Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lord of the Dance

So im sitting at a red light on my way to school today. I look to my left and i see this kid standing at the corner waiting to cross the street. I turned back hoping the light would turn green. Then i caught something out the corner of my eye. This kid was dancing his ass off in the middle of the street (well he was still standing on the corner, but you know what i mean)! Like, really dancing. Not bobbing his head or doing a two step...DAAAAAANCING! As if he was trying to get on Dancing with the Stars or auditioning for a Chris Brown video. This kid was going in! It was THE most hilarious thing ever. What makes it even funnier is that after a minute or so, he caught himself and went back to standing still waiting patiently for the light to change...only to start dancing again. Im so glad i was late for school because if i had been on time, i would've missed this lol.

Little known fact- i've always wanted to just bust out dancing in the middle of the street

Its 11:30pm here so im getting ready for bed but I'll be back later on with a real post lol.


  1. Hahaha that's hilarious! i secretly envy people that are so free and have that idgaf attitude. I've also always wanted to burst out dancing in a public place lool

  2. Only God knows what must have been going on in his head. He must really be a happy person

  3. This was a real post! Some people are passionate like that!

  4. I wish I had the boys courage for a lot more than dancing...

    Oh well

  5. exhilarating huh?.....spontaneity is the spice of life ehn?

  6. @kitkat- ikr! I wish i didn't care lol

    @ilola- i guess whatever he was listenin to on his headphones was just that good of a song lol

    @9ja-Great: where have u been?!? lol.

    @Nigerian: we all can use a heeping helping of that idgaf attitude sometimes

    @Ibhade- he look like he was enjoying himself. Was working up a sweat and everything lol

  7. Lol @ the boy dancer. I won't advise you to dance in the middle of the street, b4 someone mistakes it for something else..(don't mind me,just kidding).


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