's going to do this, then she should milk the dude for everything he's willing to give her so that they (her and the bf) can start their life together in LA. LOL, she was pissed, said she felt like he was pimping her out lol. I mean, i agree but you were just pimping yourself out a second ago it really all that different?

The topper on the metaphorical cake was that there was a man on the show, looking for a sugar-mama. And as much as i despise double standards...even considering being a kept man is so unattractive! Like, really. But whatever. Anywho, the cougar he was romancing ended up losing her job and decided to relocate to California. On their last date, he tried to make her pay the bill and she politely reminded him that she didn't have a job and he had to pay. (#fail) I laughed my entire ass still gluing it back together!

At the show's conclusion, both women decided that this whole sugarbaby/sugardaddy life wasn't for them and are trying to be more independent.

What is you guy's take on this sugardaddy/sugarbaby situation? Is it all in good fun? Should a sugarbaby be offended if her sugardaddy asks for some boo-lovin in return for the thousands of dollars/millions of naira he dishes out? Would you ever play the sugarbaby/sugardaddy/sugarmommy role?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Damn fraudsters

I don't know why, but all of a sudden i've been getting hit with a barrage of fraud emails. Its been a while since i've gotten these (excluding uk lottery and other just send me your info emails) so im wondering if i have somehow done something that has caused this.

Anywho, i got one email from a "Agnes Ahaiwe" begging for one thing or another- i didn't even really read it. But since it was an email i hadn't seen before i just did a quick search on the name to see how popular this particular email was lol. Im inquisitive like that.

Receiving that had me thinking about the first time i ever got hit with one of these types of emails. It was in Fall of 2005 when i had just started college. Strangelly enough, it was around the same time that we were discussing "phishing emails" and scams in my english comp class. The funny thing about it was that 2 of the first emails that I ever got were allegedly from relatives of mine. One was from someone using the name of one of  my cousins who was a banker and the other was from someone using the identity of my (at the time) recently deceased uncle who happened to be a pretty well known lawyer in the community. Hot-muthaeffing-mess! Talk about irony. Here i am getting fake emails from people impersonating my actual relatives lol. Part of me wanted to write back and curse them out (i don't want people associating my family name with 419) but another part of me was truly amused. So i just let it go.

Sidenote: today is the last day of my internship :) HELLOOOOOO Freedom for the rest of the summer (well for the next 30 days)!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"It's not rape if a condom was used"

A teacher reported a rape to local authorities, only to be told that it was not truly rape since a condom was used.
The 26 year-old teacher Zhou Qin, told that she was pressured by the school's principal to go drinking during the afternoon of May 17, with a group of eight local government officials, wrote CNN.
After becoming heavily intoxicated, the young woman was to be driven home by the chief of the local Bureau of Land and Resources, Wang Zhonggui.
Instead of driving her home, he reportedly took her to his office and sexually assaulted her, wrote the Ministry of Tofu translating from Qianzhong Morning Post.

Shrugged off

The next day, Zhou went to the police station to report the assault. She spoke withZhong Xiancong, a deputy instructor at the Ashi Township Police Station in the city of Bijie.
Zhong reportedly told her that it is "not a rape if Wang wore a condom" and discouraged her from pursuing the allegation, according to CNN.
China Digital Times added that Zhong had also told Zhou: “This is all something you did to yourself, and you don’t want to make it public now. Think of your reputation. I will keep it secret for you”.
Zhou confirmed that he told her that condom use would make it difficult to prove the rape and also encouraged her to settle the matter privately. Coincidentally, Zhong was also one of the officials present at the drinking event on May 17.

The news spreads

The investigation uncovered items indicating sexual acts between the accused and Zhou, such as a used condom. However, authorities decided not to proceed further due to ”lack of evidence” proving rape, according to Global Times.
The case may have not been pursued at all, but Zhou was interviewed by Chongqing Evening News which then publicised her claims and this information went viral outraging readers, stated CNN.
According to CNN, the police finally responded due to the news spreading, within a couple days ”search terms related to the story had been blocked on Chinese sites” and the accused was in custody.
China Daily said that Zhong Xiancong has been suspended due to drinking on duty, according to a written statement issued Wednesday by authorities.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old friends and Old loves

