Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...Parte Dos!

Hello all, welcome to the 2nd edition of Lady Ngo's You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...
(The 1st edition was released back in October 2010- when my blog was a lonely newborn and I had not yet immersed myself in the blog community)
Here I will discuss a number of things that "grind my gears" (aka, get on my nerves, bother me, etc) in an effort to clear my brain of the clutter before i begin working on the million of papers, proposals, exams, and presentations that are due in the next 2 weeks.

So lets get to it...

  1. Gas Prices: On thursday when i filled up my tank, gas was $3.64 at my fave gas station. On saturday afternoon, gas was $3.80 at the same station. Tuesday afternoon (4pm) gas was still $3.80. By Tuesday evening (yes the same tuesday) gas was $3.76! Someone please explain this to me because it makes no sense.
  2. Bum-ass niggaz (pardon my french) that sit around complaining about women (usually black women) and how their woman needs to have this that and the third (usually ridiculous, unrealistic, material/superficial qualifications)...but yet they themselves are not bringing anything at all to the table. Like Lyfe Jennings says, "Don't be a nickel out here looking for a dime". In some instances it should be "don't be a penny out here looking for a 100 dollar bill!" STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! (same can be said for women)
  3. Judgmental people- particularly those Nigerians that think all Americans- abi, African Americans behave/think/etc in some particular kind of way. I have heard so many times "i can't believe you were raised in America- you don't act like an American/You're so Naija!" Well how does an American act?!? *for the benefit of those that don't know, i was born and raised in the US. My mom and my step-dad are African American and my (Nigerian) dad abandoned left us when i was a kid (why im so naija, i have no idea, guess its just in my blood lol)*  Thats like me saying, "OMG, you don't act like a Nigerian, you're not trying to scam me!" Ridiculous, right?!? So in short, if you don't want all Nigerians to be stereotyped by the corrupt politicians, kidnappers, religious fanatics, 419ers/yahoo-yahoo boys that represent the minority of our country, then don't judge (African)Americans by the pimps, thugs, druggies, etc that represent the minority of that population!
  4. People that can't drive. Do us a favor folks: Save a life and ride the bus!
  5. When people tell me to say something in African. Similarly, people that assume (or outright tell me) that everyone in Africa speaks Swahili (>_<)
  6. Foolish guys on facebook. This is a two parter:
    1. Guys that add random naked girls on fb. What is your problem. Not only is that probably not a real person (let alone one that gives a hoot who you are), all they do is send links to what i assume is spam/porn/whatever. Not to mention that now, every time they tag you in one of their nasty pics, it comes up on my mini-feeds. Get it together.
    2. Guys that use fb as a dating website (naija guys, i'm definitely talking to some of ya'll)...that is NOT its intended purpose! The original purpose of facebook (i joined in 2005) was for college students only, to be able to keep in contact with old friends and meet new friends at their university. Somewhere along the line it turned into the fb we see today. Not to say that hook-ups didnt happen because they definitely did (guilty!) but it certainly wasn't with random people halfway around the world! I can't tell you how many random friend requests and messages i get saying "oh baby, u are so beautiful, i wanna marry you, i want u to have my babies, here's my number +23480XXXXXXXX". Are you serious?!? I'm flattered, i guess but also a lil creeped out lol
There's a lot of other things that grind my gears but i'll stop there for now. Look out for part 3 lol.


  1. Men can ask for whatever they want, because we have all of the leverage... Women like to pick men who are bums... and get pregnant by these said bums... and it is out of control... And rarely women address this...

    There are millions of ideas that would executed with an intended purpose and transformed into something else... FB is no different...


  2. Hehehehehe...LadyNgo,you don finish 9ja guys,chei.But sha,lots of us dey eff up.

  3. @No 4 ... tell me about it! they live among us. SMH.
    @ No 5: thank u thank u thank u.... LIKE in this internet age, I don't know why anyone will assume Africa is a country.. even if you live in a cave, you should know better.

  4. hahaha loved this post! i am guilty of stereotyping black americans and i know i hate it when people stereotype nigerians/africans...smh. i better stop it lol
    guys that add random naked girls on fb irritate the heck outta me, and the ones that use fb as a dating site piss me off too,lol
    I cant count the number of people who have asked me if i speak swahili..smh

  5. u are on point girl! All those peeps thinking Africa is a country should go do some exploring! Maybe I should start assuming Europe is a


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