Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't even like the name Ngo

I've never really been that fond of name abbreviations. The first time any1 ever called me Ngo was in college. It was this guy that was trying to screw court me. The a brief synopsis of the convo is as follows:

T- Hey, Ngo!
Me- What did you call me?!?
T- Wetin dey do u eh, Ngo. Is that not your name?!?
Me- No, its not my name, It is Ngozi, not Ngo! hissssssss
T- So you don't go by Ngo, abi? What will ur sweerie call u den?
Me- He will call me Ngozi, or better yet by my first name, as will u!

*see there, u learned something new, Ngozi is not my first name!*
To date, there is only one person that i've allowed to call me Ngo- even then, only because its sounds cute when he said it lol.

I am equally against being called Ng (pronounced en-gee)! WTF?!? Double hiss on that one. That one i hadn't ever heard until last october at this one Nigeria @ 50 celebration i went to. Naija ppl wit these abbreviations. I don't just understand why we name our children like 50 names, 10 letters or more per name and then reduce the name to just 2 or 3 letters. Lazy! -__-

On the same token, I don't like people overstating my name either. Like my S.O. has called me Ngozika, Ngozichukwu, Ngozichukwuka, etc (He gets a pass though because i like the names and well, because he's my boo lol). Don't get me wrong, I love love love all 3 of those names and i've always felt some kind of way about the fact that i am Ngozi instead of Ngozika- but at the end of the day im Ngozi.

Ngozi, in the grand scheme of Igbo names is pretty simple. So I don't get all the wahala. Theres no need to abbreviate an already abbreviated name lol. It is only one more syllable to say Ngozi vs. Ngo/Ng!

So why did i chose the moniker Lady Ngo even though i clearly don't like the name Ngo??? Your guess is as good as mine!

Sidenote: My lil cutie pie turns 5 years old today. Time is just flying by! Happy Birthday Brianna, Auntie loves you :)


  1. haha! I think most igbo names tend to sound more "igbotic" if you shorten them or elongate them :p my igbo name is adorah, but some people insist on calling me Ada Orah!..its like WTF!! thats not my name,lol.

  2. Yea, I can understand why you chose LadyNgo. It is worth it.

    Happy birthday to Brianna. I hope Auntie will send some birthday yumm-yumm to us. Lol

  3. I think Igbo names are beautiful especially when you know what the "sentence" name means.I wonder what your first name is then?

  4. I am constantly fighting a battle to preserve my name in its natural state. The worst offenders are Igbos who even have the audacity to tell me that I do not know how to pronounce my own name.

  5. I meant in its original state, not its natural state.

  6. LOL You asked the same question i was asking- so why Ngo on the blog mmmh? I know oh, Nigerians are too lazy to call full names, so why not just give short names i wonder. People most times assume my name is a short form cause it's got only 5 letters lol


  7. lol... no matter how porsche ur name is, Nigerians ve a way of pronouncing it in an annoying way lol...

  8. I hate Ngoo too...aka Ngoo baby lol. Even if its your preferred short name I'll say the full. My niece uses Zeezee though. Just like I hate Chichi. I normally correct those who want to shorten my name to that. My name is not Chichi!!

  9. @kitkat- i pronounced it ada orah in my head too lol
    @Surprise- *smiles*
    @Okeoghene- i agree about the igbo names. Since Madame Sting has let the cat out of the bag, my first name is Jennifer :)
    @Natural Nigerian- i can't lie, i struggled with trying to pronounce my last name for a long time. Now i struggle with trying to explain to other ppl how to pronounce it and how the english and igbo alphabet are two different monsters lol
    @Adiya- even though my name too is 5 letters, im sometimes guilty of assuming that theres "more name" when i see other short names too lol
    @Chizy- lol
    @Ginger- ZeeZee, thats a good one. ChiChi is soooo overused and can apply to too many names.
    @Madame Sting- of course now i have to ask how u knew that lol

  10. Hmmm....i actually didn't let the cat out of the bag. You did. Take a look at your formspring. I'm just a little more detail oriented than others or maybe i'm a professional amebo.... lol

  11. LOL @ this

    I have had my name bastardised so many times that i dont bother correcting people any more

    If you can spell my name correctly on whatever cheque you are making out to me - I'm good! LOL

  12. You have to explain why you named your blog a name you don't like. Or maybe you were just fronting for that guy? LOL...

  13. @ Madam sting: you really are a detail oriented professional amebo. lol. You use your eyes very well.

  14. @Myne Whitman,my thought exactly!


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