Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've talked about twitter a few times here (feel free to crank that search feature if you want to find the posts because i honestly don't remember where i was talking about it, i just know i have). Some people use it for professional reasons, some for marketing, some for entertainment...

But there are some people that use it for low-key pr0n (thats porn for those who aren't hip lol). I've just recently discovered the twitter world of #TwitterAfterDark and #TittyTuesday (among others). All I can say is some people have no shame whatsoever. To summarize- they both are exactly what they sound like: Twitter After Dark is where "freaks come out at night" with their XXX-rated tweets and Titty Tuesday is where people share pics of their (or their favorite) bewbs.

Honestly, i can look past all of that activity but what i can't understand is why these people (for the most part) are not coding themselves. Like do they not realize that they have their real names and photos on the profiles and that their tweets are not protected?!? What if your employer, mama, daddy, bald-headed granny were to see that? Have you no shame??? Unless you plan on becoming a porn star, streetwalker or an author of erotica novels, what good can possibly come from this? I mean damn, at least make a fake profile. Some of the stuff i read in that TwitterAfterDark thing would make Jenna Jameson blush.

Since we're on the topic, there a lot of *ahem* entrepeneurs on twitter selling their *cough cough* services too. Some people just don't need access to technology because they clearly don't know how to act.


  1. Yeah,i'm familiar with #Twitterafterdark cos i do alot of tweeting.Well,what can i say,twitter is for all kinds of people,even the outright crazy ones.

  2. I haven't come across them peeps ... guess cos I don't tweet a lot ... we need to start studying social networks in school and only when you pass can you access these things ...raising kids in this generation is going be a lil tougher than it has ever been

  3. Well, in 2009, a statistics revealed that 70 percent of internet users spend most of their time on porn pages. If the people are shameless enough to reveal their private organs then they must have a complex problems or they are simply having the "modern day" fun. Even on blackberries we have profiles and groups that are porn based. The onus is on the creators of these sites to restrict users from uploading such obscenities. Anyways sha God dey.

  4. Hmmm...never heard of those hashtags. I guess you find what you're looking for. Like the gist that nollywood and other naija babes are now doing runs on twitter. Ok o...

  5. lol as lng as sumthing is on the internet, it's almost certain that x-rated ish like porn gets thrown into the mix. not surprised

  6. I just discover Twitter after dark last week & erm no comments.


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