The Old Friend
Recently, i bumped into this former friend of mine. Now me and this dude had a major falling out some time ago. Like serious falling out, to the point where if this falling out had happened in person rather than over the phone, i'd be in jail right now. I spent the whole day so mad that i literally was shaking and punching my wall (very light-handedly though be cause i wasn't trying to leave holes in the wall and lose my security deposit!). 
So anyway, i bumped into this guy at a party. He saw me before i saw him. I had every intention of walking past without a word but old dude approached me with arms wide open trying to hug me. Instinctively, I backed up. And he was looking at me like whats the problem. I sarcastically replied oh, i thought u don't eff with me anymore and was about to walk away when he said, please, you're still thinking about that? I don't hold grudges, now come give me a hug!"
Now, im not one to hold a grudge for too long either and to be quite frank, im not even mad about the whole falling out that we had. BUT that doesn't negate the fact that 1) it happened 2) he was at fault and 3) he had not apologized. We made small talk for the minute or two that he had my attention and i moved on to where my friends were posted up. At the end of the night when i was leaving a chucked my deuces and kept it moving. 
Like i said, i don't hold grudges. But if you wrong me, lose my trust, or generally cause me to dislike you, that ish (for the most part) isn't just going to magically go away because you have decided that you want my friendship/love/respect/etc regardless of the fact that the situation hasn't been rectified. Which leads me to...

The Old Love
If you're not familiar with the saga of me and Red, you should skim through Unrequited Love. I promise you it will be very easy to pick out the parts that are about Red if you don't feel like reading the whole post no judgement.

Just the other day i was at home talking to my mom and she showed me the program from my niece's Pre-K graduation (my baby is growing up so fast *tear*). She mentioned that my god-daughter (who is also growing up way too fast) is in the same class as my niece. So i'm perusing through the program and i see a very familiar name-to which i let out a very audible sigh. My mom asked me what was wrong. And i told her nothing, just that i saw a name i recognized. Of course, these are 5 year olds so she wondering who in the world i could possibly know lol.
For the sake of argument, lets say Red's real name is Rodney Edgar Donaldson. The name i saw in the program was Edgar Donaldson. So i shared this with mommy dearest and at first she was like:
then she was like:
then she was like:

and she said "that dude is someone's father???" To which i replied "yes mommy, he has several children if all the gossip i've been told over the years is true." And of course she then shook her head and went into a mini-mommy rant about people havin kids and dodging bullets and whatever else lol

But it definitely made me think a bit about the craziness that once was Red and LadyNgo and what may have happened if life never got in the way. I wouldn't say i was waxing sentimental or anything but just thinking about the possibilities and how different life may have been. Im sure that i never would have left NY, or at the very least i wouldn't have gone far. Im pretty sure i'd have a least 1 or 2 kids by now (which would also translate into being married because there's no way i would've just played house lol). So many crazy thoughts running through my head.

Anywho, life happened and none of that came to pass. No love lost, it is what it is. I haven't talked to Red in a really long time. And even though we definitely had our downs and ups, i wish him and his nothing but good things and God's favor cuz at the end of the day he was a good guy. So i speak it to the universe: (even though im positive i could have the message passed directly to him by one friend or relative or another lol) Red, where ever you are and whatever you are doing, i wish you love, peace, and nappyness happiness!

Me and Red and our limo-mates getting ready to leave for prom

Me and Red, and my bestie and her boo (and the parents of my god-daughter) at our senior prom

Giving Bad Advice

I hate how i get sucked into movies/tv sometimes.

Some years back, i was watching one nollywood/ghanaian film called Love Is Wicked (a very good movie actually) with Van Vicker, Stephanie Okereke, and Nadia Buari. The main gist of the story (yes spoiler alert of you actually plan on going and watching it) was Ifeoma (Okereke) meets this guy (Vicker) who is pretending to be in love with her. During the beginning of the story, the two go out on a date, have a good time, and go back to Ifeoma's place for a night cap. The whole time i was rooting for the guy (probably because he is a fine boy lol). At one point she is thinking to herself should she do it or shouldn't she and i was practically yelling at the screen "YES GIRL OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!" lol.
Eventually, she ends up pregnant by the guy and he pretends to be cool with it but then leaves her a "dear john letter" stating that he had a wife and son back where he is from, at which point i almost cried lol. I felt like i had ruined this girl's life for like a good 15 minutes before i had to pull myself together since it was only a movie.

