Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I gotta go

Hello ladies and gents.

I know its been a few days since i've blogged. School has had a strangle hold on me (and still does for the next 3 days). I am proud to announce however that I got an A in my finance class (yay me!) and only have 3 more assignments to work on before I am officially done for the semester ( i started out "the final stretch" with 7 assignments- im making progress).

Anywho, aside from that, life has taken a very strange turn in the past couple of days. I have a lot of issues I need to sort through so i'll officially be giving social media a rest for a lil while (I've already deactivated my fb, set aside my twitter and now im here to bid you all adieu!). I need to be alone with my thoughts and figure some things out for myself. Im hoping that this time of self-reflection, prayer, and a lil retail therapy will help give me some clarity and guide me in the right direction about certain things that are/aren't happening.

With that said, ttyl blogsville!
Deuces for now!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't even like the name Ngo

I've never really been that fond of name abbreviations. The first time any1 ever called me Ngo was in college. It was this guy that was trying to screw court me. The a brief synopsis of the convo is as follows:

T- Hey, Ngo!
Me- What did you call me?!?
T- Wetin dey do u eh, Ngo. Is that not your name?!?
Me- No, its not my name, It is Ngozi, not Ngo! hissssssss
T- So you don't go by Ngo, abi? What will ur sweerie call u den?
Me- He will call me Ngozi, or better yet by my first name, as will u!

*see there, u learned something new, Ngozi is not my first name!*
To date, there is only one person that i've allowed to call me Ngo- even then, only because its sounds cute when he said it lol.

I am equally against being called Ng (pronounced en-gee)! WTF?!? Double hiss on that one. That one i hadn't ever heard until last october at this one Nigeria @ 50 celebration i went to. Naija ppl wit these abbreviations. I don't just understand why we name our children like 50 names, 10 letters or more per name and then reduce the name to just 2 or 3 letters. Lazy! -__-

On the same token, I don't like people overstating my name either. Like my S.O. has called me Ngozika, Ngozichukwu, Ngozichukwuka, etc (He gets a pass though because i like the names and well, because he's my boo lol). Don't get me wrong, I love love love all 3 of those names and i've always felt some kind of way about the fact that i am Ngozi instead of Ngozika- but at the end of the day im Ngozi.

Ngozi, in the grand scheme of Igbo names is pretty simple. So I don't get all the wahala. Theres no need to abbreviate an already abbreviated name lol. It is only one more syllable to say Ngozi vs. Ngo/Ng!

So why did i chose the moniker Lady Ngo even though i clearly don't like the name Ngo??? Your guess is as good as mine!

Sidenote: My lil cutie pie turns 5 years old today. Time is just flying by! Happy Birthday Brianna, Auntie loves you :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Observations for the Week

Yes, i have like 5 projects to work on but the internet just keeps calling my name so i figured i'd post a lil something before i go back to pretending to do some work.

Getting "Caught Out There"
I don't understand how people allow themselves to get caught out there. I have a friend that was messing with a whoooooooooooole lot of different girls at the same time. Im pretty sure they didn't all know about each other- some may have though (yes its that many girls). So one day, this guy decides to put himself on blast about the nice stuff one of his "friends" did for him (which included buying him things, taking him places, and flying out to visit him). Now this guy is wondering why all his OTHER "friends" have vanished. LOL. You can't be serious. What did you think was going to happen when you don't follow the rules of the game? There's only so long a chick- no matter how cool she pretends to be with being one of many- is gonna put up with it, especially when you're broadcasting your "pimp hand" to the world.

Obama and the tax cuts
So i don't normally discuss politics because its all mostly bullskittles and propaganda (here and worse in 9ja). But it really gets my goat when other people talk about politics when they have no clue what they are talking about. Take Obama and these tax breaks. The tax cuts from the Bush era have expired and Obama doesn't want to renew them (for lack of a better phrase) for the wealthy. I have a friend that is so up in arms about this. All i ever hear about is how Obama wants to take her money. So, i just ask, ok how do you figure Obama wants to take your money. This chick starts talking about the tax breaks. Now, what little i know about it is that the people who won't qualify for the tax breaks will have to make $200,000 a year ($250,000 as a couple). So im thinkin to myself:
"bitch, your broke ass doesn't make $200k!!! If you combined your income, your siblings income and your parents income you STILL wouldn't make $200k! So what the hell are u babbling about?!? If you are just being bandwagoner and talking shit because the damn Republicans, Tea Baggers Tea Party, KKK or whoever told u to then u need to get your ish together!"

