Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why would you do that to your child???

So an Egyptian man has named his newborn daughter "Facebook" because of the instrumental role that the site played in the recent protests against Mubarak. All I can say is Jesus, please take the wheel!

Granted, the man's reasoning is understandable given the situation, but sheesh. You couldn't have at least made it the baby's middle name?!? That child is never gonna be able to get a job!


  1. lol....@that child is never gonna be able to get a job. Parents these days are becoming more experimental....i wonder whats runnin thru their minds as they name a

  2. So is that like a first name or a middle name that she can toss out when she is old enough?

    Also, what can she shorten this name to? Bookie? Face?



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