Friday, April 1, 2011

dream cars

2010 Chrysler 300C Hemi

Oh Chrysler i've pinned for you over the years. Ever since the first time i laid eyes on you back in 2005. My love for you has never wained. One day my dear, you will be mine. Its only a matter of time. (My S.O. doesn't like the car. He calls it the "Wannabe Bentley". I have no problem with that. Let me enjoy my fake Bentley!)

2007 Chevy HHR

Yeah, I know, the car is not much to look at. Its quite unattractive at first.  I was driving this car for about a month and a half while my car was in the shop (the mechanic paid for it themselves because they tried to cheat me in my auto repairs- they obviously don't know 'bout me!!!). When they pulled the car around i almost fainted. Why should I have had to drive this big ugly thing??? I felt like i was driving a hearse or something. Ugh. But eventually i grew to love the car. The ride is sooooo smooth, got pretty good gas mileage, and to be quite honest, its a major upgrade from the cars i've been driving since i got my license & first car back in '04 (87 honda accord, 2000 hyundai elantra, 2005 hyundai accent). In comparison to the compact cars that i'm used to driving, the HHR had me feeling quite powerful behind the wheel lol.

Sidenote: My baby brother just kicked in my door to tell me he got his learners permit today...goodness, i feel so old. 


  1. Keep on dreaming. There is no crime in dreaming. One day your dream will come to reality. When it eventually happens, please send I.V. to us o for the 'washing' party.

  2. i dunno why but for some reason, i'm jst not into cars. As long as its decent looking, i'm game lol.

  3. hahahahahhaha @ he side note.

    dreams keep our hope alive.

    i know NATHING about as long as i can get to my destination without hiccup, any car goes..:)

  4. I agree with your boyfriend.
    I dislike the Chrysler and we call it 'Ghetto Bentley' *smile*

    My dream car is the Bentley Continental GT coupe:

    Honestly, if I had that car, I wouldnt even bother getting dressed up...I'd be in shorts and flip flops all day, everyday ! *smile*

  5. I like nice cars o, but until I can afford them, I look away, lol...These are tempting.

  6. I also love the Bently wannabe,it's very cool and big and ooooooooo!

  7. You're not alone. Though i like the new Range Rover. One day, our dreams will come true and we'll look back and laugh and point to all the models of the same car we love in our garage.

  8. @kitkat and Ibhade- I'm not a car person either- i would drive anything that looks decent and gets me from point a to point b. BUT, these are two cars that i actively want lol.

    @Myne- hahaha, i try to look away too.

    @A-9ja-Great- my feelings exactly

    @Surprise and Rachel- one day o!

    @Naijamum- don't hate on my dream car o! lol That Bentley GT Coupe is nice but not my cup of tea. Don't like the body shape.

  9. If a Chrysler 300 could actually read or talk, it would be so happy to read this. :) I have to agree that it has some similarities to a Bentley. Have you seen the Chrysler 300S John Varvatos? You should see it! It will definitely astonish you!

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  11. yeah right keep dreaming nothing would be taken away from you if you would dream on something. even me i dream to have a car on my own someday

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  12. I’m a fan of Chrysler as well. This car definitely gives off a cool presence. The interior is very supple and comfortable. And the navigation is clear and very handy. No wonder you fall in love with it. Haha! But dreams do come true, right?

    Kyle Schmidt


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