Reading a new blog
The one thing i hate about discovering/following a new blog is all the old stuff that i missed out on reading. I hate when i start flipping through a new blog and find a post from like 2009 that i desperately want to comment on but it seems pointless 2+ years later :( 

So yesterday was 4-20: the (inter)national weed smokers day. People call in sick, ditch school, etc and spend the day smoking up. Whatever. Im on facebook looking at how many people are saying "Happy 4/20" and thinking you oughta be ashamed of yourself 20-something years old, got kids, and still talkin about gettin high like you're a teenager. SMH. I'd be interested to see how many people are gonna be hitting the unemployment line by the end of the week because I KNOW some people are gonna be doing surprise drug tests for the occassion lol.
letter posted on 4/19

Monday, April 18, 2011

The new goodnight kiss

(Ok, im a horrible person because my first thought when i watched this was thank God they are white/not black! Thats not to say that i don't think lil black girls are runnin around like this too cuz im sure they are but its just refreshing to not have to be the one on the awful news story every once in a while) Anywho...this is crazy. Oral sex is "no big deal"? Sex parties? Having sex for answers on your homework? Selling your virginity? What the F*CK. I can't even imagine. It wasn't THAT long ago that i was in middle/high school. In my day, girls definitely were not running around sucking d*cks. That was behavior of hookers, nasty girls, etc (i've never outgrown that mentality so u can guess at least 1 thing that i don't do lol TMI?). And if you were going down on dudes, u certainly weren't telling anyone other than maybe ur bestie (if that) about it. What's scariest is that these lil girls don't have any shame at all. Even if i were doing those things i'd be damned if i went on national tv and told everybody!

And this right here is why i've never wanted daughters! Or at the very least, i want to have boys first so they can play that protective big brother role. It used to be that I didn't want any girls because girls have attitudes, and get periods, and are supposed to be good whereas "boys will be boys"- not to mention that if your daughter turns up pregnant theres not a chance in hell that its not hers lol. But a boy comes home saying some chick is pinning a baby on him, there's still some hope that the girl was a loosey-goosey and it really belongs to somebody else's son.

Then i went through a phase (after i got to college) where i didn't want any daughters because of all the crap that i pulled when i was a teenager- and i wasn't even half as bad as my friends. I was the girl that while everyone else had started skipping classes in middle school, i didn't start ditching until like 11th grade but still kept my As and occasional Bs. I was the girl that would have a swig of alcohol and never ever touched a drug (still haven't) while my friends were getting nice and toasty and/or high as a kite. I was the girl that used to sneak out of the house at night and go run around joking and laughing, and occasionally sneaking into the city- not sneaking out and going to a freaking orgy!

Now we are on a completely different playing field. If i hadn't seen this clip i never would've imagined things like this were happening- especially since this was hardly an issue when i was in high school which was only 2001-2005. Being a good, involved parent isn't enough anymore. I know that the biggest reason why i wasn't a complete rebel is because i knew the caliber of ass-whooping that would be awaiting my if i slipped up and start acting a complete fool! One of the lines that i've always heard from my parents as well as others is "You can't fool me/get away with things because everything you do i've already done". Well that clearly isn't the case anymore! I can't imagine what it would be like as a single dad and finding out this is what your daughter is doing.

Friday, April 15, 2011

How sacred is the v-card?!?

Please ignore my rambling...i tried to create some sort of method to the madness here as best as i could lol

So the tale as old as time is that a virgin is more desirable, worthy, coveted, *insert adjective here* when a man is looking for a bride (since we've been socialized to believe that while women are supposed to be chaste and keep themselves, men are allowed to be slores. To which i reply- then who are they supposed be slutting it up with? But thats a whole other story).
Do you agree? Fellas, if somehow you were granted some kind of mystical power to make your potential bride to be a virgin, would you use it? Why or why not?

I'll keep it 100 and say that if my future hubby is interested in marrying a virgin, he missed the boat. Sorry future boo! Do i regret that or feel some kind of way about that? Sometimes i do, but most times i don't. Its life and what has happened, has happened *Kanye shrug*

With that being said, I do see the value in having something special that your hubby can say (to himself cuz there's no need to talk about our bedroom mambo to the world) only he has gotten from you. But shouldn't that be you're undying love and commitment? Shouldn't that be the vow you took before God to love, honor, cherish *insert verb here* for the rest of your lives?

