Friday, June 24, 2011

My 100th Post

This is my 100th post. Fiiiiiiinally, lol. I feel like i should have hit '100' eons ago. Anywho, this whole blogging journey has been amazing and i love it and all my readers so much. In light of that, I am dedicating my 100th post to you the fans readers!

Naijamum in London and Boma thinks i bring some ray of sunshine into their lives. And so im now passing the buck on to the lovely bloggers that bring sunshine into my life as well. I know most if not all of you have at some point gotten this award too but who cares, you're getting it again :)

KitKat: The first person to comment on and follow my blog! A very creative and talented young lady

Myne- You ever have that friend that you hang around because they are just so smart...and secretly hoping some of it rubs off on ya?!? Not to mention she has given me hope in the area of the e-relationship turned love turned marriage :)

Ibhade- keeping it unapologetically real! Always have the most interesting stories and observations.

A-9ja-Great- always nice to get the male perspective. Have u noticed i've not fought with u on any of your posts lately (shey na juju u dey use to make me behave lol). And i enjoy ur poetic voice.

Surprise- Keeping me up to date with all the news in naija

Sisi Yemmie and Alex- Gistdotcom and nawa4u are probably two of my favorite blogs when i need a good laugh. 

Madame Sting- i swear sometimes i think you are me without the little bit of filter i manage to use lol. Always keeping it real and pulling no punches. And her normal blog pranks constantly keep you on your toes lol

9ja-fOOdie- you have surely saved my future marriage with these recipes of yours lol

Esco- a new and unique voice. Love his blogs. Don't know how many of you follow but you really should check it out!

Naijamum (N.I.L)- Always nice to have a mature mommy perspective to make you feel warm and safe lol. I love her pidgin poems and proverbs as well.

Honestly, even if i didn't mention you, please know that if im following/commenting on your blog- you bring something special to my day. If you didn't, then I wouldn't be visiting you lol. So whether your name appears above of not, please feel free to give yourself a big old bear hug and a no homo-kiss on the cheek compliments of LadyNgo

*perhaps one of the biggest rays of sunshine to hit me lately is that Flavour Nabania is following lil old me on twitter. What does that mean- absolutely nothing. But did it still make my day- yes yes YES!

Please, since i posted about how much i don't like the nickname Ngo, SOME ppl have switched to calling me Ngo exclusively. Don't think i haven't noticed you o!!! LOL, its ok, i just take it to mean we are familiar now (which means i expect money, gifts, favors, and unlimited access to your fridge/pot when you cook!) :D


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  2. Congratulations on your 100th post. It is not easy to make a write-up that people will enjoy. How I wish I can write.

    Congrtas on the double Sunshine award.

    We have to roll out the drums for the double celebration (100th post and Sunshine award).

    Thanks for passing the award to me. It is highly appreciated

  3. Congrats on your 100th post. I love your new layout

  4. Mehn,i don dey even trip for myself.LOL I'm really grateful for the award,it means alot coming from you and yes,i bin travel go india for jazz so you no go dey bombard me.LOL

  5. Congrats on your 100th post.
    You are consistent....and that is NOT easy

    Great to know you like Pidgin poems and proverbs. The language is fun

    PS - LOL @'unlimited access to your fridge/pot when you cook!'....A lady after my heart :)))

  6. Yay, you've reached your 100th! *dancing*

    And a cool new look to go with it too. Nice : )

  7. COngrats on Your 100th Post,U`ve come a long way dear.

  8. Congratulations on your 100th!! *dancing alanta**. Thanks for the nudge, means a whole lot :)

  9. 100 feels good doesnt it? Then it becomes 101 and you cant wait for it to round off nicely to 200 :) Congratulations!

    More power to your fingers!

  10. Congratulations.....

    I like the new look :-)

  11. congrats on your 100th post...wish I could say same for myself :( BTW liking your new layout...its buurriiffuulll

  12. Aww congrats babe! didnt know i was the first..daayuum! :)

  13. congratulations sister & Thank YOU for this awfully sorry for coming humbled...i enjoy reading yours also :D

  14. Thanks LadyNgo. You are one of my favourites too. Better late than never!


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