Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreaming!

Man blogger has been going crazy the past day or so. I know they say they are fixing the issue but i will land someone a very hot slap if they don't return my "sexxxy well-dressed man" post!!! Nonsense!

Anywho, i can't even write about what i wanted to write about anymore because i'm now over the topic lol. So my new topic is real estate...

A friend of mine was linked to this vid on facebook and curiosity struck me so i watched and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Talk about some beautiful, innovative architecture. I've always had this vision of my nice big house on Victoria Island (Banana Island if we're really ballin' lol) but i could never have envisioned anything like this. I even went to check out their website and was even more blown away. Sigh. Where is my winning lotto ticket when i need it??? Guess i'll just have to stick to hard work and dreaming for now.

I don't think i ever mentioned how i did for spring semester. Well i got two A's and an A-. Not happy about that A- but my mum told me to stop complaining so i will accept it and try for that perfect 4.0 this summer. *Does a little happy dance*


  1. Nigerians dnt joke with their homes hey..(rich ones sha lol)

  2. Una too intelligent for this blogville sef. haba. A- and you complain? hissss. happy for you shaa.

    After all the fine fine house, shebi they will still 'enjoy' terrible traffic jams, bad public roads, insecurity of life and PHCN etc etc. Abeg I am not impressed. Unless I work and live in the same estate then maybe...

  3. @Kitkat- i know lol. Truth be told, it was really the lights that got me lol. The interior design was just ok- could be better. And im not a fan of all those stairs.

    @Ginger- Well i wanted my 4.0, that A- put me at 3.9 :( As for those other conditions- thats why im happily in the US. Naija needs to undergo some serious reform before i can really say i want to live there full-time. Spoiled american girl that i am.

  4. lol @ Ginger...i wonder oo..i berra take my C's and vamoose from here..shioor!....*laughing*

    Yes Nigeria do display beautiful architectural edifices but my bone of contention as an Estate surveyor is the maintenance, i talked about this issue in 2 older posts in my blog..some of these properties depreciate very fast over the years due to neglect...NIGERIANS {including me} DO NOT HAVE THE MAINTENANCE CULTURE..nevertheless, it's a sight to behold at night.

  5. Congrats again on scoring two A's and an A- in your exams.

    Please dream your dreams, there is no crime in that. One day you will just wake up from your dream and find yourself in your dream house.

  6. Not happy about the A? Wow! Lol! Beautiful architecture oh


  7. @ibhade- very true and interesting point. I've seen that as well.

    @Surprise- Amen!

    @Adiya- im happy lol, i'd just be happier with the perfect 4.0. Just means i got to work harder now

  8. Yay!! Congrats on the great results! My palms are pressed together towards heaven for similar results too :) :)

    Nice interior decor


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