So why so much emphasis on a woman's virginity status? Why do some men get stars in their eyes when they hear a girl still has her V-Card? And how do we even define virginity? How can you even tell a woman is a virgin? Because trust me, blood on the bedsheets (or lack thereof) the first night is not proof. A woman can tear her hymen at any point in life (exercising, playing sports, being involved in an accident, etc). Similarly, one can undergo hymenoplasty and you won't be any the wiser. Tightness isn't proof either because the va-jay-jay contains elastin- it stretches and contracts. So unless your mate has had a baby or has been engaging in some SERIOUSLY deviant behavior, this is not a valid assessment either.

So again, i do feel like there are special things that only a husband and wife should share, even on the most basic levels. I know and i've made it quite clear to the people i've dated in the past that there are things (in and out of the bedroom) that i only plan on doing with my husband. Ever heard the expression "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"? Yeah, i fully subscribe to that notion. For example, i've seen chicks (even as young as high school age) that completely cater to their boyfriends- cooking their meals, cleaning their apartments, doing their laundry, etc. so much so that (some) guys have come to expect it. WTF? It couldn't be me, and i'm a grown ass woman! Yeah i might make you dinner every once in a while or possibly help you out domestically but come on now. Thats not going to be a regular occurrence at the boyfriend/girlfriend stage! I'm not your mama, your wife, your maid or your slave so why would i be doing these things?

Man i could go on and on with this topic but its nearly 6pm and i havent eaten anything all day lol. So with that i bid you, dear readers, adieu! Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother kills self and 3 children

This is just so sad. I don't even know what to think or feel about this story, because it seems like it could have been prevented. Thank God at least one of the children survived. Very very sad story.

Read the full story here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...Parte Dos!

Hello all, welcome to the 2nd edition of Lady Ngo's You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...
(The 1st edition was released back in October 2010- when my blog was a lonely newborn and I had not yet immersed myself in the blog community)
Here I will discuss a number of things that "grind my gears" (aka, get on my nerves, bother me, etc) in an effort to clear my brain of the clutter before i begin working on the million of papers, proposals, exams, and presentations that are due in the next 2 weeks.

So lets get to it...

  1. Gas Prices: On thursday when i filled up my tank, gas was $3.64 at my fave gas station. On saturday afternoon, gas was $3.80 at the same station. Tuesday afternoon (4pm) gas was still $3.80. By Tuesday evening (yes the same tuesday) gas was $3.76! Someone please explain this to me because it makes no sense.
  2. Bum-ass niggaz (pardon my french) that sit around complaining about women (usually black women) and how their woman needs to have this that and the third (usually ridiculous, unrealistic, material/superficial qualifications)...but yet they themselves are not bringing anything at all to the table. Like Lyfe Jennings says, "Don't be a nickel out here looking for a dime". In some instances it should be "don't be a penny out here looking for a 100 dollar bill!" STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! (same can be said for women)
  3. Judgmental people- particularly those Nigerians that think all Americans- abi, African Americans behave/think/etc in some particular kind of way. I have heard so many times "i can't believe you were raised in America- you don't act like an American/You're so Naija!" Well how does an American act?!? *for the benefit of those that don't know, i was born and raised in the US. My mom and my step-dad are African American and my (Nigerian) dad abandoned left us when i was a kid (why im so naija, i have no idea, guess its just in my blood lol)*  Thats like me saying, "OMG, you don't act like a Nigerian, you're not trying to scam me!" Ridiculous, right?!? So in short, if you don't want all Nigerians to be stereotyped by the corrupt politicians, kidnappers, religious fanatics, 419ers/yahoo-yahoo boys that represent the minority of our country, then don't judge (African)Americans by the pimps, thugs, druggies, etc that represent the minority of that population!
  4. People that can't drive. Do us a favor folks: Save a life and ride the bus!
  5. When people tell me to say something in African. Similarly, people that assume (or outright tell me) that everyone in Africa speaks Swahili (>_<)
  6. Foolish guys on facebook. This is a two parter:
    1. Guys that add random naked girls on fb. What is your problem. Not only is that probably not a real person (let alone one that gives a hoot who you are), all they do is send links to what i assume is spam/porn/whatever. Not to mention that now, every time they tag you in one of their nasty pics, it comes up on my mini-feeds. Get it together.
    2. Guys that use fb as a dating website (naija guys, i'm definitely talking to some of ya'll)...that is NOT its intended purpose! The original purpose of facebook (i joined in 2005) was for college students only, to be able to keep in contact with old friends and meet new friends at their university. Somewhere along the line it turned into the fb we see today. Not to say that hook-ups didnt happen because they definitely did (guilty!) but it certainly wasn't with random people halfway around the world! I can't tell you how many random friend requests and messages i get saying "oh baby, u are so beautiful, i wanna marry you, i want u to have my babies, here's my number +23480XXXXXXXX". Are you serious?!? I'm flattered, i guess but also a lil creeped out lol
There's a lot of other things that grind my gears but i'll stop there for now. Look out for part 3 lol.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Old Hollywood (part 2)

