Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashion Frenzy

I've never understood fashion, high fashion, couture, people who think they are trendy/stylish/fashionistas, etc.

When i was a lil kid i would always flip through the Ebony, Essence, Jet, etc magazines that my mom subscribed too. Since i was a kid of course i wasn't reading the stories lol, i was just looking at the pretty pictures. Without fail, month after month, I would flip to the fashion section and be extremely confused.
where the hell are you going...
wearing this ridiculous looking...


Like honesty- what situation would warrant wearing such foolishness? Why would you even create something that looks like this? I don't understand it and i never ever will. It used to scare me because as i child i thought that this is how adults dressed when they went "out" and i couldn't imagine have to put this frightening clothes on when i grew up (o_O)

Now a days we've been hit with this whole "im such a fashionista, im so trendy, look at me look at me" phenomena. Everyone thinks their ridiculous outfit is all the rage. If Christian Louboutin designed the shoe it must be amazing. If XYZ celebrity is wearing this i must also get my own version of the outfit. Never mind how much of a hot mess people look. As long as they've seen it on a celebrity/runway/magazine, it must be to die for. 
Abeg. whatever happened to be simple and sexy?!? I am far more impressed by someone who looks like a million bucks dressed like this: 

Rather than someone who thinks they are the hottest thing since sliced bread dressed like this:
courtesy of 360nobs.com

 Honestly- where are you going dressed like ^^^ that? And who determined that this is cute??? Whats even worse is people who come out of the house with their wacky "i look like im late for my 9-to-5 at the circus" multi-colored outfit and then have the nerve to pair it with a neutral handbag...you already look like a giant bag of skittles, why now are we trying to tone it down with the handbag? 

courtesy of 360nobs.com
Im all for spicing up ur wardrobe and/or throwing some color into your outfit like that ---->
because all-black-everything can be a bit boring. But come on, we've got to draw the line somewhere.

Im a very plain jane. You are far more likely to see me out in a cute top cute jeans and cute heels rather than some off-the-wall, "one of kind" out of this world lookin frock. I'll take a maxi dress and some nice sandals over the couture nonsense any day. But thats just me.


  1. Truth is, some of these things are overrated. Like my mom would say 'you children are just digging up the left overs from our 1960s collection!

    Personally, I create my style, which can be summed up as comfortable, smart, decent and fitting, who cares about overpriced couture?

  2. You couldnt have said it better! I have never and still dont understand the essence of those fashion shows. I understand if they are cultural costumes or something. But unless the world's population is Lady Gaga and her clones,most of those pieces on the runway are no practical and hence make no sense to me. But of course, the designers will have something to say....mccheeww

  3. lol. I think the clothes are mainly for effect. The crazier the better...

  4. haha great post, even though i love a little bit of crazy in my outrfits some things are just too much

    Lydz xX

  5. Lol at this post! Actually, a lot of stuff most designers show on the runway aren't meant for the streets. But, i guess some people forget that. Myself, I'm up for classy and timeless anyday!!


  6. Runway clothes are usually not meant to be worn like that, except by models and crazy celebrities like Lady Gaga. I'm also on the simple side.

  7. @P.E.T Project- i couldn't agree with u more.

    @@HoneyDame- unfortunately there are ppl who walk around looking like Lady Gaga/Nicki Minaj clones. Hot mess.

    @Ginger- i can deal with that lol. But why people feel the need to go out and buy silly get-ups is beyond me.

    @Lydz- Hey, its cool to spice it up every now and then but theres no need to go around looking like a side attraction lol. thanks for stopping by :)

  8. *thumbs up*....so damn true!


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