Sunday, May 29, 2011

something to think about


  1. Yes oh...we even have Nigerian guys like these
    However, the women are the 'ENABLERS'
    You see a car-crash man like this coming and you choose to hitch a ride with him
    Women with low self-esteem are the biggest issue.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I always say if women collectively up their standards, men will have no choice but to fall in line. But alas, when will that ever happen

  3. I suggest that everyone should level-up. You don't see a woman on the street and immediately think you can sleep with her because you picked her up and the ladies should show some self-respect, getting into a strangers car no matter the make or price only drives people to think ill of them. Women should get together and not always look for an "easy way out" by finding a man, independent lady's don't have problems with men, because such ladies cannot be approached by men with an empty pocket-what can you possible offer her, like-wise for men.everybody should level-up.

    call Nigeria


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