Thursday, June 30, 2011

Words of wisdom

I don't know how many of you are fans of Tyler Perry...*cricket cricket*..yeah, i'm not either! LOL. He was great at first...all the original "Madea" stage plays were to die for. Diary of a Mad Black Woman, I Can Do Bad By Myself, Madea's Family Reunion, Madea's Class Reunion, Why Did I Get Married.

But then he decided he could make movies...BIG MISTAKE! The movies ended up being all the plays mixed into one (more like 1 million) movies. Same story line and plot, different title. And have you ever noticed that Tyler Perry sucks at acting when he's not in drag playing Madea? Really bad.

*okay okay, the movies aren't THAT bad. But i wouldn't suggest watching the movies and the plays because you'll just end up pissed off. Watch one or the other.

And then it got even worse with the TV Shows. House of Payne...Meet The Browns...very painful to watch and I pray you all never fall victim. SMH

But going back to those original plays. What i loved about them (aside from Madea being funny as hell and my subsequent aspirations to be the Madea of my family when i get to be about 60 70- God willing) was that there were always these random pearls of wisdom.

Here are some of my fave clips (sorry i couldn't embed them and my apologies to those with slow internet connections that may not be able to view them)

Madea's advice on being in an abusive relationship
Madea's opinion on validating your child
Relationship (romantic and non) advice
This one is just funny but raises an interesting point in raising your child and generation gaps

Take-away point of the day: Learn to love yourself! (And listen to your elders)


  1. I`m a huge Tyler fan,sad but i have to concur with you. Same everything but different Movie. I don`t mind though,as for the series, i can watch meet the Browns and House of Payne all day everyday and never get bored, lol @ when she was speaking Chinese "Pyatloutuyafet"-----> put some lotion on your . Although she is known for her craziness,1 advice that still rings a bell is the on she gave concerning relationships, "YOU CAN`T CHANGE ANYBODY,ITS A WASTE OF TIME" very true...I`m so in that Madea mood..going back to watching. ;-)

  2. lol..I'm a Tyler perry fan too, i luv Diary of a Mad Black Woman, I Can Do Bad By Myself, Madea's Family Reunion, Why Did I Get Married and I love 'for coloured girls...i quite understand your point of view though and I love her advice on abusive relationship..coincidentally i was still talking about it to a friend of mine yesterday...

    You have aspirations to be a Madea of your family when u are about 60 70? now that's a big

  3. Have you seen Southpark's Tyler Perry edition? Now that was hilarious. 'sop giving him money lol.
    'Diary of a Mad black woman' and 'Why did I get married' (1) are still my all time favourites. Saw Meet the Browns over the weekend and it was soo bleurghh, Nollywood at its

  4. I love Tyler Perry. Diary of a mad black woman just did it for me.

  5. buhahahahah! I dint play it, Im at work but I laughed at ur Tyler Perry's disses. LoL--beht he wasnt such a bad actor in Why did I get married naw?? Tru tho, his movies can have same story lines sha! LoL--poor guy, e nor get more ideas naw. LoL but I looooved both why did I get married, I can watch them over and over again, honestly I think Tasha smith is the reason! LoooL

  6. Now I'll picture a gun-wielding Madea when I read your posts hahaha...

    Please consider getting rid of this word verification thing for the sake of those of us who love dropping you a line but sometimes have trouble with it.

  7. I'm a loyal Typer Perry fan.I love his scripts and plays and LadyNgo the man can act whether he's Madea or any other character.

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