Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If I were a boy

No, this is not a Beyonce reference. I can't stand Beyonce. I was just thinking about what it would be like to be a boy. I used to wish i had been a boy all the time. Every time i had to put on a dress, the first time i got my period, the first time i got my heartbroken, whenever i have to go out looking like something...always looked around and said this crap wouldn't be happening or be an issue if I were a boy.

But then the other day I went to a party and i looked around and realized...sometimes i'm glad i'm a girl.

For one thing, girls get a lot more attention (even when you don't want it). Example: you walk into a party and girls are dancing, guys will automatically gravitate to their direction in hopes of dancing, hollering, buying her a drink, etc. If a guy is just dancing, people are just looking at him like "damn that guy is desperate for attention". Unless you are some type of celebrity or just a very fine boi, no one is rushing to surround you.

I was sitting down minding my own business and in the span of about 15 minutes i was approached by 3 different guys asking me to dance. At first it was just annoying because i wasn't dancing for a reason. And even though i said i was tired they still persisted. One guy was someone i kinda knew so it wasn't a big deal. The other guy was hilarious and though he was annoying me by not going away, i still had a nice lighthearted laugh with him. The third, some people are just too much. If you are old enough for me to feel compelled to address you as "nna anyi" just move on. (sidenote: i did end up dancing with all three b4 the night was out. i'm a good sport afterall.)

After they moved on, it really got me to thinking. Damn, it must suck to have to approach girls and face that possible rejection. I was nice about it but i know i've been the mean girl in the past. Especially if you don't approach me right. Some women will literally laugh in your face, or use you to buy them drinks and then leave with some other big boy, or just flat out ignore you. I don't know if i'd have the balls testicular fortitude to approach a chick and risk that possible embarrassment. As a girl, all you have to do is look halfway decent and you'll have guys paying you plenty of attention all night without even trying.

But on some real ish though, if i were a guy i'd be the biggest slut in the world. OMG! You have no clue. God definitely did the world a favor when he made me a woman. I'd be breaking hearts all over town. Especially if i was good looking. oh man. Women make it way to easy for guys to be irresponsible, selfish, etc.

Switching back into woman mode, I am so mad that Anderson Cooper is gay. This isn't news, ever since the first time i saw him i figured he probably was, but its still upsetting none the less. That is a fine white man no racist Even with all that snow on the roof. Sigh


  1. Ha! if WISHES were HORSES, beggars would have ridden...yeah, there are times i do wish to be a man...DURING DELIVERY! :D

  2. LOL
    If there's such a thing as reincarnation - I wish to come back as a boy.
    Periods, childbirth, facials, make-up etc etc. Woman wahala tooo much. LOL

  3. Hehehehe...yeah,you should sometimes imagine what it'd have looked like had you been a guy.Men rock,but so do women!

  4. Yeah, yeah, so I could marry a woman who would be my friend, companion, nanny, cook, nurse, housekeeper & sex partner.....women are awesome!

  5. Me too, I want to be a boy in the next life...LOL at what you would do as a man...heart breaker..,

  6. Haha!! God knew what He was doing when He made you a girl sha hehe. I know right? I'd rather be a girl, even only for the reason that i can eat an ice cream cone without looking gay :p


  7. Aaaah, you just went into my head and stole the title of the latest post I just drafted. I am still wondering whether to put it up after your own

  8. @Ibhade and NIL- women issues make me jealous of guys all the time! They don't know how good they have it lol

    @9ja-Great and therealworld- Women are the awesomest of the awesome!

    @Myne- you and me both!

    @Adiya- LMAO, seriously. I feel bad that men can't enjoy a lollipop or ice cream cone without getting the side-eye lol

    @ilola- please do your write-up. im now eager to read it. It happens to me all the time too that i'll be thinking of my next post and see someone else has written about it right before me.


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