I don't know what has happened to hollywood over the years but beauty from this time period is just so...timeless.
Betty Grable...she reminds me of a mix between Kate Winslet and Christina Aguilera

The one and only Elizabeth beautiful
Liz as Cleopatra

Grace Kelly

Hedy Lamarr

Judy Garland

Sophia Loren

Friday, April 8, 2011

old hollywood

There's just something so glamorous about old hollywood...

Audrey Hepburn a la Breakfast at Tiffany's

Ava Gardner

Eva Gabor

James Dean...yum

Lauren Bacall

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz...I Love Lucy! lol

Marilyn Monroe...timeless style icon.

Marlon Brando...loved him since i first saw A Streetcar Named Desire

Zsa Zsa Gabor


So the topic has come up several times over the past few weeks of what to do if a couple finds out that one of them (lets say the wife) can't bear children. What should/could the couple do? Overwhelmingly, the result has been that the man will leave the wife and look for another that is capable of bearing children.

For me, I am not 100% sure that I want kids. Some of you have seen me talking about questioning being a mother because of the crazy world we live in and fear of having something bad happen to my kids. But thats not completely it. There's a lot of reasons (that i don't feel like getting in to) why i'm not sure about having babies. And God forbid i should find the man of my dreams and he decides he no longer wants to be with me because he wants a stable of children and i'm teetering around wanting 0-3.

So yes, thats why its personal for me. Because i can quite clearly see myself being the victim of "i don't want you because you don't want to/can't have kids."

Now, I know that the desire to have children is different and of different importance to everyone. So I can understand why being with a partner who is barren (such an ugly word) may be cause for considerable concern. I get that. And i try not to judge when i hear people (men) say "oh i could never be with a woman who can't bear my children". But its hard to keep a straight face when i hear such things.

What's even worse is if you've already married this person and later find out that she can't have kids so you just leave. What in hell is that about??? When you took those vows to love and cherish, in SICKNESS and in health, forsaking ALL OTHERS, 'til death do you part- nowhere in there did it say it was cool to bounce because of infertility. I don't even understand how you can leave the person you love...the person you wanted to share the rest of your life with, because of something that's not even under her control. It truly boggles the mind.

Not everyone is meant to have kids. Having kids is God's will. Did you ever stop to think that maybe it is you, the man, who God meant not to have any children. And thus in creating this woman for you, the result was her being barren? Do you know how many children exist in this world already that are in need of a good home via adoption or foster care? Ugh, the whole thing just makes me mad.I hope this one is not my own burden to bear and that if for some reason it is, that whomever i am with will stick it out with me.

*This just my own view. Im not here to be anyone's judge and jury so i hope i've not offended anyone :)

I've got the blues...and other musings

So... i'm a bit pissed sad. I had an interview a few days ago- and since i'm pissed sad, i'm sure you can tell that i didn't get the job. It wasn't really a job, but a grad assistantship which, from a financial standpoint, would've had me on "easy street" for the rest of my master's program. What's really irking me is that it was such a major waste of time (especially since i only wanted it because of the financial benefits- and the potential co-workers were all very nice). I submitted my application, had a phone interview which went very well since i got the follow-up interview (i know for a fact that there were definitely a large number of ppl applying, many of whom didn't even make it to the second interview so i guess im thankful to an extent that i got that far). The follow-up interview was an all day affair. When i got the call that they wanted to interview me, and what the interview entailed, i figured that if they hadn't already made up their mind to hire me then i at least had a very VERY good shot at getting the position. Long story short when i got the email saying they were not interested i was beyond pissed and was ready willing and able to send the most offensive email known to man back for them having wasted my whole day driving damn near an hour to the institution, wasting over 20 minutes parking- and subsequently having to park several blocks away and then walk to their office (in heels no less), wasting half the day there, and having to drive damn near an hour back home. But i knew that sending such an email would get me nowhere so i took a nap instead lol.

ANYWAY, enough of that.

