Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Summer

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. And Welcome to all the first-time commenters and new followers *waves hello* I wanna close out my rant on the discussion by saying that I am an advocate of making your own way, especially as a woman in a society such as our own Naija. I don't think that as an adult, man or woman, that anyone should be dependent on another person if it is within their means. Thats why we have the issue of "i don't want to be with him but i can't survive/care for my children without him" And I agree with Prism and Ibhade's points regarding where women stand in Nigeria but to that i gotta say that it will be an ICE COLD DAY IN HELL before men the powers that be collectively come together to work to make life better/easier for women because as it stands, they benefit greatly from the immobilization and social stratification of women. Like my homeboy Gandhi said, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" Our situation will never improve unless we make the movements to do so (and that applies to all social issues). I know its easier said than done, especially since it involves changing mindsets, but it is what it is. And that, dear friends is why Lady Ngo is a feminist! lol

But anyway enough of that talk: make we jolly

Now that we're in a more jovial spirit, lets gist about something more interesting.

My summer semester has started and ugh, school sucks lol. Im only taking two courses this summer and doing my practicum but sheesh. Plenty of work. In preparation for my first class i had to read the ethical codes for the two major professional societies in my field, the first 32 pages of my ethics book- not bad. and the first 60 pages in my Law of Higher Education book- a complete nightmare. I have a newfound respect for those people who take an interest in studying law because having to read that nonsense was PAINFUL. Someone please pass me paracetamol!

Today was the first day of my practicum as well. Do you know these people have the nerve to assign homework- as if they are not already getting my free labor all summer, they now want to give me assignment on top of my other assignments. -__-
I kid i kid, i joke i joke! I'm actually looking forward to the experience. Everyone in the office is very nice. My supervisor is so cute with her lil southern accent that she tries so hide but it sneaks out when she gets relaxed lol. Not to mention that they are providing me with housing so i don't have to make the 45 minute drive every morning (which i wouldn't mind doing if i were getting paid. Gas is too expensive o!) and i have my own lil desk (and hopefully will have my own office in the next few weeks). All in all, i deem this situation a win!


  1. Aww you're taking summer classes? pele dearie'll pay off in the end sha.
    LOL i actually enjoyed the video :p

  2. like kitkat said....the pay off will be worth it oh....

  3. Well, living in a new place should feel like a sort of holiday shouldnt it? :) At least you get to discover a new side of your city (helping you make lemonades).
    Have fun

  4. @kitkat- i don't think there's ever been a summer since i started college that i've had summer off. Grad school (or at least my program) is continuous full time so there are no breaks allowed.

    @Sisi Yemmie- yes, im actually looking forward to getting the experience which is why im doing more hours than are actually required. Trying to make my CV/Resume look sexy lol

    @Ginger- if you could see this town u wouldn't be saying that lol. But im just glad to be out of the house :)

  5. Make we jolly o. I enjoyed the video


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