Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Monday

Its Memorial Day which means no work no school and straight up laziness for yours truly.  Ndo, Pele, Lo siento, Je suis desole, etc to those of you that don't have the day off! hahaha.

In keeping with my lazy spirit, i have been listenin to music for hours. Specifically, my future ex-husband Trey Songz. Sigh. This love affair has gone on since the first time i heard Gotta Make It back in like '04. I've been riding out with dude through I Gotta Make It, Trey Day, Anticipation (what ya'll know about that mixtape?!?), Ready (my personal favorite), and Passion, Pain & Pleasure. Ugh...i love this man. Whew. Sad how many people slept on him for so long. Glad he's finally getting his due.

I'm not just a commercial fan either. I swear, his mixtapes are even better than the studio albums. Such a versatile artist. The first time i heard him rap (a freestyle over Blame It by Jamie Foxx)...i was done for. So ladies and gents, here a lil collection of some of my fave Trey Songz...songs of the various mixtapes.


  1. What is the memorial day about? Is it the whole America that observed it?

  2. Yes, Memorial Day is a federal holiday here in the states to commemorate/remember those in the armed services.

    FunFact: Memorial Day was first celebrated by freed slaves to honor Union soldiers that died during the Civil War


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