Monday, May 9, 2011

And i'm back

Hello all. As u can see im back to blogsville. I wanna thank all of you that left the kind words on the previous post. While i was gone, i did keep reading your blogs every couple of days and I gotta say God was speaking to me through some of your posts (cuz me and Him are cool like that lol) and man is it much appreciated :)

Anywho, So let me tell you all about this past weekend. Extremely eventful. I went to Tampa for my friends's graduations. I realized that there were over 30 people that i knew that graduated. Crazy.

Thursday, May 5th:
  • Woke up like 4 hours later than planned and and spent majority of midday trying to pack and get myself together for the 2hr drive back to the Bay
  • Arrived too late to see the 1st grad ceremony so i watched it on line while i waited for the 2nd ceremony to begin (which i also watched online)
  • Went out to dinner for one of my friends that graduated. Good times were had all around as i hadn't seen most of these people since December
  • Mini photo shoot after dinner (these people are obsessed with pictures lol)
Friday, May 6th:
  • Woke up bright and early for no apparent reason.
  • Got a very pleasant email from some1 special which caused me to do a mini "happy dance" around my hotel room lol
  • Went to my alma mater to do some printing and ran into a couple of old friends there as well
  • While still on campus, ran past the university bookstore and bought some stuff for my Mommy for Mother's Day since she is still complaining that i have never gotten her anything from my school
  • Since i don't have a parking decal, I had to "pay to park" which i didn't do cuz i've given this place enough of my money from 2005 to 2009. I arrived back at my car as soon as the meter maid pulled up and started writing tickets. #winning
  • Went to the local mall...its been a while since i've been there and with good reason. I've never seen such a collection of ratchetness in all my days. So sad.
  • Went and got my oil changed. As is par for the course, the mechanic was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! lol
  • Picked up my bestie and spent a few hours catching up
  • Ran into a friend/former co-worker at ColdStone Creamery
  • Saw this man who's dreads were so long that he had them tucked into his back pocket (o_0)
Saturday May 7th:
  • Spent practically the whole day chillin
  • Realized that my nail polish had chipped and decided to go out to the coolest looking Target i've ever seen to get some nail polish.
  • Got back to the hotel and realized that i didn't really wanna go out that night to my friend's grad party. Spent the next 2 hours deciding whether or not i was actually going to go out.
  • In the midst of me making up my mind about going out, i get a message from this guy- complete nonsense. Asking me if i want him to "come over and spend the night" ARE YOU MAD?!? Why would i want u to do that??? Boys these days- you say howdy-do and all of sudden they expect they can just jump into ur bed. My goodness.
  • Eventually decided to go the party:
so i got dressed...
threw on the 6 inch heels (if im not girly about anything else, im definitely girly about shoes)

Only to go outside and see that some bastard hit my car!

and they didn't even leave a "my bad" note
  • So upon seeing this i go into full overly dramatic igbo woman frenzy complete with throwing my hands up over my head shouting phrases such as "chai" "chineke mei" and of course "chi'm ebuo'm". Then went into my overly dramatic ghetto black girl routine of shouting, cursing, and shaking my head- but then some unsavory characters pulled up next to my car and began what appeared to be a drug deal so i quietly got into my car and drove away before something much worse than dings and scratches on the car could occur.
  • After that whole scene, i was determined to have a damn good time that night...which i did. I love African parties (the young lady throwing the party is Ghanaian)...except that the parents never want to leave so you spend the majority of the night trying to be on your best behavior (or what we consider "best behavior" for a party lol) until they leave (which never completely happens anyway).
  • I swear i saw Nkem Owoh's Ghanaian twin brother at that party!
  • Saw a lot of new and old faces that night. Had a lot (and i do mean a lot) of laughs, especially off of my drunk friends who never fail when it comes to entertaining lol. These are the times when i truly miss living in Tampa BUT it is what it is.
  • After the party i ran to McDonalds (i didn't eat at the party- don't ask me why. I should have!) and went back to the hotel, ate, showered up then spent the rest of the night not being able to sleep -_-
Sunday May 8th:
  • Did not fall asleep until 7:30am- and had to be out of the hotel by 11am. Ridiculous!
  • Checked out of the hotel. While doing so, i talked to the lady at the desk about what happened to my car. All she said was "damn, thats messed up" -___-
  • Was supposed to have had brunch with my friend but unfortunately we weren't able to link up in time so i just decided to hit the road.
  • As i was struggling to get myself out of the hotel these lil hooligans just sat there and allowed me to struggle. No "let me get the door for you" or "let me help u with that ma'am". Nada. Just looked at me like i had 2 heads and kept walking. Youngsters nowadays. smh
  • When i got home (and after taking a much needed nap) i went out to the pizza place near my house. And this lil kid came up to me and said "What time is it". No "excuse me" or "pardon me" or anything. Just walked up to me as if i knew her or i was her mate or something and said "what time is it" WTH?!? I swear i don't understand kids these days.
All in all i had a fabulous time this weekend. I even seriously contemplated moving back to Tampa (Im not gonna do that most likely, but its fun to dream). Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well and for all the Mommy's out there: (belated) Happy Mother's Day

P.S. Thanks Surprise for the blog award :)


  1. Welcome baack. Funny post, esp the man with the tucked in dreads, your reaction to the car scratch, and the drug dealer. Funny stuff. You sure had an eventful past few days.

  2. Welcome back,we missed you...or at least i know i did...hehehehe! It good to know you had fun and sorry about your car.

  3. @Prism: thank you. I was trying to get a pic of that man with the dreads but he kept ducking and dodging me lol

    @9ja-Great: u were missed as well :) as for the car, well it could've been worse (thats what i've been telling myself to keep from going mad lol)

  4. Your feet are so pretty, lol...very girlish indeed. Welcome back o.

    You had an interesting few days. It bothers me so much that some people will bash your car and not even try to let you know, that has happened to us too. SMH

  5. Yay! Welcome back! Sorry about your car- will i look bad if i say i laughed out loud to that bullet point and the gangstas? X_x


  6. yeiiiiiii she's back!!!!! Welcome back... sorry about ur car :(

  7. Your party face :)
    the image of the guy with long dreads..urghhh
    the texter/rude kids :!
    the car accident :(
    the fun night you had :D

    Welcome back..

  8. @Myne: Well i hate my feet lol but im glad that u like 'em. Yeah ppl are too rude nowadays with hittin cars and acting as if it didnt happen.

    @Adiya: don't feel bad o. If it were happening to someone else i'd lol too hahaha

    @9jafOODie: Thanks darling

    @Ginger: aawww, thank you :)

  9. I just hate when this happens! *musing* where went my comment?!!!
    those shoes look hawt on you! 6'inches, I doff my hat! I love your ability to have had fun inspite of it all. Good to have you back..

  10. Welcome back.

    LOL @ "Saw this man who's dreads were so long that he had them tucked into his back pocket".

    Regarding the blog award, it's my pleasure.

  11. Welcome back.
    pele about ya car

  12. @HoneyDame- i have a serious high-heel obsession, i need help! lol

    @surprise- thank u dear :)

    @Nobs- thanks :)

  13. Good to have you back and you back with a bang! I'm so loving those shoes :)


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