Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So thanks to Stuff Nigerians Love/Hate my newest obsession is Memoirs of a SLU...shhkid! Im sad that i read through all 41 weeks in two days because now, like the rest of the readers, have to wait a week until the next update lol. Anywho, so im reading these stories and i i don't even know how i feel. The thought process was as follows:

  • Who is this Nobs guy?
  • OMG, this guy is a slut lol
  • Whats up wit these girls? Is it really that serious?
  • Who is this Nobs guy that these chicks are fallin all over themselves?
  • Is this forreal??? lol. 
  • Man, this is beyond entertaining. Its 3am, i have to be up in a few hours but im too engrossed in reading these memoirs to make myself go to sleep.
  • Man i wish this guy was my friend- just to be able to see this life for myself. Seems like there would be much enjoying from hanging out with him lol
Unfortunately, as I said im all caught up on the memoirs, so now what??? I definitely did some searching about this one Noble Igwe (Twitter, Facebook...yeah a lil stalkerish but whatever. DJM!). Once i satisfied my curiosity over this guy (which included following him on twitter- again, stalkerish and again, DJM), i started exploring the rest of www.360nobs.com. Its actually a pretty cool site. I even noticed a post about our very own Myne Whitman and her novel A Love Rekindled

There's a lot going on with that site o! Literally there's something for everyone, from fashion, to music, to current events and everything in between. Im making it my personal project to explore the site further. I've since started reading the "Bolade, You Are" story. Haven't gotten too far as i've been lazy as hell all day.

Long story short- check out 360nobs.com :) *feeling like a groupie right now lol


  1. Yay First...
    I hope THE AMAKA will not catch me.
    Thank you for taking out time to do this.
    Thank you for visiting 360nobs.com
    Awwww.You read the entire Memoirs under 24hours.
    I'll keep coming back.


  2. Really? Ill have to check out the site as well.

  3. I'm on week 2..sounds like I'm watching one of those series...lol

  4. lol he's definitely a slut. i am reading memoirs of a slush kid too..smh.

  5. I've been following the memoirs from beginning. Nobs is such a cool person too, spoke to him while I was in Nigeria though we couldn't meet up. The website is really cool.

  6. @Nobs- no problem :) im really diggin the site so far. 2 thumbs up from me!

    @ Sisi, Vyvyka, & kitkat- i'd love to hear you all's commentary lol

  7. OMG! Dis sounds just like me! Also read4rm like week 1 to week 39 in 24hrs whn I first "discovered" 360nobs and d memoirs nd nw spend ma time tryin 2 explore thw rest of the site. I'm so jittery cme every monday whn another post cmes thru!Nd yes I'm a bit stalkerish on twitter bt hey I'm just a fan! :) Love it! Cld hav evn tried 2 discribe it bettr!Finshd the Bolade series! Nd nw on d fashion part of 360nobs! Totally d Number 1 fan in Ghana!

  8. You guys here want to add to my problems. I easily get addicted to a nice site. I am on a full time day job. How do I cope with reading his memoirs and the rest. I think I will start from somewhere and even if it means having some sleepless nights.

    In the alternative, could someone plse do a summary of the whole stuff for me? Thanks

  9. Forget it! i came here y.day, went on to his site and started from the beginning. I have been mincing the reading though, Cos I dnt wanna suddenly find out that it is all read!
    I am sooooo hooked... Thanks for leading me to it..You are a darl..:)

  10. Ok,enough about y'all telling me about this Nobs guy,i dey go him site asap! Ah ahn! *runs off to 360nobs.com*

  11. your review is making me want to read it. i'm not Nigerian but i think i will go and check it out



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