Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sights from the road

Riding down the street and spot the cheapest gas i've seen in i can't even tell you how long. I mentioned this recently. Like i said, i didn't stop to see what was up because this just couldn't be real. Yesterday i drove past this gas station again and the reason the gas is so cheap...they don't actually have any gas. The only thing functioning at that gas station is the convenience store.

Jim Swallows...."oh does he now?!?" Yes, i can be an immature pervert at times. So sue me :p
Honestly, you gotta think about what you are naming your kids man lol

Recently drove to Daytona Beach...just to go there. Been living in florida for lil over 5 years now and this is my first time visiting the city. I just did a little shopping. Didn't even go to the actual beach, smh. But before the summer is over i wanna go back and look around more.

Daytona International Speedway: Home of Nascar and the Daytona 500

Impeach Obama?!? what for? I'm still waiting for someone to point out what is supposedly so horrible about this man and his policies. You just mad 'cuz my President is black and my Lambo is blue (Young Jeezy)!!! 

i don't know what the bumper sticker is advertising, all i know is that those are a set of bewbs.

Sidenote: Im laid up in my bed (fully clothed) and i just happened to look down and of course the first thing i notice are "the girls" and im thinkin to myself "hmmm...nice" and then i look down and i see my hips and im thinkin "alright" and then my thighs..."ookkaayy (lil jon voice). Long story short, i had a lil "damn, im kinda fine" moment. I encourage everyone to love yourself...inside and out. 


  1. Those stickers are crazy.Obama wey just enter (ok e don tey small,but still).

  2. If i lived in Florida, there is just no way i wouldnt have been to daytona beach, 5years????, ahn ahn u sef WETIN????

  3. Jim Swallows, hehehe...yeah we're pervs. Interesting pics, saw so many stickers on our road trip, Americans sure love their politics.

  4. lool smh! if opnly they knew they'll be featured on your blog! jim swallows is an interesting name to say the least lol

  5. @nutritionalert, sisi yemmie, 9ja-great: I see so many interesting bumper stickers on the road. you can't even imagine lol.

    @Laurenta: i lived in Tampa. There's nothing in Daytona that i can't also find in Tampa lol. I've never been to Miami either (can't imagine what you'd have to day about that lol) Furthest north i've been is Orlando and the furthest south i've been is Ft. Lauderdale

    @Myne: no be our fault. why would you name your child that lol. setting that poor child up for jokes for the rest of his life.

    @kitkat: I hope one day someone visits and saud hey that's may car. That'd be so hilarious

  6. haha!! This is pretty interesting :D


  7. SOME names are just to funny!

    abegiiii, make dem leave obama alone o jare!

    for 5yrs & not been to the beach?..hmmmmm

    sure...when you love yourself first, others would follow suit.

  8. You went to sightsee the beach signboard? lol. Impeach Obama indeed. yeye Reps.
    As for loving thyself, yes na. if you dont, how can you expect others to?

  9. @Ginger and Ibhade- Daytona Beach is just the name of the city o! I used to live on the beach when i was a kid and i practically lived on the beach when i lived on the other side of florida so the beach doesn't really excite me anymore lol

  10. LOL @ gas station without gas but a functioning convenience store. Maybe the place should be changed to convenience store instead of gas station.

    Hey!!! why must you be fully clothed laid up on your bed? Just kidding. Love the way you encourage and love yourself.


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