Saturday, June 25, 2011

MJ Milestones

In memory of the Greatest Entertainer Ever, I thought i'd share some of my MJ Milestones. I've loved Michael Jackson since i was born- it wouldn't surprise me if i moonwalked out of the womb. I can't remember a time where i didn;t love MJ. Even in the midst of those "he touched my child" allegations...i just said, "well you shouldn't have left your child over there. What kind of parent are you" Especially the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc victims. Them mofos were just looking for a payout.

But I digress. Here are my MJ Milestones (in no particular order)

Scream featuring Janet Jackson.
This was the first time he ever collaborated with Janet. And This was also the first time i ever heard MJ cuss. And not just any old cuss word...he said FUCK (at about 3:12) and he said it with so much force. Awesome And of course, it was just a cool video.

In The Closet
Michael Jackson playing mcnasty with Naomi Campbell...for real?!? Especially after all the gay/pedophile rumors. This was shocking to lil LadyNgo (i was like 5 or 6 when this song came out). Like i don't think i've ever seen MJ be up any one prior to this so of course I had to add it to the mental milestone.

2000 Watts
(I believe) this is one of the first times MJ doesn't use his normal falsetto. You hear how deep his voice is. It took like 2 years for me to really be convinced it was even him. That voice combined with black MJ (or even 1991-ish just turned pale MJ) could surely get the business if you catch my drift!

Remember the Time
Come on man, this video was epic. From the scenery, the celebrities, black depictions of Egyptian royalty, the sand trick, the dance scene (which i tried many times to learn as a kid and busted my ass in the process), all together a majorly epic video! How bold was that for him to make a pass at the Queen in front of the Pharoah?!? MJ's a goon! Not to mention that MJ was fine as hayle in this video despite the change in skin pigmentation.

The Girl is Mine featuring Paul McCartney
MJ did another song with Paul McCartney which i hate. I don't even know what its called all i remember is that i'd get so pissed when the vid would come on lol. So i always used to skip over this song. But then one day when i was older, i listened and I just fell in love. *much better than Brandy and Monica's remix lol (probably because its cuter for guys to fight over a girl than it is for girls to fight over a boy)*

She's Out of My Life
Clearly before my time (came out in 1979) so i didn't hear it til i was a teenager. Very simple vid and song. Everytime i hear it i just wanna cry with him. Poor MJ.

Leave me Alone
I used to hate this song too. The vid was just too abstract for me. But now i can definitely relate. Sometimes you just wanna scream LEAVE ME THE F*CK ALONE!!! Nobody is perfect so whats the point in nitpicking every little thing. Which is also why i'd never want to be famous.

I know you didn't think i'd leave without including Thriller- the best my epic music video of all freaking time! I don't have to explain my obsession with this. Im sure we all share it. Enjoy

R.I.P. Michael Jackson!


  1. May his Soul Rest in Perfect peace,HE STILL IS THE KING OF POP..

  2. He was a legend. He changed the face of music.

  3. Lol @ Moonwalking out of your mum`s womb..check my story out..guess we both have a thing for that moonwalk. I still don`t believe he committed any of those crimes,those allegations leveled against him were Fake.

  4. I saw a DVD of 'This is It' and couldn't finish it. He had aged so much it hurt to watch him.
    I really miss his presence on the musical scene.

  5. I never really liked him that much... bite me

  6. Brings back memories!
    May his soul rest in peace
    FFg now dear, please follow mine too at

  7. lol great minds do think alike lol. but i love in the closet though. surprise i did not think of it.

  8. Heyy just stopping by to visit your blog! I like what I see so far and thanks for the MJ memories! :)

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    perhaps we could follow and support one another's blogs?

  9. confession... I didn't know any of his songs til he died and CNN won't stop playing them, but i have come to kinda understand y ppl like him...kinda....kinda

  10. @Chizzy D & NigerianOnDaDL- blasphemy! How can you not know and love the work of the late great Michael Jackson? You're lucky im not in your vicinity or else i'd strap you down and force you to listen to every sing he's ever made! lol

    @MsJB & Carrymel- following u guys now :)

    @everyone else- thanks for stopping by and sharing in the memories :)

  11. Not really an MJ fan, although I know that he had MAD talent and tons of amazing songs. However, I remember hearing about his death and was extremely saddened that he left this world so soon, leaving 3 kids and a family behind. RIP MJ, forever in our hearts.

  12. I liked his music but can't say am a big fan.. may his soul rest in it 2 years already?


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