Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

I have this habit that i developed when i lived by myself. When i get out of the shower, very rarely do i get dressed, unless i have somewhere to be. I don't know what it is about sitting in my robe that is so relaxing, but it is. So it is not uncommon for me to be walking around without clothes. Yesterday was no different.

Because i had nothing to do all day, i put off taking a shower to the afternoon. So i'm sitting at my desk checking one website or another when i hear the front door open.

Panic automatically grips my heart. My roommate Kate is in Chicago for the week. No one has said anything about coming by. So why is the front door opening??? Immediately my heart starts racing and i'm looking around for anything i can fashion into a weapon.

Of course this would all happen while im sitting in all my naked glory. Never when i am fully clothed in my all-black ninja outfit with nun-chucks and samurai sword handy.

Anyhow, I hear someone tinkering with the door to the room next to mine. Very slowly and very quietly, i wait for the person to enter that room and i open my door with my can of deodorant in hand (i could not find a weapon and i figured blinding whomever the intruder was with my Suave deodorant spray was the next best thing),

I peek my head around the corner and what do i see..a confused looking girl checking out the bedroom.

Turns out, I just got a new roommate. WTH??? No warning or anything. Quite an unpleasant surprise (no offense to the girl, e no be her fault), especially with me standing there, hair all over my head, wearing nothing but my bathrobe which in my panic i was holding closed with my hand rather than having tied it shut. Not the best look i imagine.

The moral of the story today folks: Put on some clothes when you get out of the shower and keep at least a butter knife handy at all times!


  1. Hahahaha... funny.

    Hmmm... I will bring a cloth to cover your chairs when I come to visit. I don't want to sit on what I'm not supposed to sit on :D

  2. loooooooool..... that must have been a funny scene.

  3. @Prism- c'mon now, i was wearing my robe lol. I don't go bare skin-to-furniture. Thats rude to the people that will want to come and visit lol.

    @MsNana-u have no idea lol. The girl hasn't been back either. I hope i didn't scare her that much lol

  4. lol.....i have friends who dont wear anything at all inside the house but thank God i live alone n i havnt developed that

  5. LMBO! funny story hey! hope the new roomie turns out different from your previous ones lol

  6. A butter knife? LOL. This was very funny. Eyahhh...

  7. That was funny, and I'm the same way! haha

  8. Ok,so i'm gonna be badging into LadyNgo's room always.#okbye
    On the real now,you really should be putting something on after bathing because you never know when you might need to run out of your building immediately!

  9. @Sisi Yemmie: yeah i have friends that get naked as soon as they hit the door lol. I at least will wear my robe

    @Kitkat: we'll see. She hasn't come back yet so maybe she's changed her mind lol

    @Jaycee: its better than nothing lol. Especially the ones with the serated edge

    @Boma: see, and everyone is making me to feel like im the only one who does this lol

    @9ja-Great: we can just jejely skip over that first part lol. And i always wear my robe. I don't just let it all hang out lol. living in the dorms during college i saw way too many people coming out during the fire drills in there towels or short-robes to not learn the lesson.

  10. Did the poor dear see the knife? She prolly thought Mad black woman lol!
    My sister and I used to do the semi-nude routine..bad habit learnt from secondary school. We quickly adjusted when my brother came to stay.

  11. Lol and ur finally found weapon was deodorant? hahahahhahahah!!! Interesting!

  12. "Of course this would all happen while im sitting in all my naked glory. Never when i am fully clothed in my all-black ninja outfit with nun-chucks and samurai sword handy". hahahahaha. babae u are so funny. i like ur blog.

  13. @Ginger: lol, i didn't have a knife at that time

    @Gee: it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can either bash them over the head with the can or spray them in the eyes and run. win/win situation

    @ifeoma: lol, thanks for visiting :)

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