I am so ready for this semester to be done and over with, even though its only gonna lead to a very chaotic summer, fall, spring and summer. Its actually quite disheartening to think that this was my "easy" semester. But its whatever, Graduate School- you will not break me! Anywho, that 2 weeks off between this semester and summer semester is going to be filled with nothing but freaking relaxation.

When i got in the car today, my tank was very close to E. Since my school is about 45 minutes away on the back roads, I didnt want to take a chance of running out of gas on the way. So i stopped at the gas station to fill up. $3.64 for regular! WTF? God forbid i have a nice car the takes premium...or worse, Diesel. Gone are the days where you could go the pump with like $5 and actually be doing something! LOL, i remember so many days where I, or whomever's car we were in, would go to the gas station and ask for gas with the spare change we found in the ash tray of the car. *MEMORIES*

I've made the decision to pick up cooking again...when i move back out. Not now, im having too much time mooching off my parents. Not so much picking it up, but expanding my "recipe book". Im good at making what I can make but i don't get too creative in the kitchen. Mostly out of laziness, lack of funds to waste on something that might turn out inedible, and because im a picky eater. But no more of that.

So im still addicted to lol. Im glad i've been able to get a few others addicted too. I finished reading "Bolade, You Are" and aside from the ending, it was a really REALLY good story. I wanna write a book or short story of some sort. I don't think i have the vision or patience to do so though. I ramble when I write, as im sure you've noticed over time. IDK, maybe one day...

I have this event that I am supposed to go to this weekend. Actually i have two, which present time conflict with each other. Now the event i want to go to is an annual event, i've not missed it since the first time i attended over 5 years ago. I feel bad that I don't want to be bothered with it this year, especially since people expect me to be there. But it is going to be so much hassle to try and make it out there. First the event is 2 hours away, by the time i get done with the school event and drive out i will have missed half the event anyway, and then i don't have any place to stay so i'd have to get a hotel, then turn around in the morning and drive two hours back home. Idk what i should do :(

I really could use some chocolate right now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So thanks to Stuff Nigerians Love/Hate my newest obsession is Memoirs of a SLU...shhkid! Im sad that i read through all 41 weeks in two days because now, like the rest of the readers, have to wait a week until the next update lol. Anywho, so im reading these stories and i i don't even know how i feel. The thought process was as follows:

  • Who is this Nobs guy?
  • OMG, this guy is a slut lol
  • Whats up wit these girls? Is it really that serious?
  • Who is this Nobs guy that these chicks are fallin all over themselves?
  • Is this forreal??? lol. 
  • Man, this is beyond entertaining. Its 3am, i have to be up in a few hours but im too engrossed in reading these memoirs to make myself go to sleep.
  • Man i wish this guy was my friend- just to be able to see this life for myself. Seems like there would be much enjoying from hanging out with him lol
Unfortunately, as I said im all caught up on the memoirs, so now what??? I definitely did some searching about this one Noble Igwe (Twitter, Facebook...yeah a lil stalkerish but whatever. DJM!). Once i satisfied my curiosity over this guy (which included following him on twitter- again, stalkerish and again, DJM), i started exploring the rest of Its actually a pretty cool site. I even noticed a post about our very own Myne Whitman and her novel A Love Rekindled

There's a lot going on with that site o! Literally there's something for everyone, from fashion, to music, to current events and everything in between. Im making it my personal project to explore the site further. I've since started reading the "Bolade, You Are" story. Haven't gotten too far as i've been lazy as hell all day.

Long story short- check out :) *feeling like a groupie right now lol

Stylish Blogger Award

A big thank you to my favorite kitkat bar for dubbing me the "sassy mami" with this award lol. My 2nd award and im too thrilled. 

The rules are pretty much the same (link back to the person who awarded you, jist about yourself, and share the love with 15 other bloggers). Im gonna use this one as a way to vent whats on my mind lately rather than just spout out 7 random facts about myself.

