Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Fever + other gist

I don't know why i have wedding fever all of a sudden. I've been all over google, youtube, the blogs, etc looking at wedding pictures and reading wedding stories and watching video clips from people's ceremonies. I've blogged about my wedding obsession before here, but I don't know what it is now. Possibly that so many people around me are getting married. In 2011 alone i've had like 5 cousins get married and/or have babies (all in Naija and the UK so i've missed out on all of it). Not to speak of all the friends that have been getting married/engaged in that past couple of months. It seems like everyday i'm hearing about someone else who is planning their wedding.

Now, im in no rush to get married. I still have quite a few things on my pre-married life bucket list that i've yet to accomplish. Really, i don't even think my obsession has anything to do with being married at all. Really, i think I just want to have a big party lol. Or maybe im just anxious to go to a wedding again. Funny enough I was just conversing with the God recently (cuz we're cool like that lol) about how i want to go to a wedding. And the first thing i saw when i logged onto facebook this morning was an invitation to a wedding from my SO. Mind you i don't even know the couple (i met the guy once) and the wedding is in Kaduna. So i asked was this his backward way of saying he was sending me a plane ticket lol. No such luck.  And it's the church wedding, honestly i'm not in the mood for that. I wanna go to an Igba Nkwu (or maybe a Yoruba ceremony- never been to one of those before). I guess next time i need to be a bit more specific in my convos. The wedding needs to be one i can actually attend lol.

I don't know how many of you saw the friendly match between Nigeria and Argentina yesterday but boy did those final minutes have me pissed. I only tuned in for the last 20 minutes or so because I was at work when it was on. Nigeria won 4-1. I honestly don't even count that goal by Argentina but it was rooted in pure fuckery (pardon my french)!!! So at 90 minutes, the ref added 5 minutes to the game. Mind you at this time the score is 4-0 (talk about a blow out!) After the 5 minutes are up, the ref commences to pull an additional 3 and a half minutes (even the commentators were talking about how stupid it was) and a penalty kick for Argentina out of his ass. And thats how Argentina scored its only goal of the game. Like i said, complete fuckery! You mad, ref??? Nigeria smoked Argentina so you had to come up with a bs excuse to give Argentina a chance to score?!? Nonsense.

We all know gas prices are out of flippin control these days. So imagine my surprise when i was driving down the street and saw gas for $3.35! And then, i go about half a mile further down the road and see gas for $2.69! (O_o) I almost had a car accident. But i gotta believe that there is something wrong with either the sign or the gas because we haven't seen gas prices that low in quite some time.


  1. Hahahaha Biko stay away from the @2.69 gas, you might have to do something a little strange for gas at that price. I was excited to see gas at $4.09 (NY). It was very close to $5.

  2. Just like every fever, it would blow off.

    We won? yay! {am not a football fan}

    Here in 9ja, 4litres of kerosene is now N1,600:00!

  3. @Anon- yeah i didn't even stop to find out what was up with that cheap gas. I feel your pain. I moved from NY about 5 years ago, right before the gas prices got really crazy lol.

    @Ibhade- N1600 for 4 litres is serious business. wow. i do not envy u guys at all.

  4. iv been obsessed with weddings too lately!

  5. I guess the wedding frenzy is just the time, and you probably see you and your SO long term. :)

    I heard the final scores but did not watch the Nigerian match. SO that was what happened? Hmmmf!

    As for gas, no comment.

  6. I'm still yet to be bitten by the wedding fever. My attitude towards the whole thing seems to be when i reach that bridge i'll figure out how to cross it. *shrugs*

    About the match, it seems most people feel the same way you do

  7. If the wedding dey do you like that,i go invite you come my own,also without a plane ticket of course...hehehehehehe.Don't mind me jare,me sef i found myself enjoying weddings these days and even looking at the pix,a lil gurlie right?

  8. @Sisi Yemmie: I think its just that time of year lol

    @Myne: im just obssesed with the fun of the ceremony not the reality of marriage *that is my story and im sticking to it lol*

    @Mimi B: Me and wedding fever have had an almost 20 year love affair lol. I feel bad for my future spouse if he actually wants to have input lol

    @9ja-Great: I can't get a plane ticket? Cheapskate! lol. And theres nothing wrong with you enjoyin the weddings nau. Its good to come to the table with your ideas for the wedding (unless ur marrying me as i've already since planned the whole thing- no negotiations allowed lol)

  9. lol@ the Tom Shell picture. hahahahha.
    anyways... on wedding fever, I guess your mind is trying to tell you something :D

  10. I wanna get married!

  11. lol interesting read! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

    My housemate has inflicted me with wedding fever also, I find myself sighing and yearning for an epic love/romance that will lead to my dream wedding lol


  12. The killjoy says....Pray for an epic marriage not an epic wedding :)

  13. @9jafOOdie- then someone needs to come and tell my mind to simmer down lol

    @Nigerianondadl- maybe you will one day

    @ShayShay- no problem :) thanks for also stopping by

    @Naijamum- but of course (but epic wedding would be nice to have as well lol)

  14. Loads of people i know are getting married too oh- but it's funny, i really don't envy them cause it's so far down my priority list now sha. Lol on the gas. I heard the game was fixed :s


  15. Haaa, didn't know the Eagles played Argentina. Good to know, I guess lol. I gave up on them a while ago, support when I need to which is usually the AFCON & WC lol

  16. Ah wedding season - you get a fever and an empty wallet at the same time. The cost of weddings to people not getting married is no joke. By the time you've paid for aso ebi, bridal shower contributions, wedding gifts, travel costs and other run arounds come wedding day you'll be short tempered and broke.


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