Monday, March 28, 2011

what to do, what to do???

Scenario: Susie and Bob have been dating seriously for a couple of months and have gotten very close, sharing their goals and life plans, even talking about marriage and starting a family. Unfortunately Susie and Bob do not have the same plans in mind. Susie wants to stay in London and pursue her career while Bob wants to return to his native country to pursue his career. For the sake of argument lets say that they are both guaranteed a fulfilling and well paying jobs in the countries they want to work in. Neither of them want to give up their future plans but both want to find a way to make their relationship work.

What would you do in this situation?


  1. Maybe the can compromise and find a neutral place to relocate to. Some compromise has to happen, I just cant categorically say how it will be or what it will be.
    If it were me and I wasnt willing to give up my future or him his, then we might as well forget it. I dont know what else would be done to make it work.

  2. hmmmmm
    id try the LDR for a while and reevaluate the situation after some time,
    a couple of months is too short a time to base a serious decision like that on

  3. This is s serious issue. If neither of them is willing to compromise, and they have strong feeling for each other, then they can go ahead and get married. But they will only be together only on vacation. When Bob is on vacation, he will go and spend his vacation with Suzie, and vice versa for Suzie.

    I strongly believe they should be able to reach a compromise. But if not, they should try my above suggestion. If that does not work, then the relationship will die a natural death.

  4. oh this is a tough one.. It all boils dwn to a compromise. one of them has to go with the other one. They shld both consider the merits and demerits in the two of them staying in either london or the native country..and if the relationship is worth more than the career, one shld be willing to sacrifice
    goodluck Bob and Susie! :p

  5. well, I think they should do long distance for a while and see if thats really what they want, at the end of the day someone is bound to compromise. They just have to wait and see

  6. For a relationship to work out,there has to be compromise and sometimes sacrifice.It doesn't matter who sacrifices or who initiates compromise.So they should just evaluate the situation and compromise.

  7. love requires compromise in more aspects than one, this is just an aspect where compromise comes in. they need to weigh their option; LDR aint easy trust me

  8. hmmmmmm...i would had suggested LDR..but i am not in support of it becox the stress involved is too much ;traveling..& not all work the present global economy depression, i won't advise any of them to resign for the other, but each should try to see if they can work a transfer IF the company have branches..but IF NOT, they should continue to see each other to the best of their ability ..becox sincerely speaking, in this present era, IF there is no money to be comfortable, would be put to test! 2cent...did i make any sense?...hahahhahaa...that's to say it's a toughie!


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