Monday, June 20, 2011

My Thoughts of the Day

Happy Monday all. Happy belated Father's Day to all the proud papa's out there.
Moving on, its 4am and I am still up listening to my JayZ playlist on shuffle. Sigh. Me and sleep have been at ends lately. I don't know what i did to piss sleep off but it has surely been forsaking me for the past week or so. Since i can't sleep i've decided to write about the random crap in my mind. Feel free to read it all, or skip around...its gonna be a long post that is going to be very scatter-brained. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

This Broke Lifestyle
This weekend was my Sorority's National Conference. It was held in New Orleans. I am so upset that I didn't get to go. I haven't been to a national conference since 2008. :( Curse this broke lifestyle i am living! I mean, i am very thankful to God that I have all the things I need in life (food, clothing, shelter) and some of the lesser essentials (car and the funds to keep the car on the road, tv, etc) but man being broke is no fun at all. I wish my internship were paid so i could have some pocket money to blow. But it is what it is. One day!

Living in the South
I have officially lived in Florida since February 2006. That's over 5 years now and I am still not totally used to this lifestyle. I am a New Yorker through and through. I thought i had seen it all but everyday i am proven wrong around here. Southern Hospitality, People buying food (real food now) from random trucks on the side of the road, unagreeable weather (random sun showers, 1000000 degrees one day and tornado warning the next, etc), and the ghetto folks. I swear, if you ever have the opportunity to visit the south, i invite you to visit your neighborhood walmart and just people watch. What you see will truly astound you. (If you know you won't be getting the opportunity any time soon, just check out People of Walmart)

Yes I am Igbo!
Typical conversation when meeting.being introduced to another Nigerian:
Them: Oh, you're Nigerian. What's your Nigerian name?
Me: Ngozi
Them: Oh so you're Igbo. Where from?
Me: Delta 
Them: oh, so you're not really Igbo then
Honestly- If i'm not Igbo, then what the hell am I?!? Goodness. Its really ridiculous but I can't completely blame people since this is more of an internal issue anyway. So for all intents and purposes one can say that i rep the Anioma people. Now amongst these Anioma people, there are those that see themselves as Igbo (nee Igbo subgroup) and those who for whatever reason think they aren't Igbo. Now far be it for me to tell someone what they are and what they aren't but i'll be damned if i've heard an intelligent, logical argument as to why i should not consider myself or any other Anioma person Igbo. I've heard 'the language is slightly different', 'culturally we are not the same as Igbos', and whole bunch of other stuff that falls into the category of "politcial bs". If the yardstick by which we measure belonging to a parent group is "we speak a different dialect or we have cultural differences (which are minute at best) then damn near every household can get up and say that they are xyz tribe and want this that and third rights (and land) from the government. Lets be real here, there are a lot of different "groups" within the Igbo tribe/nation/ethnicity/however you wish to refer to it, with their own dialects and particular ways of doing things but at the end of the day they are still Igbo. Why are Anioma (or any other group- there are few) different?

Middle Child Syndrome
I am the anti-middle child. I think it may be because me and my siblings are so far apart in age (my older sister is 4.5 years older and my younger brother is 9 years younger). I am almost the complete opposite of what is considered "middle child syndrome", but that's not to say that i didn't have my own issues. I used to always feel like i was being blamed for everything, i always too young for this but too old for that, never the 1st or the last to do anything, and i did lack confidence i guess (but i don't think that really had anything to do with being the middle child). But other than that, i think i took the role of "first born" as my sister was always out causing some kind of chaos in our house lol.
Being the middle child definitely had it's benefits though. I surely learned what buttons i should never push with my parents. I also learned how to get away with certain deviant behavior. And when it came time to do certain chores, there was always someone ahead of me in line lol. I feel bad for my brother though as he now in the midst of his teenage angst and doesn't really have that guide that I had since he was an baby when my sis was a teen, and a lil kid when i was- not to mention he's the only boy. Poor little fella. He'll figure it out though and in the meantime i will have fun laughing at his expense lol.

My Babies
I have the distinct feeling that I am going to have hideous children lol. Honestly, it's because i can't help but to comment when i see an ugly baby. I try not too but my filter is faulty. I can't control the things that come out of my mouth sometimes. I think my lips move faster than my brain. So i'm trying to catch someone with some good genes so that my children will be beautiful lol. Truth be told, i'd rather my child be ugly at birth and get that awkward phase out of the way early than being weird looking when they are school-age. You know how cruel kids can be.
Not to mention that I have the most beautiful niece in the world. I have never seen such a cute baby. She's 5 now and still just as cute as can be. She set the bar hella high. Sometimes i just look at my sister and want to hit her for making the competition so fierce.

