Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More random thoughts of the day

I promise this one is not going to be anywhere near as bad as the last one was. Mostly because im not suffering from insomnia today- i'm actually quite tired and its only 10:30pm. It's been a long day.

Anyhow, let us commence:

Reality TV
Clearly i watch waaaaaay too much reality tv as these people from these shows have invaded my dreams! Sunday night (really monday morning) i dreamt that I was married to 50 Cent and involved in some sort of crime ring (a la Set It off) with the women from Basketball Wives. Don't really remember all the details but i know the dream ended with 50 Cent killing all of us after we were interrogated by the cops #GetRichOrDieTryin.
Anyhow after i woke up, this kinda got me thinking about reality tv and the people on those shows. (ok, i was reading imdb message board and THEN i started thinking...) We are really judgmental of these people. I'm guilty of it too. We don't know these people, regardless of how much we may think we do. What we see are for all intents and purposes, characters on a tv show. At the end of the day they are people doing what normal people do, they just are on tv and the regular day-to-day is cut out in lieu of more ratings-friendly drama. While some may argue that by being on these shows they've opened themselves up to intense scrutiny, i maintain that if they were "behaving themselves" the shit would be boring as hell *cough* Koko Mansion *cough*. And since you are watching, clearly you enjoy that kind of drama. Whether its people throwin drinks, people sexing, or people just all around acting a hot mess...you're still watching the show so why is everyone complaining? Its not as if anything these people do effects your life so why do we always feel the need to put our 2 cents in and even worse, be extra judgmental?

I love blogging...and i love leaving comments (as im sure most of you can tell by the thesis statements i leave on your posts sometimes :D ). But sometimes (not often, but still sometimes), i am so put off that i don't even want to comment on a post. Usually its not even the post that pisses me off...its the comments from other people. I'm not saying that all my comments are rosy as im sure i've rubbed some people the wrong way before, nor am i saying that everyone doesn't have the write to comment as they deem fit...but sometimes its just irritating reading other people's opinions...especially when you think they are stupid (the opinion, not necessarily the person).Am I the only one this happens to???  Coincidentally, I hope that isn't going to deter anyone from commenting in the future lol

The Titty Bar
I really want to go to the titty bar strip club. I don't want a lap dance or to stick money in anyone's g-string or anything (seems like a waste of money to me. It ain't like you can't still watch the show without tipping the ladies), i just want to go. Whenever i tell my guy friends i wanna accompany them on their trip to the strip club they look at me funny, laugh it off, and then tell me the day after they go how much fun they had. Like, forrealsies (yes, i made that word up) tho?!? Why can't i go too?
I have been to a "male revue" before with some of my girlfriends. All it was, was some decent looking dudes doing some dance routines. There was stripping involved but it's not the "world of flying penises" that everyone assumed it was going to be. Yeah, there were some ladies there celebrating birthdays and bachelorette parties and for them, things heated up. I got a couple of *ahem* dances, but nothing of the caliber that i imagine happens at the titty bar or a real male strip club.
Anyway, so i just wanted to know if this all sounded weird to ya'll. If you were a guy (or if you are a guy- i know there's a couple of ya'll out there lol) would you bring a female friend to the strip club with you?

The 15th Annual Nigerian Reunion which will be hosted in my very own backyard of Orlando Fl by the Nigerian Reunion Corporation (NRC) is going down this weekend! I'm officially geeked up. Can't freaking wait.

