Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Obsession

As i've said before-if there's nothing else im girly about, im definitely girly about my shoes. So since im bored and don't really have anything probative to share, i figured i'd give you guys a peek into LadyNgo's shoe collection :)

Sadly, this is barely even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the shoes i have. I really do have an addiction. But im getting better at keeping what lil money i do have in my wallet and not in the hands of the people at the shoe stores.

These are probably my favorite. Partially because they are so comfy but also because they only cost me like $5 lol

My "im going somewhere fancy and need to look like an adult" heels

back when pointy-toe shoes were just coming back in style

just  a pair of fly heels for hanging out at a bar/lounge- no dancing or at most, 2-stepping 

another pair of pointy-toes from when they were first making their comeback

usually only worn with my chocolate brown suit

i have these in gold too

my mom calls these my "pimpette/madame" shoes because of the red interior and the fur accents (you probably can't see it)

again, just some cutesy heels for hanging out

who doesn't have boots that come to at least your calf


  1. Yeaaa I am a fellow shoe addict but I am slowly coming off my addiction.
    'SLOWLY' being the keyword

  2. wow! you sure love heels! They must look good on you and comfortable to walk for me.. i don't near them because of my 2 flat & left feet!..hehehee...HAPPY DEMOCRACY DAY.

  3. I love shoes too
    They instantly update an outfit.
    My fave has to be the silver strappy ones (the one before the boots)
    Have a good weekend

  4. I love loove shoes but not heels though :P ..i'm more of a boots and flats girl. I love your black boots!! :D

  5. someday someone somewhere will explain this fascination with shoes that pple have lol to each his own sha my own na to cook for madam

  6. @Dith- well i've slowed down quite a bit. being broke will do that to you lol

    @Ibhade- i have the flattest feet in the world lol. Everyone in my house does. I think thats actually the reason why i can't wear flat shoes. Even my flats/slippers have to have a little something on the heel.

    @Naijamum- thank you. hope u enjoy ur weekend as well :)

    @kitkat- unfortunately i barely ever have a reason to wear boots. Florida doesn't get cold enough for long enough :( I have those and one other pair that come up almost to my knees and thats it

    @okonyahouseboy- hahaha, i don't know what it is. im such a boy in almost every other regard. but theres just something about shoes. And its incredibly easy to acquire so many because with almost every new outfit, we are compelled to complete it with a new shoe to match

  7. You got a pair of shoes for $ Great collection you have there..

  8. U've got some yummy collection here (I'm green with envy). My fav are the gold pointy-toes, will do justice on my native blue lace for an owambe parry.


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