Friday, May 20, 2011

More random observations of the week

Ok this ^^^ has absolutely nothing to do with the post. I just like the song. Duncan Mighty is next in line after Flavour as one of my fav artists. (-__-) @ the video though lol

Anywho, so the 1st topic today is tipping (inspired by kitkat).

Now, i know the struggle. Waitresses make like $5/hour and thats before taxes. So they rely on tips to survive. But even knowing that, i am still probably one of the worst tippers in the world lol. I am the queen of the $2 tip regardless of whether or not $2 meets the standard 15%. My mindset is definitely why am I paying you to do your job- especially if you're not even doing your job well. And believe me, if the service sucks, you will get a spare change tip (as in, if my bill came to $12.52, you will get 48 cents to make it an even $13).

Why should i give a (good) tip if:
  • The service was not above/beyond
  • The service was downright bad
  • I don't feel like it lol (not nice, i know)
  • The person was bold enough to open their mouth (or hand) in expectation of a tip
  • You are trying to nickel-and-dime me
Examples of nickel-and-dime scam:
Including the tip on your bill if you have 6+ people in your group at a restaurant. Then have the nerve to remind you to "tip your server" again on top of the one they are already making you pay. GTFOHWTBS.
Being charged a "delivery fee" (sometimes in addition to having a minimum order amount) when you order food. I've always assumed that it went to the delivery driver but apparently not as they also say "don't forget to tip your driver". 

Next topic:  Im am the anti-roommate
In the spirit of me moving into my new (temporary) place this weekend, i feel the need to share that i am the worst roommate you could possibly have- in terms of socializing. I'll go into all of this in greater detail in my next post. But yeah, i am the type of person that believes in staying in your room unless its absolutely necessary for you to be in the common area of the apartment lol. My mom thinks im a psycho but i know a lot of people that agree with me. Unfortunately none of them have ever been my roommates. To me there are only 3 reasons why anyone should ever be in the common area of the apartment. They are:
  • You are leaving the apartment and don't feel like being a ninja and climbing out of your bedroom window
  • You are making food/washing your dishes
  • You have company and your room is not big enough to accommodate all of them 
Thats it. If you aren't doing one of the above, then you need to stay in your damn room! Also, i am anti-sharing lol. If i have a pot and you have a pot- why the hell are you using my pot??? And you didn't even ask first or wash it after? pschew, you are definitely asking for my trouble. (x_x)

Final topic before i get ready for my morning commute: Doing What You Love
The one thing I'm enjoying most about this practicum im doing (and my field in general) is how cheerful and happy everyone is. Even the people that look mean/intimidating are a laugh riot lol. Never in my wildest dreams did i think that I would want to work in Higher Education, but yet here I am (well, im still a student but you know what i mean). From my ridiculously unrealistic dreams as a child of being a marine biologist (i can't swim and i hate animals) or a biochemist (chemistry was probably my worst science subject ever) to being certain that i was going to be a guidance counselor and even starting a counselor education master's program (i do not like kids- what on earth was i thinking). This whole Higher Ed thing just kind of fell in my lap and im so glad i had the courage.gumption to pursue it (i didn't even know this career field really existed and was something you could go to school for up until literally a month before i applied for my current grad program) because despite the hard work i really am loving every bit of what im learning and doing :)

Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. I hated anything that had to do with roommate,the only one i had was one of my best friends.Also,someone once said if you do the thing you love,you won't have to work for even a day.That means you'd just be getting paid doing what you love,not exactly working.

  2. You are gonna have to share that room in the nearest future. lol

  3. lol... I guess it's better if you dont get a roomate then, I can totally see all your rules been broken in one day. lol.

  4. I am certainly your worst nightmare. I just love sharing...singing 'love is sharing'!!
    That tipping thing shaa. Thank God they are not draconian about it in the UK. I would have forfited dining out for ever. 1 pound is 250 naira. haba!

  5. Lol at the roomate thing, there are some of my things that i definitely cannot share...pot is ok but my clothes are a no go area...All the best with the roomies though

    As for the praticum, good that you are liking it, definitely what 9ja great mention if you love the job you wake up every morning with a smile not looking at it as a job

  6. roomate?...N-A-Y!

    sharing when you have yours?.....NO WAY!

    Don't like kids?..hmm..don't blame you..e no easy!

  7. @9ja-Great: Im glad someone else is feeling my pain lol. And i agree about doing what love.

    @ilola: hmmmm lol

    @9jafOOdie: i'm jus gonna have to slap the roomie around a bit so she knows to behave lol

    @Ginger: I can share if there's a reason to and if u ask first lol. But theres a problem if you take it without asking and then don't even return it in the condition you found it in

    @Ms Yellow: im sure it'll be fine. I haven't met the girl yet but it can't be any worse than my previous roommates lol

    @Ibhade: we are def on the same page here lol

  8. I love my space so i've never been pro-roommate. I currently have a roomie and we share a room so there's no running away,lol. So far so good, there's been no drama though :)
    Glad you're enjoying your work, and u already know hw i feel about tipping :P

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, really appreciate it and yes you sure don't need a roommate knowing you both would be bitter enemies, cos you are nice person but love your space, you know , I can understand

  10. you got me laffing at the whole tipping stuff, some actually see it as a compulsory happening
    Anyway as for room mates or even house-mates those are so not in my dictionary

  11. Bang on the roommates! The common room is meant to link the other rooms together not socialize lol. Good thing you found what you love :D


  12. LMAO at you hating kids..
    i like them.. but don't when they poop, puke all cry lol
    also you wanted to be a marine biologist lol.. i can't swine neither
    me and animals have a mutual agreement not to like each other. however i want to get a dog to fit in with my whole "wannabe" glamour lifestyle ...*the one in my day dream*

  13. lmao!!! at that Duncan mighty song really??? i can't as in really cannot as for roommates i am so anti-roommate even with my sister


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