Men and "sluttyness"
I was reading a post on and the writer made a statement something along the lines of "sluttyness"  being unattractive to men. Hmm...i thought about it for a minute and then i said to myself: "That nigga is a damn lie!" Really, if "sluttyness" were not attractive to men, in general, then there would be no sluts in this world. You think chicks (not including lesbians) go out with their T&A hanging out because they want other girls to look at them, buy them drink and/or take them home? Nah bruh-bruh. I don't think so. They do it for the fellas. And if it didn't work, by and large, that type of dressing would not be appealing. I'm sure there are men that really don't go for it but in general- dudes eat that $#!+ up! I'm telling you, if i had a dollar for every time i've seen a guy trying to talk to the fully-clothed girl instead of trying to bag Ms. New Booty at the club...i'd be just as poor as I am right now because the ish does not happen!

The Other Woman
A few weeks back i was reading a post on about whether or not it was okay to be the "side chick". First of all, i was ready to go get gender reassignment surgery because the women were seriously disappointing me with their ideology that there was absolutely nothing wrong with being the other woman if all they are looking for is a good time, a man to buy them things and its what makes them happy. And further justifying it by saying that all Nigerian men cheat anyway. WTF?!? Let me get on my soapbox and say that Nigerians blame a lot of foolywang that goes on in Naija on "The West/Obodo Oyinbo" but i damn sure won't allow anyone to blame that ish on us! *steps down off of the soap box* 
Now my comment was basically that why should your happiness come at the expense of your fellow woman?!? Its one thing if you want to casually date someone but why on earth should it be with someone who is already in a relationship? Are there not enough single men around that you have to go after someone who is spoken for? As for all men cheating- well if women by and large stopped agreeing to seeing married men (and stop accepting that their man will cheat), maybe the cheating would stop (or at least reduce). Simple solution in my eyes.

Doctors are quacks sometimes
So back in 2009 your very own LadyNgo fell victim to the H1N1 pandemic (aka swine flu outbreak). I don't think i've ever been so scared in my entire life. It hit me very fast. Literally one minute i was fine. Then about 5 minutes later i had a horrible headache. Another few minutes passes and i am dizzy. Then another few minutes passes and I have a fever of over 103 and i feel death gripping me by the throat. It was a terrifying ordeal. I swear, every time i fell asleep, i thought i was never going to wake-up again. I can't even truly describe it. And of course, this happens when i don't have proper medical insurance AND on a friday night so i couldn't go to the university's health clinic until monday. So i called their emergency line and told the doctor my symptoms and that i was pretty sure that it was the Swine Flu and do you know what this fool told me..."relax, its just bronchitis!" Outrageous! I kept explaining to him that I have had bronchitis before and this was definitely nothing like that. Not to mention that even I, with no medical training whatsoever, know that bronchitis does not give you headache, nightsweats, sudden HIGH fever, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Still the man insisted that i had bronchitis and that i should not be alarmed. Im glad i didn't listen to him. And i'm thankful that God saw me through that...that was an experience that I am in no rush to repeat. (As an added bonus, somehow a lizard managed to sneak into my apartment and into my bedroom in the midst of this sickness so i spent a good 2-3 hours trying to chase the lil bugger out of my house. Those things are fast- especially when you're sick and not on your A-game)

Ok, its now almost 6am and i'm finally getting tired. Hope all this nonsense i just wrote made sense because i'm not going back to edit it. Have a good day all :)


  1. This cracked me up, especially the ugly babies bit cos I'm exactly the same way hahaha

  2. Geez! Well,you warned me before hand sha...hehehehe.You really should stop saying stuffs about not so fine kids,it's unfair.Meanwhile make sure you really hook a handsome dude,else nemesis might catch up with you o,LOL.

  3. Men you're on your own on the Igbo thing. I am Asaba #thatisall.

    And I'm sure you'll have beautiful babies. :)

  4. LOL @Ugly babies.
    Do try not to comment on ugly babies...Just say they have a 'unique look' LOL

  5. Wow! I didn't realize i had missed so many blog posts here! So much stuff running around in your head, no wonder you're awake. Lol.

    LOL at the Delta igbo thingy smh!


  6. lol u definitely have an opinion about everything :P ..i know how sucky being broke is, hopefully u'll get a job were u get paid soon! :)

  7. @all: LOL, i would never tell the parents that they have an ugly child (i'm not that mean now lol) but i don't think there's anything i can do to keep from thinking it. Im trying though. Also working on the handsome hubby and subsequent pretty babies :)

    @Myne- thats the other thing i hate, when i tell ppl im from Delta they automatically assume im from Asaba (not that theres anything wrong with that) #TeamIbusa lol

    @Adiya- yeah, insomnia caused by too many thoughts

    @kitkat- what can i say, im a very opinionated lady ;) Hope ur havin fun in 9ja and u don't forget to come back with goodies for all of us.

  8. hahaha...
    Perhaps those babies are the reason sleep has "forsaken" you :P

  9. I like your take on "The Other Woman"...

    My mum is from Delta and she is not Igbo, lol...


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