Friday, June 10, 2011

Speak To Me

‘A man’s spoken words says much about the size of his heart, his written words reveals the quality of his brain.’ -Chidinma,

Truer words were never spoken. I don't know what it is about a well-spoken, well written man that is just electrifying. If a man cannot speak properly or write coherently, there is nothing he can do for me at all. 
I remember once, i assisted a friend by critiquing one of his academic papers. OMG, i have never seen such nonsense in all my life! Grammar and punctuation errors everywhere. It was at that point that I understood why teachers/professors hate grading papers (even though that hasn't stopped then from assigning them...but i digress). I was only checking the grammatical issues and flow of the paper and it took me almost 3 hours to get through. Imagine if i had to actually read through for the facts and arguments he was presenting (and mind you i started off trying to do that too since i had studied the subject before, but very quickly gave it up). I didn't even want to be his friend anymore after that because clearly making me read that crap could be considered an act of terrorism. I told him, he should pay for my services because that was painful.

Another instance, was with a guy i was dating. He was a good looking guy, had a job, treated me nice, etc. But every time he opened his mouth i just cringed. He's a southerner so he has that "down south" twang (if you need a visual/auditory example, think about the rapper Plies). Holy smokes. Now i have a very diverse group of friends all with their own accents which i can appreciate. But there is just something about that southern twang/drawl that I just cannot get with. Kinda like dealing with the "h-factor" and the "r-factor" hear it all the time but it can still make you cringe a little lol (no letleat, no sullender!)

But on the flipside- a well spoken man can charm the pants off of you without even trying. I don't just mean people who have a grasp on the English language. I'm talking about those men that make every thing they say sound seductive. For that reason i love creative, poetic, musical men. Any man that can write creatively has an automatic advantage over the opposition. And if you can do spoken word...oh boy look out because LadyNgo is coming for you. I recall the first time i met my friend Reggie. He was doing spoken word at an event i was attending. When i say mesmerized. I mean he was already devilishly handsome. But then he spoke and I was completely done for. LOL. Once he stopped speaking and i finished dabbing the drool off of my chin i knew right then and there that if i did not have this man, i definitely needed to have someone who possessed some sort of eloquence in his diction. 
Sidenote: you can check out my friend Reggie here and if you are on fb, visit his fanpage

Additional Sidenote: I just finished watching Return of Blackberry Babes(1&2). Other than the fact that we don't get to laugh at/with Apollonia and Emeka this time around and we now have to look at Muna Obiekwe and his unnecessary nakedness, i liked these two better than the 1st parts. 


  1. I can relate to this.I especially find gurls who are eloquent very attractive.

  2. True words.
    One of my close friends has a deep baritone voice and an 'upper class' English accent.
    It is always amusing to see him get away with murder.
    Even the stuffiest ladies end up eating out of his hands.

  3. this post is so true
    I love a man who can speak well.. its just so great, because you don't have to cringe whenever he opens his mouth and think .. yikes he is gonna embarrass me. x

  4. @9ja-great: that one is not surprising lol

    @NIL: sounds good to me already lol

    @MsNana: hahaha @"yikes he is gonna embarass me". i know, right.

  5. Oh yeah, words are powerful- not only in their content, but in their delivery!


  6. Indeed the power of LIFE & DEATH lies in the tongue {literally}....i like simple spoken English without trying too hard to impress anybody with grammar!


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