Oh, whats that you  say... you've never heard of this Nigerian Reunion? Well allow me to enlighten you ladies and gents. In a nutshell, The Nigerian Reunion is celebrated 4th of July weekend in a different city every year. The weekend consists of various events, forums, and of course parties (you know how we do!) that celebrate Nigerian culture. In essence, it's a weekend for young Nigerians in the diaspora to come together socialize, network, and generally act as razz as they want without judgment lol.
The Nigerian Reunion Corporation (NRC) formed in 1999, is an energetic, organization that uses creative social and professional programs to positively promote Nigerians in the Diaspora. The NRC draws on a broad cultural and professional diversity of her member associates in promoting the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria and the African continent. NRC associates are committed individuals from all works of life, ranging from college students, to entrepreneurs, and working professionals.  
This year, the NRC is trying something new with the format of the weekend, including changing the name from Nigerian Reunion to The Nigerian Art, Cultural and Music Festival. The last time i went was in 2009 in Las Vegas and though there was drama (big surprise, right), I had so much fun and met some very cool people. I encourage everyone (based in the US) to check out the event at some point in their life lol. Enjoy some pics of LadyNgo and various celebs from 2009 
With The Naija Boyz- bringing you such hits as Crank Dat Naija Boy and the Black and Yellow (African Remix)

with Comedian/Model/Fine Boy Seyi Brown. He is fine man, his wife is lucky im not a home-wrecker!

With musician YQ

With comedian Jedi

Comedian/Actor Michael Blackson performed...and it was just horrible lol, Sorry man.
And my bad if you can't tell its him...not my fault that the dude is extremely chocolatey


  1. whoop whoop! i love comedy Jedi!! never been to the NRC b4, doubt id ever go but the new name sounds way better for sure.
    LoL @ur dream, take it easy na! LoooL!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog and i def feel you about being put off by others comments

  3. i dont do Reality TV, i was once addicted, but i figured my life has about as much drama as the reality stars, but the only diffenrence is, i dont get paid huge sums of money for my drama. Strip Clubs are Awesome and Artistic, and i mean that in a none sexual way, the puasuasive and luring movements that the female body can make are mesmurizing in itself, so i just go to the clubs to often stare. NRC and the reunion, i think i stopped being Jaded with the reunion, i love my Nigerian people, but i would rather not want to pay to stay in a hotel and pay for activities to be with them.
    i like the style in which you write and thanks for subscribing :)

  4. I find reality TV to be hella entertaining and I agree that it would be boring if they were just acting normal. I think people do indeed judge them harshly, but they put themselves in the position to be judged. What we can't do is get mad at them for that when we're the ones feeding into it and encouraging it.


  5. I hope you don't find this one stupid. :)

    Do you have to get permission from your guy friends to go with them?

  6. lol @ getting married to 50 Cent & "world of flying penises" If my female friend wants to come to a strip club,she sooo welcomed..U don`t need their permission. Last time i checked LadyNgo was a thug back in the day, or is she still 1??? :P...Lovely pictures..i only know those 2 dudes from the Crank that 9ja boy song. :)

  7. You know! I've always wanted to go to a strip club too- see what all the fuss is about lol!! You are so not weird there.

    Really? Nigerian reunion? That's interesting

    The Corner Shop

  8. @Giagerry- aw you've never been? u should go. if nothing else the events and parties are always entertaining. I think this might be my last one though. Gettin old lol

    @neefemi-anytime! and im glad its not just me lol

    @lovelife4sale- i wish i could kick my addiction (or get casted for a show, either 1 works). Thanks for the compliment about my writing :)

    @Carrymel- The judgment is one of the only things keeping me from trying to get into reality tv. But if jersey shore calls im there. 10k an episode you can judge me all u want lol

    @Myne- of cooooooooourse not lol. As for needing permission- yeah, kinda. i wouldn't want to just show up by myself because part of going is me wanting to see them act a fool lol

    @DIDI-Don't doubt my thug life jo! lol. I don't need permission to go in general, but i want to go with specific people which is hard to do if you don't even find out they went until the day after

    @Adiya- you and i will both get there sooner or later lol

  9. There's something enticing about reality shows (not all though) that I'm yet to figure out.
    Looks like you had a blast @ the reunion, going by the pics...lol

  10. I went to a strip club with my ex and we got a private dance together. It was pretty interesting and lots of fun. I would say definitely go.


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