Friday, June 17, 2011

Why do people lie?

I don't understand why people feel the need to lie. I don't mean little white lies. Like, if you come up to me looking like this...

...and ask me if i like your hairdo, of course to spare your feelings i may lie and say "yeah, its ok" But what really bothers me are people who feel the need to tell huge lies for absolutely no reason at all. 

During my teen years i had this friend that used to lie about EVERYTHING. It was so crazy. Everyone always knew she was lying too (but of course very rarely did anyone call her on it). She lied about what her middle name was. She lied about where she was born. She lied about her ethnicity. It was just crazy because they were all unprovoked lies. I couldn't care less whether your middle name was 'helen' or 'honey-baked ham'. It makes no difference to me whether you were born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, or Southside Jamaica, Queens. Honestly, of what importance is that in my life or our friendship?

Now that i think of it, I had quite a few compulsive liar friends in my younger years. I remember one kid lied about how to pronounce his name. His name was *Steven but he told us it was pronounced *Stephàn. And we went on thinking this was the correct pronunciation until he got into a fight with his childhood friend and the friend started airing all the guys "dirty laundry" SMH. Idk if he thought changing the pronunciation of his name was going to somehow make him more appealing or exotic or what.

Then i had a friend who told the most overtold lie in the world- my daddy is rich. To his credit, we were pre-teens at the time so maybe his concept of "rich" was skewed. But despite that, he still managed to bring out some crazy concocted story about his father's wealth. Basically what happened was, he and his family had just moved in to a very nice house a town or two away. Since me and him had been so close since we were toddlers its natural that i had been invited over numerous times. Prior to the purchase of this huge house, he and his family lived in his grandmama's basement. Hmmm. So of course knowing this info i was skeptical about the "wealth" he proclaimed to have. When I asked if he had so much money why did he live with his granny before, he answered well we are so rich that we didn't know what to do with the money!
You know good and damn well that that lie didn't even make any freakin sense...even at that young age. But i just shrugged it off and kept it moving. Like i said, none of these lies are about things that will change my view of you so idk why people insist on telling them.

Oh man, before i go... the other kind of lies I hate, are the ones that people tell you when they know that you already know the truth. Seriously, what the hell?!? How are you going to lie to me about something that I already know the truth about? And then, they have the nerve to give you an attitude when you call them out on their bs. Seriously...
You knew what you were saying was bull before you even said it, so how are you going to get mad at me because i called you on it?

If you're gonna lie, at least make it worthwhile.

*names changed to protect the not-so-innocent

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. LMAO @Stephan.No be only Stephan,na Steevo! Some people make lying boring actually,while some people are so good at the game that when they lie and you find out,you have the urge to clap.Meanwhile,lying is bad regardless!

  2. Some people are pathological liars. To them, lying is as natural as breathing. Ask them the colour of the sky, they say green. Just because.

  3. lol... funny.
    For real though, i hate the last category of liars because it's like they are insulting your intelligence and testing your memory at the same time.
    Watch out for lying friends though, they tend to be massive gossips who can't keep their gob shut and for the sake of covering their backs they can drop you in big trouble.

  4. I also wonder about people who derive so much pleasure form lieing... A lie is a lie, let's not decieve ourselves wth this "white lie" of a thing...nice one, weldone!

  5. Loool. It is one of the things that makes the world interesting

  6. The disclaimer about the changed names got me rolling. I also wonder why people lie, especially adults. Children are still making sense of the world and their self/ego, but in your twenties and thirties, why?

  7. I couldn't help laughing, SOME people lie to cover their insecurities, or inferiority complex.. like you said there are WHITE lies, but ADETEJU said LIE IS Lie NO MATTER THE COLOUR!.. hahahaha.

  8. names changed to protect the not-so-innocent? lol...

    I guess for some people telling lies has almost become innate...they just can't help themselves, even when they know that it's obvious they are telling lies.

    None of us is completely innocent of telling fibs once in a while, but when it becomes a daily/consistent act, then the person needs prayers.

  9. lol@ Stephan. I saw so many of these kinda liars in high school and Uni. Changed names, fake addresses, fake holidays in France. Sadly we swallowed the lies and got a bit jealous even lol.

  10. Some people are pathological liar. telling lie is in their blood. They don't really know that they it is bad to tell lies. They believe it is a normal thing.

  11. hmm..i think some people are people pleasers and they just say everything positive, even if it is a that gets under my skin...cause i'm looking at them like...WHY U Lying?

  12. I've thought about this oh! I suppose people lie to shape other people's opinions of them. It's unnecessary and such a hassle.



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