Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sometimes I can't stand facebook

People have a habit of writing the most ridiculous, foolish, stupid, *insert adjective here* crap on facebook sometimes. It's even worse when its your friend because you don't want to unfriend them but you really don't want to be bothered with their stupid status updates either. This, coincidentally is why i barely if ever use my twitter. All it is, is constant status updates. Sometimes entertaining and/or informative, depending on who you follow. But most times, a complete waste of time.

Anywho, so there are 5 types of people who just irk the hell out of me on facebook (probably a lot more, but these are the ones i can think of at the moment). They are:

  • People that literally update their status every minute and a half. No one wants to know that you just walked in out of the rain...that you just took off your coat, that you just went to the bathroom. Honestly, keep it to yourself.
  • People that are constantly changing their name. Do you know how irritating it is to be looking for someone on your friend list only to find that they've changed their name from Jennifer to "ChiChiChiloloAfricanChikitoNumba1" Really (o__O)
  • People that are constantly changing their relationship status. On monday they are "in a relationship" and their status updates are all giddy. On tuesday, they are "married" and quoting shakespeare in their statuses. On wednesday, "it's complicated" and on thursday they're "single" and screaming men ain't s#it and singing every heartbreak song known to man. Completely annoying.
  • Then there are the wannabe models. Every other day they have all these "photo shoots" and i'm bombarded with their "look at me im so pretty" photo albums. There is only so many times in my week that i need to see you standing on an empty road, smirk on your face, hand on your hip, and your legs crossed at the ankles making it look like you have to pee.
  • Last but certainly not least, the people that are spreading spam/malware all over facebook. It's been a problem for a while but it really took off with the fake videos/pics of Osama Bin Laden. I figured that after that, people would get the hint that most of these outrageous links were really spam. But no. Every day theres a new video, or picture, or whatever else that people are clicking on. Honestly, if nothing else its just showing me which of my facebook friends are pervs. Because usually those videos are of a sexual nature and if your profile is now spreading them all over the newsfeeds, that just means your nasty @$$ clicked on it hoping to see some boobs (or whatever its a pic of)

But facebook isn't all bad. I find out about a lot of great events, get to catch up with friends and fam (im so allergic to the phone, its not even funny! And since people don't write letters anymore, facebook is all i have) 

You can see some of my other "i hate people on facebook" rants here.

*My sincerest apologies to anyone who is offended by the use of the term "retard". I did not create the graphic!


  1. Hahahahahaah this was funny, esp "chichi....numba1" lol. I've seriously cut down the amount of time I spend on there. I don't even have my picture on it.

  2. Hahaha
    I'm laughing so hard @ that boyfriend-ovaries thing. Tell me you're kidding!!!

  3. lmao thanks for making me laugh, I'm also guilty of changing my name but not like that sound angry though maybe you should take a break from fb :)

  4. LOL i feel like i relate to almost all your blogposts!! These five tings piss me the hell off!! My relationship with facebook is a love-hate one. I bitch and moan bout things i hate about it but once i get my hands on a PC, i always log in to facebook..smh

  5. LadyNgo,no vex na.LOL
    Actually i barely use FB these days,i won't be surprised if i forget my password.

  6. lol@ "look at me im so pretty" photo albums. I'm so with you on No 1, the every minute update thingy irritates me as well. Generally, I find FB boring these days(yawns)....maybe I'm getting old (it's a lie o...I'm 4ever green).

  7. ....."hand on your hip, and your legs crossed at the ankles making it look like you have to pee"


    Kai, you're so funny. Nice post

  8. *clucks tongue*..arrant stupidity! not a lover of FB, TWITTERS...visit my fb rarely that fb even sends me message to remind me! ..hahahah

  9. @Prism- i don't use it anywhere near as much as i used to

    @Gbemisoke- i wish i was kidding. I've seen so much worse too. There's actually a whoe website dedicated to stupid stuff ppl post on facebook called

    @iwalewa- lol, nah, im not angry. Just passionate about my dislikes ;)

    @kitkat- well im glad you can relate and share in my annoyance lol. Despite it all im still a fb junkie, but im in rehab and breaking my addiction

    @9ja-Great -no vex at all lol. I think most ppl get to a point where they phase out of using facebook. Im at the point where i use it to keep up with ppl, not to have ppl keep up with me lol

    @therealworld- i agree, fb has kinda lost its thunder. And it doesn't help that it changes every five minutes

    @Mimi B- lol, glad u enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Ibhade- lol i didn't even know fb did that. too funny

  10. LOL...some crazy shit

  11. Haha, I totally understand cos I feel the same way about FB most days.

  12. lol. golly that update was stupe! and the people who liked (holding my head in my hand)LMAO. I see a research project here. seriously.

  13. i committed facebook suicide for some of the reasons you listed on there - life is too short i beg.
    Mark Zukerberg needs to provide top 10 etiquette tops for FB, some people don't have manners on the thing. You clearly limited their access to your pics etc, but the die-hard stalkers will find ways of accessing your images through a mutual friend profile.
    The status updates and the notice me pictures - the most irritating pictuers are the ones people take themselves - so all you can see is their face, or when the take pictures of their reflection in the mirror (annoying!!!)


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