That feeling of awfulness/guilt, dear friends, is just one of the reasons why i don't give people advice :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Things i Learned From Bridezillas

If you follow me on twitter, you will have noticed i spent a significant amount of time watching Bridezillas yesterday night. So here are some of the things i've learned:

5) That i'm glad i frequent nail salons where the workers speak a different language because this white lady went IN about how effed up the brides feet were (they didn't look that bad to me lol). Its one thing to assume that the person is talking about you but its another thing to understand every word and know for a fact that they dissed the hell outta you!

4) If you plan on being on the show, u better slim down a little bit first. The people over at WeTV/Bridezillas got "fat jokes" for days!

3) It's never a good idea to have the bachelor/bachelorette party the night before the wedding. (I already knew that though)*

2) Not everyone needs to be in your wedding party. If you know Susie is unreliable, its probably not a good idea to make her your maid of honor. Similarly, if your cousin/sister/bestie is always trying to show you up, then she needs to have her ass in the audience (or you need to pick her dress specifically).

1) That even the most evil, ghetto, psycho, raggedy woman can find a man that is willing to marry her. (Keep Hope Alive)

*while we're on the topic of bachelor/bachelorette parties, I don't understand this notion of it being your last night of freedom. As far as im concerned, your last night of freedom was the day before you decided to enter into a committed relationship. Truth be told, you gotta have some serious trust to not have a problem with your soon-to-be having a b-party. I've heard the stories of people catching STDs and pregnancies from these "last night of freedom" get-togethers.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ex-cop had son, cohort kill girlfriend in River Forest

Updated: July 14, 2011 11:53PM

A former North Chicago cop conspired with his son and another man to kill his girlfriend in a River Forest parking lot Monday night, police officials said Thursday.
Devin A. Bickham, 39, of 12849 Division, Blue Island; his son, also named Devin Bickham, 20, of the same address in Blue Island; and Cardell Taylor, 35, of 9400 block of South Lowe, Chicago, were charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 29-year-old Chervon Alexander of Chicago. A bond hearing was scheduled for Friday morning.
“This was a cold, calculating act,” River Forest Sgt. Mike Thornley said.
Both the younger Bickham and Taylor confessed to a plot to kill Alexander, who reportedly was pressuring the older Bickham to divorce his estranged wife and marry her instead, police said.
“Apparently, (the older Bickham) decided she was in the way,” River Forest Deputy Chief Craig Rutz said. “He wanted her out of his life.”
The older Devin Bickham is a former North Chicago police officer and co-founder of the Chi-City Blitz, a semi-pro football team that plays in the Great Midwest Football League on the South Side.
River Forest police sources said the older Bickham drove Alexander, of the 1300 block of North Mayfield, to a parking lot near Division Street and Harlem Avenue in River Forest about 10 p.m. Monday, telling her it was so they could talk.
While there, a car driven by Bickham’s son pulled up and Taylor got out, walked over to Alexander and shot her three times ­— in the head, chest and shoulder, police said.
Police said the elder Bickham was the first person to call 911 after the shooting, reportedly to cover his involvement.
When police arrived at the scene a witness said a woman had been shot by a man who fled eastbound on Division in a gray vehicle. The car was spotted minutes later by Forest Park police and pulled over.
The men inside — the younger Bickham and Taylor — were taken into custody, and a .380-caliber handgun was recovered, police said.
Court records show the older Bickham, who until recently delivered furniture with a leased 26-foot cargo truck, was under heavy financial pressure in the months prior to the murder of Alexander.
Three days before Alexander was killed, Bickham’s company, Bick Express, Inc., which he incorporated in February 2007, was involuntarily dissolved by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.
He filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy for the second time in a year on March 17. Bickham’s first filing was dismissed on March 15, after he reportedly failed to make required payments of $1,600 per month.
In the March 17 filing, which was approved June 27. He listed liabilities totaling $76,544, including $6,666 owed the IRS and $36,292 in unsecured debt. He declared personal property consisting of the two cars, valued at $31,100, on which he owes $33,580.
He listed current monthly income of $2,714, with no cash on hand, $10 in two checking accounts and an expected $1,058 refund on 2010 income taxes.
He refers to his “ex-wife” and his marital status as “separated.” She is listed as both a creditor and co-debtor in bankruptcy documents.
Bickham is also a defendant in a five year court case regarding ownership of a house on the 8000 block of South Sacramento in Chicago. In his bankruptcy filings, Bickham says of the property, “Title was transferred in loan modification scam.”
The North Chicago police department said the older Bickham worked for the department more than a decade ago, and only for a short time.

