Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that just don't make sense

This is a different spin on my usual "random observations" posts

People that comment on blogs anonymously
Im not referring to people who have anonymous blogs. It's a blog, moreover its the internet. No one really knows who you are. You can be whomever you want to be, so why be "anonymous"? Personally i have like 5 personalities on the blogs. All with their own name, opinions, writing style, etc (no im not crazy or suffering from any personality disorder found in the DSM-IV, or at least not that i know of).

If you love something let it go, if it comes back to its yours'
Probably one of the dumbest things ever. If i love you why should i let you go??? And what happens if the person/thing i love has also let me go and is sitting around waiting for me to return while im also sitting around waiting for them to return? Am i supposed to tell them ahead of time that im kicking them to the curb because i love them? And if that is the case what if they decide im an idiot for doing that and go on about their way?

I've always wondered what kind of depraved individual was sitting on their farm one day and decided it would be a good idea to suck on a cow udder or pull on the cow udder and drink what came out (i wasn't there abeg, so i don't know which way it happened).

Same logic as the milk, who sat there and decided to eat unborn baby chickens or something that fell out of a chicken's ass if they didn't know it was an egg (yes i know eggs don't come out of a chicken's ass but again i was not there so i don't know what the person was thinking).

Now there's a lot about the american judicial system that doesn't make sense to me but in the interest of time i will only address one question. So when you are sitting in the jury and the defense/prosecution says something that is "out of bounds" the judge will tell the jury to disregard the testimony or statement or whatever. Now, how can i disregard?? I am human. I can't unhear what i just heard, abi.  Especially if it was relevant. If im at Julio's murder trial and you tell me Julio killed 25 people when he was a teenager but that his record was sealed because he's a minor i can't just pretend i didn't hear that lol.

Why do law enforcement agents wear those uncomfortable looking uniforms and suits? Wouldn't it be easier for them to run down a suspect if they were wearing sweatpants and sneakers? I know i've tried running in heels and dress pants- it's never a good time

Reality TV
How can a show that is supposed to be "reality" have writers? *inspired by the season 3 premiere of Basketball Wives that I just watched*

So i read someone's comment the other day about being turned off by women with pubic hair. Let me say that far be it for me to tell you what you should or shouldn't like but um...there's something a bit troubling about a man who would rather see me look like a prepubescent girl in the ladybits area rather than a mature adult. closet pedophile. To be honest waxing (while supposedly giving you better results than shaving) seems like the most ridiculous thing in the world. Why would i want some random woman in the back room of the beauty parlor to attack my naughtybits with hot wax and a strip of cloth. I don't even like getting my eyebrows waxed so i can't even begin to imagine what waxing down below would be like. *my apologies if this was TMI for you*

Feel free to offer your own views on these (or any other) topics


  1. LOL....Everything else really doesnt make sense EXCEPT 'If you love something let it go, if it comes back to its yours'

    That DOES make sense. For example, girls who fight other girls over a man. Let him go, if he's yours, he's yours

  2. LOL lovely post..haha, and yes..the waxing bit is TMI :P
    I dnt like eggs either, & people that leave spiteful anonymous comments piss me off! :/

  3. Hehehee I love this. I am an Anonymous commenter for the simple fact that I am so lazy, I'd change my name everytime I comment. *I am one of the good Anons though*.

    In response to all the I wonders...Things that make you go hmmm!!
    Although, I kind of understand what letting the one you go love and yada yada ya. Have a fabulous day Lady N!!

  4. Hmmmm maybe I will start calling myself Good-Anon. Nice, a name has been born. *Sorry for having the revelation on your post*

  5. Eggs do come out of a chickens ass. lol. We had a poultry in naija.

  6. Oh and reality shows have writers because they have to take the footage they have and make a story out of it.

  7. I guess knowing women make milk, it was an easy jump to milking cows, the eggs part is confusing sha, lol..

    As for waxing, count me out.

    Anon Oma, you're welcome.

  8. Aww the anons on this blogpost are cute, saying you're the "good-anons" hahaha! sowi, it's jst cute and funny to me lol

  9. Eggs and milk?..hmm...don't care where it comes from as long as i get my powdered milk and boiled eggs...*laughing*....reality shows?..STOPPED WATCHING such years ago.... don't like pubic hair?....something is definitely w-r-o-ng!

  10. I'm with Naijamum here, If you love something, let it go. I guess they are taking it in the context of unmutual feelings.
    Nice post

  11. LMAO! Actually,cops and their clothings don't exactly match sha,but i guess they wanna give the force dignity hence the clothing.Maybe the guy who thought about milk is a perv...just saying.hehehehe.And yes,it's actually studpid to love some and let them go hoping they come back, I CAN'T DO THAT!

  12. nothing you have to die keeping is worth having in the first place..i guess that is the rationale behind let it go

  13. Thanks for the comments, co-signs and insights all. Im still not sold on the whole "if you love someone let them go thing" though lol

  14. Lady Ngo, the waxing bit was hilarious... I totally feel you


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