Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet the Adebanjos + BET Awards

I was originally only going to talk about Meet the Adebanjo's but i feel inclined to discuss the stupid BET Awards too.

Sigh. I generally do not watch Award shows and to be quite honest i really wasnt watching the BET Awards either...i was following along on twitter on my baby daddy Trey Songz performed. OOOOOOO-WEEEEE that is a sexy man.

Anyway, The few moments i did catch have reminded me why i don't watch the sh*t in the first place. Tiffany Green and her "And the winner is Chris wait, wait, its actually Drake", BET CEO Debra Lee and her *ahem* speech issues, and D'banj and 2Baba both winning the same award...i'm sure! #iCan't

Moving right along, I watched the first episode of the new show Meet the Adebanjo's last night. It wasn't bad. It wasn't spectacular or anything either but there was definitely potential. One thing i didn't really like was the interaction between the kids and the parents. It was a little off...i was expecting a slap at some point. But its a family sitcom and i guess it is supposed to serve a comedic purpose.

If you want to watch Meet the Adebanjo's, just follow the link and sign-up for the password. (Or holla at me, i have the password too lol)

Off topic- i haven't been feeling well for the past few days :( which has translated into spending way too many hours sleeping and not eating. So if anyone wants to send LadyNgo some crackers and ginger ale, i will gladly accept!!

Happy Monday All


  1. Eeya sorry. I hope you get well soon

  2. Pele dear. Drink plenty pepper soup ; )

  3. Sorry Ngo. I suggest you take some 'kissinquinne' from your bf for your ailment.

  4. e pele @ kissinquine.

    connection is too slow here..would had loved to watch it .

  5. So Sorry Lady Ngo, just do as Mimi B said,drink plenty Pepper soup. as for the Bet awards,i didn`t watch neither did i follow on twitter..guess i`ll wait for the DVD. Get well soon..

  6. Get well soon love
    For me, I liked the awards, esp because 2face and Dbanj won.
    I was so confused when they were up against each other. It was so hard to choose who I preferred, so both of them taking it really worked for me. And also most of my favourite artists won so yea, I can't complain :)

    And for the sitcom, let's just say fingers crossed for now.

  7. Get well soon!
    lol @Bet awards, I quit that station a long time ago!
    Please the password :)))

  8. LOl the BET awards were a mess! That part I did see, anyway lol. I hope you feel better hun!

  9. OH! Does ginger ale work tho???
    I have been sleeping a lot and having a very poor appetite lately too.. I put it down to stressing over projects and funds. Maybe the weather too.

    happy new week!

  10. I hope you feel better soon. I didn't watch either but I was annoyed when I saw the news this morning that 2face and Dbanj are sharing the award. What rubbish!

  11. If you don't get well soon, I won't send you any Crackers and of course no Ale

  12. get well soon dear
    the awards were way better than last years though
    and some performances actually made sense

  13. Thanks for the well wishes all

    @Mimi B- lol, Pepper Soup is for colds and stuff like that. I have upset tummy. Its a side effect of my medicine. So i should be ok once i get off the meds.

    LOL @ taking "kissiquinne"

    @Northern Girl- i don't know. its just one of those things i've always been told to take when i have an upset stomach lol.

    @Emeka- meanie!

    @Giagerry- emailed u!

  14. Get well soon....u just might want to try the 'kissiquinne' recommended by Surprise. Wasn't interested in the BET Awards too. As for the sitcom, I was having some funny thoughts about it but maybe I will just give it a try.

  15. We LOVE what you have to say. =]

    And we are hoping you'd come to our chatroom tomorrow -- we're battling the boys and discussing relationships. =] We're inviting you to join the college fun!

    Kimberly, FWB

  16. I think Meet the Adebanjos have potential but i didn't think the acting was very good. We'll see.

  17. Didn't see the BET awards but the "Them Africans" tweets really infuriated me. I could not believe so much ignorance and racism being expressed about African artistes who were interviewed on the red carpet. These tweets were coming from African-Americans and left me livid. I only found out later the "Them Africans" were D'Banj, 2face and a Ghanaian rapper D-Black. D-Black was deemed the only one who spoke w/o an accent....well,that's because he affects an American accent!

  18. Whats the password for episode 2 ?


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