its spreading

So i'm going to go out and buy myself a nice chastity belt because the preggers is my friendship circles. I now know 5 people that are pregnant...all of them due within a month of each other starting next month. And people are still insisting that i am next or somewhere in the near future... to which i reply:

HAYLE thank you. Not right now, not anytime soon. Please give me a moment to stop being a broke ass grad student who lives with her parents and is unwed before i get hit with the preggo sauce (that sounded kinda nasty).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i love chocolate

I have a serious sweet tooth for chocolate. Valentine's Day (regardless of whether or not i have a valentine) is my favorite holiday because i have an excuse to pig out on chocolate!

But today we are not talking about that kind of chocolate. We're talking about THIS kind of chocolate:
The very sexy Reggie Bush...though he's not as sexy since hes been with KimK :(
Tyrese can come and sing to me any day

Blair Underwood (my mom thinks he looks like a wife-beater lol)

Don Cheadle ( i think i like him because of the role he played in Hotel Rwanda)
Djimon Hounsou...he just keeps getting sexier and sexier no matter how old he gets

Larenz Tate 
Idris Elba has the sexiest accent ever
Dwyane Wade...Gabby Union can have him though

Tyson Beckford...i don't feel like i need to explain lol

Morris Chestnut...sigh.

Honorable Mention: White Chocolate (#NoRacist):
Jon B: The ORIGINAL White Chocolate. What ever happened to him?

IDK how many of ya'll are familiar with Remy Shand

Robin Thicke...its so had to believe that this is Alan Thicke's child lol

Yeah, im just bored lol

Chase Bank Has Man Jailed Over Check They Issued Him

Last June, 28-year-old Ikenna Njoku of Auburn, Washington was reportedly imprisoned for four days after trying to cash a Chase check the bank itself had issued to him.
Mr. Njoku, who at the time claims he had become a new homeowner, qualified for the first-time home buyer rebate on his tax return, for a total of $8,463.21 after overdraft fees, reports King 5 Seattle.
When Chase mailed him the check, he says that he sought to cash it as quickly as possible. But when he arrived at the Chase bank, the banker allegedly thought the check, and his claim that he owned a home, were fraudulent.
"I was embarrassed," Njoku told King 5. "She asked me what I did for a living. Asked me where I got the check from, looked me up and down -- like 'you just bought a house in Auburn, really?' She didn't believe that."
According to Mr. Njoku, he left the bank and was told by customer service that he should come back the next morning. When he did, the bank had phoned the police, who subsequently arrested him for forgery.
Njoku remained in jail for four days. When the bank realized it had made a mistake, they left a voicemail message with the detective handling the case, but unfortunately for Mr. Njoku, it was the detective's day off. No further attempts were made by the bank to correct the error, the local police department confirmed to King 5.
The check that had landed him in prison was reportedly seized as evidence and he lost his job for failing to show up while in prison.
"They [Chase] haven't even sent me a letter or apologized," he said. "It's been a year we've been trying to contact these guys." He has since hired an attorney.
Mr. Njoku is not the first individual who has been imprisoned for what has arguably been a bank's mistake. In June of this year, KCAL 9 reported that Laguna Beach resident Stephen McDow had been arrested for spending $60,000 of a $110,000 tax refund that Citibank had mistakenly deposited in his account.

**Chase has since issued a half-assed apology to Mr. Njoku and "assured" the public that they are working to change their policies and procedures so a fuck up mix-up like this doesn't happen again. Whatever!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Lies That We Were Told

In elementary school, you learn about the wonderful president Abraham Lincoln. He was an abolitionist, and he freed the slaves. He was so convicted, that he even started the Civil War to end slavery.

In middle school, you learn that Abraham Lincoln's goal was to preserve the union...and also to free the slaves.

In high school you learn that Abraham Lincoln's primary goal was to keep the south from seceding/preserve the union. Slavery was just a loose end.