  1. Patience is not a virtue i possess. I am working on that. As of late there are few things that i really want to happen/gain in my life and trying to be patient is killing me. My daily mantra for the past like month has been "everything in God's time" because im sure He's tired of hearing me talk/think about the same things that have not yet come to pass lol
  2. Over this past weekend, I have become so enthralled in Memoirs of a SLU....shhkid! I read all 41 posts within a 24 hour period lol. As promised to the one and only Nobs via twitter, I will be writing a separate post about the site later today.
  3. I love my fam very much but i am in DIRE need to move back out. I've only been living at home again for about 3-4 months but after living on my own for 5 years...yeah, i need to move lol. But im broke so im really in no rush until i can figure out the financial situation. Its ridiculous how much it cost to live Orlando. I blame Mickey Mouse, Shamu and the allure of Universal Studios lol.
  4. I've neglected blogging for the past few days because i've been busy but also because i've been pissed off and didn't want the lovely readers out there to think im some mad woman
  5. I have a lot of work to get done as the end of the semester is rapidly approaching and probably will be going on a mini blogging hiatus soon. Don't miss me too much guys lol.
  6. Mini conference with my sorors this weekend just reaffirmed why i love these women (very special bit of Diamond Diva love to my Regional Director/Chapter Soror Sary!)
  7. Im rather attention hungry. As in, I am a hugger, cuddler, hand-holder, smoocher, etc. So when i don't have access to those activities it really irritates me :( This is another example of that "patience is a virtue" thing i was talking about in #1.
Im too lazy to actually seek out 15 bloggers to bestow the award upon (dont judge me!) so just know that if i am following your blog than you are more than welcome to take the liberty of accepting this award :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely week and that those of you still in Naija are not caught up in any of the foolishness surrounding the elections (But definitely vote- let your voice and opinion be counted!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

dream cars

2010 Chrysler 300C Hemi

Oh Chrysler i've pinned for you over the years. Ever since the first time i laid eyes on you back in 2005. My love for you has never wained. One day my dear, you will be mine. Its only a matter of time. (My S.O. doesn't like the car. He calls it the "Wannabe Bentley". I have no problem with that. Let me enjoy my fake Bentley!)

2007 Chevy HHR

Yeah, I know, the car is not much to look at. Its quite unattractive at first.  I was driving this car for about a month and a half while my car was in the shop (the mechanic paid for it themselves because they tried to cheat me in my auto repairs- they obviously don't know 'bout me!!!). When they pulled the car around i almost fainted. Why should I have had to drive this big ugly thing??? I felt like i was driving a hearse or something. Ugh. But eventually i grew to love the car. The ride is sooooo smooth, got pretty good gas mileage, and to be quite honest, its a major upgrade from the cars i've been driving since i got my license & first car back in '04 (87 honda accord, 2000 hyundai elantra, 2005 hyundai accent). In comparison to the compact cars that i'm used to driving, the HHR had me feeling quite powerful behind the wheel lol.

Sidenote: My baby brother just kicked in my door to tell me he got his learners permit today...goodness, i feel so old. 

what a week!

Its been a crazy couple of days here. There was some pretty bad storms on monday or tuesday (i lose track of the days so much, don't judge me lol). Then yesterday the whole central florida belt was hit with back to back thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes literally from sunrise to sunset. Everything is fine here now though, we thank God for that. One good thing came out of all of that class was cancelled last night due to the weather. (I hadn't planned on going anyway- its a 45 minute drive on the back roads and i was not risking it in that crazy weather)

Anywho, I have noticed that i am super obsessed with law shows. Daily, i watch whichever brand of Law & Order happens to be on, Bones, Numb3rs, The Closer, CSI (my all time favorite before they got rid of Warrick and Grissom), Cold Case...the list seems endless. I don't even know why. I just randomly stumble onto these shows and then find myself tuning in every day. Honestly, thats all they play on tv now-a-days anyway...cop shows and reality tv (which i become addicted to at times as well)

I'm also a wedding addict. WEtv is like my second home. Whenever theres nothing else on tv or no paper to write im watching Amazing Wedding Cakes, or Bridezillas or My Fair Wedding with David Tutera; flipping through wedding magazines, looking at rings, reading wedding blogs...u name it! I've even got my wedding planned out- been planned out for quite some time actually. All that's missing is the man in the tux lol! But of course by the time i actually get married (if that day even comes) im sure it'll probably be a complete 180 from all the ideas i have now.

I'm so looking forward to this weekend, even though i got a lot of work to get done. Going to hang out with some of my sorority sisters. Also going to hang out (hopefully if time permits) with one of my friends from undergrad whom ironically enough goes to law school now in the same town that i attend grad school in. Have not seen him since his graduation last may so it'll be good to catch up on old times :)

I was just laying in bad and this track popped into my head. I don't even remember which album its from nor have i heard it in i dont even know how long but there it was just as clear as day in my mind. I been praying a lot this week. I really am so grateful to my God. He is always there making a way when there seems to be no way.