In college you learn that Abraham Lincoln didn't give a good gah'damn about your black ass. If he could keep slavery going and still appease the north and the south, he would've done it and you would likely still be pickin cotton on Massa's plantation to this very day. Lincoln's stance on slavery, the civil war, and the preservation of the Union were (as stated by Lincoln himself):
"If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that."
Not only that, but you learn the Emancipation Proclamation didn't free all the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in the states that rebelled against the Union. There were several states that had slaves that did not secede from the Union. Because they were loyal to the Union, Lincoln did not take their slaves away so that he could keep their loyalty during the war. In addition, freed blacks were now "allowed" to fight for the Union (which was already in desperate need of manpower). Hmph! If you want to get really technical, the Emancipation Proclamation didn't free anyone as i'm sure the southern states that seceded didn't give a flying fig about laws passed by a country that they didn't consider themselves part of anymore.

And now there are certain states trying to re-write history. For example, Texas try to change the verbage of their history textbooks to call the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to the "Atlantic Triangular Trade" (as in to apply that we were all just one big happy trading family and downplay the fact that millions of Africans were forcibly snatched from the continent, a good number of whom were thrown off of slaves ships during the journey). SMH. I wouldn't be surprised if in 50 years children don't even know that slavery happened. America....

The lies that we were told!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vids and Pics from Nigerian Reunion

Uploaded most of my pics and videos from reunion weekend. Follow the links and enjoy :)

For more pics from the weekend taken by the Pros visit (you may have to login to fb before you are able to see the pics for link 2 and 3):

*you will see me a few times in the above albums. now i regret not making myself look like something lol*

"Damn, scary!"

WARNING: You might want to turn the volume down a bit.

Personally i can't stand deer. But this one want haaaaaaaaaaaam on that poor dog. The dog didn't even do anything. SMH. "Damn Nature, u scary!"

That cat was a thug though. Just walk up to that big ass deer and slap it in the face like that. (i can't stand cats either)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music Post- Hiplife

WARNING: Lazy post ahead

My top 10 Ghanaian joints (in no particular order). Enjoy!

Aha Ye De -Nana Boroo

Bue Bue- Screwface feat. Castro

African Girls- Castro Destroyer feat. Baby Jet

Otoolege (remix)- Ofori Amponsah

The beat is sick!

Aso- Kwabena Kwabena

E Dey Be- MzBel

The babe can't dance and her voice and Castro's falsetto are annoying but i love the song anyway

Oluman Boogie- FBS feat. Tinny

I like the other version of the video better :(

African Money- Sidney

Africa money eh, Oga dey chop am oh
Poor man dey work, rich dey enjoy, I say how we reach o, the gap between
Accountant dey chop, Bank manager dey chop, Director dey chop, Even pastors dey, chop chop, chop

We no go sit down make them trick us everyday. Everyday for thief, one day for shef 

Swagger- Ruff-n-Smooth

Whenever i hear the song i have to change "she dey come from Ghana" to "she dey come from Naija" lol

Ahomka Womu -V.I.P.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sugabelly's Language Challenge *deep sigh*

LadyNgo speaking Igbo by LadyNgo

Aaaaaaaaawwwwww man, i feel like im gonna throw up lol. I had to overcome two major humps to bring this clip to you guys. The first was my embarrassment at my inability to speak Igbo (especially after hearing all the other clips from everyone else doing the language challenge) and the second was getting over the fact that i really don't like the sound of my voice. Truth be told, i've somewhat given up on learning to speak Igbo and rather focus on trying to understand it. But since i've already announced that i would take part in this challenge, i've decided to be a team player so here goes:

Spanish Translation:
I wish Spanish was a Nigerian language because Spanish is the only language, other than English, that i have the ability to speak well. Learning to speak Igbo is more difficult than learning to speak Spanish was.

Igbo Translation:
*kwuo ya ntakiri ntakiri na kwuo ya ozo = speak slowly and say it again

Whats up! My name is Lady Ngo. My dad is Delta Igbo but I am American. So, I don't understand Igbo and I speak very little Igbo. 

Please, be nice in the comments lol. I tried. I'm still a work in progress!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My weekend surrounded by Nigerians

As most of you know, I spent 4th of July weekend at the 15th Annual Nigerian Reunion hosted by NRC in Orlando, Fl. There were good times, bad times, and drama-filled times. If i were to give you all the gist, you would literally be reading this for days. I spent at least 6 full hours on the phone this weekend hashing out issues and just letting off steam. But i also had some fun too. So let me share:

The Good:

  • I got to see a lot of ppl i don't see very often since i've moved away from Tampa.
  • There was quite a bit of eye candy there (including this one fine boi Dipo from lol) which is always good.
  • The Fela performance was pretty good. I missed the beginning part because i honestly didn't know it had started. But what i did see was nice. Some of those guy dancers...yummy.
  • The Comedy show was hilarious. Seyi Brown is still the best host ever (even though i can kick myself for not snappin a pic with him this year)! Helen Paul and Wamilele had me rollin! Yvonne Orji did her thing as well. 
  • Got to meet Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. The woman is gorgeous and FULLY ENDOWED o! I had no idea it was like that lol.
  • I walked away with two bags of swag, including a reunion t-shirt that they claimed they weren't giving away this year...well i got one! Gbam!
  • Met some cool new people and people that i've just been fb friends with for forever.
  • Since the event was local (for me), a lot of my personal people hosted and performed- which was nice to see.

The Bad:

  • All the events were on serious African Time/CP Time. (it is my firm belief that if nothing else, all people of african descent are linked by our inability to be on time when we are attending and/or putting together events, smh)
  • Banky W, eLDee, MI, Wizkid, and Basketmouth were supposed to be there but they weren't. I don't know what happened to Banky W, Eldee or Basketmouth, But supposedly WizKid couldn't get into the country (LMAO) and MI had another commitment (and posted an apology vid on youtube) which i can understand but i still call bulls#it on because they didn't make the announcement until the day b4 the event. There were people there that didn't even know he wasn't coming.
  • The female to male ratio was ridiculous. I mean, i wasn't trying to catch anyone's eye but damn if there wasn't like 4 females for every male- not taking into account the people who "brought sand to the beach"
  • The party the first night was garbage! Which led to me not being interested in going to any of the other parties- only to find out the 2nd party was amazing :(
  • My hotel situation was so ridiculous. From trying to cram 8 people in a room that realistically only fits 2-4 people. A whole bunch of us not knowing each other. Being attacked by roaches. People leaving the room and trying to take off their portion of the payment. 5 good hours of run-around between myself and the hotel staff- with them literally checking us out and checking other ppl into our room, deactivating our keys, calling every 5 minutes while i was trying to take a got so bad that i said "eff this" and went to my parents house and commuted for the rest of the weekend.

The "SMDH" Moments

  • The first thing i did when i arrived on sunday for the Night of 1001 Laughs and Nigerian Image Awards was lock my freakin car keys in the car. So i had to call AAA. Thankfully they only took about 15 minutes to get to me and the man brought me a bottle of water (nice guy). When he opened my door, i couldn't find my keys but i found my spare. But for whatever reason, the spare only turns the car on, it can't open the door. As i was sitting there contemplating what i should do (since i didn't want to leave my door unlocked all night), I ended up finding my keys in my purse. Sigh. Wasted a good hour out in the heat AND  a call to AAA.
  • The weaves i saw this weekend were unbelievable. There were some good ones, but the bad ones were just....smdh! From those who clearly don't know how to blend, to those whose tracks were showing, and those with jet black silky smooth weave and dark brown nappy roots.
  • Some of the outfits! Some people were not dressed to impress at all. (some people were trying too hard to impress too but what can u say...for some the entire weekend is about toasting and being toasted.) The Big girls...seriously disappointed me. Is it by force? Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it! And do not, i repeat DO NOT try and keep up with your slim friends because more times than not they will allow you to go out looking like a fool to make themselves look better by comparison. The slim girls too...i think some people think because they don't weigh 200lbs that they can wear anything and look good. That is soooooo not the case.
  • The guys are not above criticism either. As always, there was quite a bit of toasting going on but some people were going overboard. One guy with his "will clean,cook, work, for sex" t-shirt. Others sneaking and taking pics of random ikebe that crossed their path. 

At the end of the day, i had an okay time. Can't let the foolishness ruin my good time. You can check out (and a few other places though i don't have the sites on-hand right now) for pics from the weekend. So far i've only seen pics from the first night- but i did see my face several times in there lol. My own pics and videos are coming soon. I am still in the editing process but as soon as i get them together i'll post a link to the pics/vids

Sidenote: my Igbo post will be coming in the next 24 hours or so. I need to get up my courage lol.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming soon...

As i type, im currently preparing for the final event of the Nigerian Reunion...I will be back with full gist of the weekend by Wednesday or so. I'll also be participating in Sugabelly's language challenge so that you people can laugh hysterically at my awful Igbo skills (or lack thereof). Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend and happy new month (is it really July already?)

And of course, happy independence day to the Americans out there :)